New Cal Bears Offense: All "Packaged Plays"

By Ross Fulton on March 19, 2013 at 11:08a

Last year I discussed how 'packaged plays'--that being 2 or 3 potential plays put together into one play call from which the QB chooses post-snap based upon the defensive reaction--were becoming increasingly popular in college football.  Next year's OSU opponent Cal has hired Sonny Dykes and Tony Franklin--two of the more 'outside the box' thinkers in college football.  Apparently, Dykes and Franklin have decided to make every play a packaged play.

Nearly every single run play there is a quick game or screen component tied on to the backside, and sometimes routes are tagged frontside as well. They call quick concept backside so often that they actually have to call/signal for the backside to BLOCK when they just want a designed run play.

Facing Cal's O will make for an interesting match-up next fall for OSU's inexperienced defense.    


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dubjayfootball90's picture

I guess I am going to be yelling at the TV quite a bit... Hope not, though.

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So... Probably 2 years in a row at screaming "WHAT THE ****!?!?!?!?!?" while playing Cal... I'll warn my neighbors now.

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Buckeyevstheworld's picture

Well if the team improves their tackling there will be no need.

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Well, it will be Cal's first year in a new offense just like it was OSU's last year, so I would expect they'll have their own learning curve to deal with.

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With Cal learning a new offense and the game being early in the year, I think this could actually benefit our defense.  There will be plenty of opportunities to confuse Cal's QB and force mistakes.

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it will also be with a new QB and keenan Allen will no longer be there, should be interesting to see how quickly they can pick it all up. i'm going to guess they will limit the playbook and slowly add more to it as the year goes on.

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Plenty of time to confuse our defense as well.With a new offense,comes very little tape so players/coaches,have harder time to prepare as well.Cal is gonna give us another nail-biter I have a feeling.


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Attention Buckeye secondary......

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I'm flying out for this game and expect a Buckeye victory, I don't care if it's a shootout or a blowout!

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I like that we are playing Cal, especially with their new additions to the coaching staff.  It should be a good test and they always have some pretty decent athletes.

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This definitely is going to be an adjustment for their offense to get used to, especially with new players. OSU's D will be green regardless of who they're facing, so I think it'll end up being a wash in terms of advantage. 

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I've had this date as a trap game ever since Sonny Dykes made his way out to the Bay. We were also terrible at defending the flats last season (*cough* Indiana *cough*), and the Air Raid has a history of shredding that soft underbelly of most defenses.
Should be a good game, but I think the Urbs is a superior field general than this upstart California cub. Go Bucks!!

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Seth4Bucks's picture

This could work in OSU's favor. We all know SOS is going to be an issue next year. If Cal's offense can click, they have a good shot at having a decent/good record. Maybe I'm hoping too much to root for them to get 7-8 wins and maybe upset Stanford, Oregon, or USC along the way. Anything better than the 3-9 they went last year right?

causeicouldntgo43's picture

Good thing we get 'em early (second game I think) in Berkley. Yes - they have a new coach, new offense, and lose some key players, so there is great potential to exploit that. However, we have one returning starting backer - RDS (and no more Simon and Big Hank), so we have some growing pains early on as well.
Shazier is one hell of a starting backer, but with four or so "new" starting slots to fill in the front seven, this game could potentially be "interesting". We will have to score early and often - which I believe we will, and our more high powered offense will likely be the deciding factor. Hopefully this game will not be as close as the one I witnessed in the Shoe last year.........

BuckeyeRick's picture

I'm not too worried. The game is too early in the season for their new offense to work properly. They may be something by the end of the season though. It's too much to ask for the players to learn an advanced system in a few weeks. Even Urban called his offense a Clown Show when he started the new system. Cal should be even worse starting out.