Ohio State Football Recruiting Notebook: 3/27

By Derek Young on March 27, 2013 at 2:00p

Will Knox return home to OSU? Demetrius Knox was a surprise visitor in Columbus 

Ohio State welcomed several visitors to Columbus over weekend to check out what being a Buckeye is all about. Several top recruits made the trip as expected but there were also a couple of surprises that showed up on campus.

The OSU recruiting class also received another notch in the committed column from an out-of-state prospect along the defensive line in Lombard, Illinois, native Dylan Thompson.

Another quarterback took in the sights and sounds of Ohio State's campus while further clouding the mystery of what to expect at that position in 2014 for the Buckeyes.

In the past week a prospect slipped off the board as Georgia prospect DB Chris Williams joined DB Kalvarez Bessent in committing to defending national champion Alabama. Williams had an offer from Ohio State but it never progressed into anything serious.

Williams joins a few others in the secondary to choose a school other than OSU recently but it is nothing worth getting worked up about. Detroit (MI) Cass Tech DB Damon Webb has already pledged to the Scarlet and Gray and many more have strong interest in Meyer's bunch including Montae Nicholson, Quincy Wilson, Jabrill Peppers, Erick Smith, Marshon Lattimore, and Tony Brown.

New offers were also handed out this week from the staff that included an in-state prospect from the Cincinnati area who was originally a lacrosse commit to Notre Dame. Jump in for the full story.

The visitor list for this past weekend included a star-studded cast of commit Kyle Trout, newest Buckeye commit DL Dylan Thompson, QB Caleb Henderson, LB Kyle Berger, and surprise guests in Texas commits OT Demetrius Knox and RB Daniel Gresham.

Trout was there to help the staff bring in another sensational class as well as continue to build his relationship with all the coaches and to familiarize himself with campus even more. It was "achievement unlocked" as Core 6 Athletes member Dylan Thompson tried on an Ohio State jersey and left Ohio's capital a Buckeye pledge.

Thompson hails from Illinois powerhouse Montini Catholic HS, Garrett Goebel's high school alma mater. The 270-pound man-child could be instrumental in Ohio State's pursuit of LB Clifton Garrett and OL Jamarco Jones, with the three all being Chicago area prospects and members of Core 6 Athletes.

Caleb Henderson is one of several quarterbacks being looked at by offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Tom Herman and other staff members. Gainesville, Georgia, product Deshaun Watson already holds an offer but a few others are trying to prove they're worthy of one as well.

Does Henderson earn that elusive Ohio State offer? Henderson is a QB prospect high on the OSU wish list

Henderson has liked what he has been hearing and is optimistic that a scholarship offer will be headed his way at some point. Just the fact that the signal-caller was willing to visit shows that OSU remains a real threat to nab him if they choose to make a move to secure the prospect's commitment.

The Burke (VA) Lake Braddock gunslinger has long been an Ohio State fan and reaffirmed that to me recently. Waiting to offer Henderson should not hurt the Buckeyes' chances as he is willing to take his time with his recruitment to explore other options and to receive additional opportunities from other programs.

Kyle Berger's recruitment has been talked about repeatedly and Ohio State did themselves wonders as he came away even more impressed with the university on his visit over the weekend. Berger explained that Urban Meyer took a more hands-on approach in convincing him that OSU was the best place for him, and it was well received by the St. Ignatius star.

Berger maintained it was a 50/50 race between the Buckeyes and Wolverines for his services but I suspect the staff in Columbus will be very happy about his decision. A visit to the spring game in Cincinnati would be very telling in which way he is leaning. 

The surprise visitors this past weekend were Texas commits from the Lone Star State. OT Demetrius Knox already had an offer from Ohio State and is formerly of Springfield, Ohio, having grown up a bit of a Buckeye fan.

During his visit, he posted a photo of himself with Braxton Miller on Instagram with the caption "My favorite college football player. Made my day."

Knox with Miller on Saturday

If that doesn't make Longhorn coach Mack Brown nervous, I don't know what will. Brown, after suffering a rash of decommits last cycle, has implemented a policy to pull offers if a commit visits another school, but he's yet to act.

RB Daniel Gresham, a high school teammate to Knox at Fort Worth's All Saints Episcopal, also visited and left with an offer from the Buckeyes.

Both have remained solid to their Texas pledge, but I envision the Buckeyes being a serious threat to poach Knox for the entire cycle. His roots are in Ohio and you saw what he had to say about Braxton Miller.

Joining Gresham and receiving Ohio State offers were Cincinnati (OH) Moeller ATH Sam Hubbard and 2015 Saginaw (MI) WR Brian Cole.

Hubbard was formerly a lacrosse commit to Notre Dame but has since picked up several big football offers that will change his plans. The Cincinnati prospect has reeled in offers from some of the Midwest's best in Ohio State, Michigan, and Michigan State along with West Coast power Stanford.

At 6-6/220 already, Hubbard could be projected at a variety of positions. His height is on the taller end for Ohio State's "Star" type position, so he could continue to grow into a linebacker or defensive end. With his measurables, including the speed and agility required to play lacrosse at a high level, the standout athlete has a tremendously high ceiling and the staff is in hot pursuit to keep him within the state's borders.

Saginaw, Michigan, native Brian Cole also took an OSU visit this past weekend and left with a coveted Buckeye offer. With Cole being a Midwest talent and holding an early offer at this stage, expect him to be a high priority for the coaches throughout the duration of his recruitment process.

Things are starting to shape up on the recruiting front and the pace should pick up a bit as the spring game approaches. Expect Urban Meyer and his staff to receive the good word from another prospect or two shortly.


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Citrus's picture

Will be nice to pick up a few flips.

chicagobuckeye's picture

Derek, with your feelings on Berger does that mean that the staff doesn't feel as good about McMillan, Garrett, or booker, or is higher on the list? Or do you think they take 4 LB if all wanted to come?

Squirrel Master's picture

I can answer this with a YES, they would take all four if they could.
Some on here have a feeling either McMillan might not come or Garrett might not come. Either way, Berger and Booker would be a nice get still.
but all 4 would be nice. Booker is so large that he could possibly move to DE also. Lots of potential there.

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BucksfanXC's picture

Knox would be a nice flip. Thanks for the update Derek!

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BuddhaBuck's picture

Thanks Derek. 2014 has the chance to be The GOAT (recruiting class)...

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rdubs's picture

Just wait for 2015 when the scholarship reductions are done.

johnblairgobucks's picture

The picture of Henderson wasn't what I was envisioning OSU's potential QB offer to look like. 

GoBucksToledo's picture

Looks a little bit like Napoleon Dynamite

45OH4IO's picture

Hahaha, I was thinking that exactly! Not a very inspiring visage. But I don't care how "derp" a guy looks if they feel like he can play. The question is would the other guys?

Statutoryglory's picture

Hey after all Peyton and Orton are the two most derp looking NFL QBs and they tore up college.

Buckeyeneer's picture

Then you have Jimmy Clausen. Not exactly derp looking, but with his fuzzy haircut and scrunched up face, I always felt he looked like a hedgehog.

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Statutoryglory's picture

I always felt the clausens all had a caveman type look to them.  

GruberNubbins's picture

Wow...who's the LB wearing #5 in that last picture?  Starting to look like pythons hanging out of those shoulderpads.

toad1204's picture

Is your icon a dog smoking?

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

GruberNubbins's picture

Hah...no that's his snaggle-tooth.  He's a boxer-mix.  He's special.

lippertini's picture

I'm seeing Rodney Dangerfield (...or is it Dogney Rangerfield? Woof!)

johnblairgobucks's picture

sheesh!! let's not even go there brother.  I really hope OSU doesn't have to pull an offensive backfield starter, 1/2 way through the season, and move him to defense to shore up this year's LB corp.

GruberNubbins's picture

Agree.  The MLB chatter is making me a bit nervous...we will see.  I was just blown away by how ripped Braxton has become.

Squirrel Master's picture

those aren't Pythons, they are Rocket launchers! Kid is huge. Many people talk about how fragile RG3 is when he runs because of his size, 6'2'' and maybe 195. Braxton is the same height but he has to at least be a solid 220. As much as we have seen Braxton get banged up, I would feel more comfortable with his size than RG3 in the NFL. He definitely can take a hit!

I saw a UFO once.......it told me to have a goodyear!

GruberNubbins's picture

Yeah, he definitely took his fair share of hits last year.  As you said - his frame is not an issue from what I can see.  He's got all the physical tools to succeed, and based on the personnel we have working with him, hopefully the improvements in the passing game and our deep HB roster can help lower his rushing attempts - hopefully we can keep him from having to run 20+ times; that's just a ton of abuse, as Urban obviously knows.  I'm always on the edge of my seat during a Miller run because one hit to a planted leg is all it takes...scary.  I think he's going to have a great 2nd year in the Meyer/Herman offense though.

johnblairgobucks's picture

I'm always on the edge of my seat during a Miller run because

........ he can go the distance.  If he takes steps forward in his passing game, this year, I believe Braxton will finish his career as one of the top 3 QB's to ever play at OSU. 

Buckeye_in_SEC_country's picture

Great write-up.  I'd like to see us snag Berger and McMillan pretty soon so they can recruit for us.  Also would like to snag another skill player soon too.

southbymidwest's picture

Could be interesting with Hubbard-only 12.69 lacrosse scholarships are allowed by the NCAA per D1team, so pretty much all lacrosse scholarships are partial (no matter what the parents say), very, very rare to get a full athletic scholarship. Notre Dame had 44 players on their roster last year, so that gives you an idea of many players are splitting the pool. Coaches can determine how much of a partial each athlete gets, also. So we are looking at a full football scholarship versus a partial lacrosse one, unless he received other merit/academic scholarships in addition to the lacrosse one. 

northcampus's picture

Hubbard is a gifted athlete and I am very much intrigued by his football potential.  With his size and athletic ability, he could potentially end on the edge (TE or DE/OLB) and with some more fundamental development, could blossom into something special.
I think by the time he leaves Moeller, his lacrosse days may be over and he'll be a full-time football player (hopefully at OSU).

heartofabuckeye's picture

Guns on Brax are very impressive, but we need him to make better and quicker reads this year. Reportedly footwork and mechanics have been helped loads by the visits with Whitfield Jr. Film study with Troy by his side would go a long way in the 'reads' department. Still perplexed by the other linebacker position. Disturbing that linebacker U can't produce more than one solid defender at that spot. Reports on hall's limited practice is encouraging though not so sure of his medical condition with the hamstring thing. Hope he is fully healthy by fall. He and Thomas will go a long way in improving passing game ! Offense should be sick this yr !!!!!!!

Buckabroad's picture

thank you very much for a great and informative update. According to a different thread, the 247 TTUN site seemed to imply that a decision from Berger favoring TTUN was impending or that he was leaning north. Any idea if this is purely speculative or not?

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BuckeyeNationProblems's picture

Should we be concerned that we are targeting 11 linebackers?  Hmmm 


buckeye76BHop's picture

Thanks Derek and Congrats btw.  I seem to remember saying that IF OSU could get Gresham to visit without an offer they had a chance at Knox.  Well now with a committable offer for Gresham, I can seriously see OSU stealing these two (if you want to call it that) from TX.  Hate to say this but I called this it on this site as well as BuckeyePlanet.  Urban is the Freaking man my friends...I just want to kiss him;-)
I also think Henderson is the 2014 QB as well as Hubbard picking OSU over ND Lacrosse.  This class will be one hell of a class if it goes the way I envision it.  It may just keep getting better to be a Buckeye fan over the next six to ten years:-)

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buckeyestu's picture

There is no doubt in my mind, this will be an awesome class.

Derek Young's picture

I'm not sure where Gresham and OSU stand or will? I think they like Knox much more, and he is at a position of need.

Gresham really isn't and Parris Campbell is already in the fold.

My optimism on Berger and OSU is not because of anything, positive or negative, with any other linebacker. 

Urban Meyer just brought the heat this past weekend with him.