Wednesday Skull Session

By Chad Peltier on January 30, 2013 at 6:00a

Good morning and welcome to your Wednesday Skull Session.

The basketball Buckeyes delivered one of their finest offensive performances of the season last night against Wisconsin, as Deshaun Thomas was in full attack mode all night. 

When you shoot 63.6% against the stingy Wisconsin defense, you know your chances are good to come out with a win. Behind Thomas' 10-for-17, 25-point, and four-assist performance, the Buckeyes won, 58-49

The win pushed Thad Matta ahead of Bo Ryan for best winning percentage among Big Ten active coaches. 

Elsewhere in college basketball, Minnesota beat Nebraska with ease, Virginia upset NC State, 58-55, and Kentucky finally looked good, defeating ranked Ole Miss by 13

IN PURSUIT OF PLAYMAKERS. As we inch closer to National Signing Day, Urban continues his pursuit of top playmakers on both sides of the ball. 

Star WR Corey Smith's (no, not this one) commitment was easily the biggest news of the day and I'd imagine Meyer, Herman, and wide receiver coach Zach Smith are happy to finally wrap this recruitment up. 

As an experienced JUCO player, Smith will immediately compete for time with Evan Spencer and Michael Thomas as one of the top candidates at outside wide receiver. I'm particularly impressed with his speed off the line and ability to gain separation from defenders. 

Smith's commitment leaves the Buckeyes with one more open spot, though another spot might open up in the future. 

Fan favorite Ryan Timmons has scheduled his decision for February 5 after deciding to take his last official to Florida. If you are still hoping to see Mr. Timmons in scarlet and gray next year then you have to hope he's just seen Columbus enough already. 

Finally, current Oregon wide receiver commit Darren Carrington is supposed to drop by for a visit this Friday. This will definitely be one to watch if he actually makes it in to town.

RECRUITIN' AIN'T EASY. Unless you're Urban Meyer, I suppose.'s Rob Cassidy breaks down the unfortunate (for fans and coaches at least) trend for early football commits to reopen their commitments after early pledges. Speaking about (current) Oregon commit Thomas Tyner's flirtation with other programs:

"I think he de-committed because he had been committed for so long and felt pressure to look at other programs," said West recruiting analyst Adam Gorney...For better or worse, the culture of early commitments leaves more time for doubt. It creates indecision. It also adds another bullet point to the case for adding a basketball-esque early signing period to the football world.

The question is what to do in response. Many suggest that an early signing period is the way to go – lock the kids down before they can change their minds later in the recruiting cycle. However, some argue that this would actually cause more harm than good, leading to even more costly transfers rather than the relatively innocuous decommitments. 

Ray is actually about to eat someone herePowered by...deer antler??

S.W.A.T.S. In one of the oddest series of stories in sports lately, Sports Illustrated broke the news about S.W.A.T.S., or "Sports With Alternative to Steroids." 

S.W.A.T.S. has apparently taken some segments of the NFL and college football world by storm by offering quasi-legal (and less than quasi-scientific) alternatives to steroids in order to boost performance on game day, recover more quickly, and train more effectively. 

The S.W.A.T.S. world is one of deer antler spray, pyramid hologram, and negatively charged water – the stuff of science fiction applied to sports. For instance: 

Ross is quick to tell visitors that his spray is no different from that sold by other supplement purveyors and that the hologram chips "are just stickers" -- that is, until the spray and the chips are "programmed" with both S.W.A.T.S.'s "performance" light beam and with radio waves emitted by the Christmas ornaments, which are actually radio frequency transmitters.

The theoretical underpinning offered by Key is that radio waves can be stored in fluids (the spray) and in holograms (the chips), and that when an athlete consumes the fluid or wears the holograms, the radio waves are re-emitted and prompt his body to create specific nutrients and hormones -- from vitamin B to testosterone.


Ray Lewis is among several high-profile users of the company, meaning that Lewis allegedly consumed the banned substance IGF-1. It also appears some from the college ranks have enjoyed S.W.A.T.S's services, as several Alabama players have used the company's products before big games. 

This isn't the first bit of pseudo science to become popular for elite athletes and likely won't be the last, but it's still pretty fun that "deer antler spray" has found its audience. 

THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. ..or television money, whichever comes first. 

There was a bit of exciting (non-basketball) court action yesterday as Judge Claudia Wilken dismissed a motion by the NCAA to strike down a class action law suit that would share live broadcast revenues with student athletes:

The NCAA had objected to the players amending their lawsuit last year to claim a share of all television game revenues, not just those from rebroadcasts.


"Now the (NCAA and its co-defendants) are facing potential liability that's based on the billions of dollars in revenue instead of tens or hundreds of millions," said Michael Hausfeld, interim lead counsel for the plaintiffs. "It's a more accurate context for what the players deserve."

Essentially this means that former players are not prevented from pursuing this case further. Nothing about the final outcome is set in stone just yet, but this does open the door for questions about amateur athletics and fair compensation at the college level:

In the event that the plaintiffs prevail, Hausfeld has set up a mechanism for players to collect licensing revenues. The Former College Athletes Association (FCAA) would negotiate licenses with the NCAA, member colleges, video game and media companies

My only question is that that has to be a ludicrous sum of money – where would that come from, exactly? 

LINK TIME. Never a good idea to tweet pictures of cash as a college athlete... How did those top running backs turn out?... Webb makes her debut... Elliot and Lisle get shout outs from 247... Any of you apply?... Money problems in the SEC... Well that was embarrassing... Not all running backs want to play for Bret... Just positivity resonance?


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oregonianbuckeye's picture

Really impressed with our ability to get the ball to Thomas. I think getting him 15-20 shots a game is ideal. Also, Thomas had some really nice passes? DT is growing up before our eyes, makes me kind of emotional!

Boom777's picture

I don't even cry and you're making tears come out of my face!

Wherever you are, there you be!

Abe Froman's picture

Really glad the story on Lewis wasn't about the Chinese Deer Penis, which is known to be dried and eaten......whew!
Great job by the bball team last night and although they may not be the best team in the Big Ten right now, there appears to be growth occurring.  I had to read a Peter Pan book to my daughter and missed most of the second half, but the first half saw some definite emotion and increased effort by most of the team.  They may not be a shooting team, like teams of the past, so they had better get to the bucket.

Basking in the wake of mediocrity.....

toad1204's picture

Really hoping that was the game when the light turned on.  Ross looked pretty good but a little shot happy and did get tied up in a couple spots.  Craft and Thompson scoring Amir contributing on the boards (though we need to crash them harder.)  Saturday could tell alot about the rest of the season. 

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

rgarrett22's picture

Playing Nebraska is going to tell us a lot about the rest of the season? I doubt it. More like, next week's games at Michigan and home versus IU are going to dictate whether we can contend for the B1G title this year or not.

Alhan's picture

Some of this might help Ray Ray out...

"Nom nom nom" - Brady Hoke

BuckeyeAsylum's picture

Whats the RB article tells me... Going EzE over Green seems like a potentially better decision. Reading through that list I see a lot of names that I'm like "who?" Then the non 5 star guys are blowing the league up. Obv some do work out, like AP, but yeah... Nice quick read.

buckeyedude's picture

I didn't realize that Kevin Grady was 5* at TTUN. What a big flop he was. Now I have more ammunition when Crapperine drunkards that I work with tell me how D. Green is "going to run all over the OSU D." Ha.  



toledobuckeyefanjim's picture

So Derrick Green could turn out to be the next Kevin Grady? Intriguing! scUM could use another flop at RB.

RedStorm45's picture

63.6%? In the 2nd half, maybe.

oregonianbuckeye's picture

tOSU shot 51.1% from the floor for the game. Of note, we only took 5 3-point attempts. Really speaks to getting the ball to Thomas in the post and going to the basket. Wisconsin fans can complain all they want about zero free throw attempts, but they did take 23 more three pointers in the game than we did (they were 11-28)! One last stat that folks aren't focusing enough on, Craft lead the team with 7 boards. Really important against a good offensive rebounding team like Wisconsin. 

shortbus20's picture

Nice to see Amir Williams with 6 rebounds and a more aggresive intensity to the game.

  • shortbus20
GoBucks713's picture

Amir definitely showed a little spark for a few up and downs around the 12 minute mark in the second half, but completely disappeared afterward. He needs that type of intensity for all of his minutes, and then finally he will live up to the hype.
Also, if I were nearly 7 feet tall, I would be dunking it anytime I had the ball within 5 feet of the rim. Why do these guys that are nearly 7 feet tall refuse to play above the rim? It's a 3 pronged attack. Not only are you raising your shot percentage, but you are also raising your chance of being fouled, AND you're putting a little bit of fear in your opponent. Someone needs to show Amir a video of Shaq when he was at LSU. He's playing the 5 for most of his minutes like a damn cuddle bear.

-The Aristocrats!

Doc's picture

"cuddle bear" deserves an upvote.

CJDPHoS Member

The Official DDS of 11W

Squirrel Master's picture

Relax on the bashing of Amir a little. The guy is still learning a lot and last night was amazing growth for the player. You can even see Craft is pushing him hard to become that player more and more.
Thomas definitely deserves a lot for that run of 15-0 on the offensive side but Amir was the catalyst at the beginning on the defensive side. He also kept a bunch of possessions alive early on too. He may only have gotten credit for 6 rebounds but he had his hand on the ball at least 5-6 times in the first half after an offensive shot. I would even go so far to say he helped keep the game close early with his defensive effort against Berggren.
His stats aren't showing it but he is making a difference more often now. I wouldn't be surprised if he was a defensive star come tourney time! and if Craft and them keep feeding him on some of those pick and rolls. Not many college guys would step in front of him full speed.
I also think Sam Thompson and Ross are growing too. The sophomore class is starting to show up now.

I saw a UFO told me to have a goodyear!

GoBucks713's picture

Oh, I'm not bashing him. I really think he played decently on the defensive side of the ball and his off the ball defense has improved drastically. I think he has steadily improved on the left side, he just needs to grit down and turn it up a notch. Maybe after watching him in the McDonald's game and a few games on ESPN in HS, I was hoping for more of an Oden type of offensive player and not a Dallas Lauderdale. I think I just want more out of him on the offensive side.

-The Aristocrats!

Squirrel Master's picture

Well just think about this, remember how he was last year compared to this year? Well we know he isn't going to the NBA after this year...
I want this team to do well but after a final four last year and losing 2 very key starters, I will expect more next year and enjoy as far as they go this year! I actually have more high expectations next year when the sophomore class takes over and Thomas leaves. Plus the instant scoring of Kameron Williams and Marc Loving coming off the bench, this will be a much more offensive team next year.

I saw a UFO told me to have a goodyear!

TBDBITLinWIScantSON's picture

Good point, about recognizing the improvement. After the first several trips down the floor (losing the handle on rebounds that then went out of bounds (oob?!), and getting a dunk swatted by buzzcut (insert name), he recovered, and offered some quality minutes. 
Im still waiting for the offensive rebound, and easy put back! Geez!! .....patience......


GoBucks713's picture

I knew going in that this was going to be a rebuilding year, even with DT. He's really the main thing that's helping this team stay in the top 25. Without him, this team would be a middle of the pack type of team. I really beleive veryone is growing on this team, and they are going to be very dangerous next year espectially with some of the incoming players. Hell, even Ross had some good defensive plays last night. ZOMG, ROSS IS LEARNING HOW TO PLAY DEFENSE!?!?!?!?!?!

-The Aristocrats!

acBuckeye's picture

Meh. Amir's still soft.

Buckeyevstheworld's picture


That word is thrown around way too much.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

Baroclinicity's picture

And his 2 handed jam... showed a little muscle there, which was nice.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

ajbosu1's picture

Beating Wisco in anything has become very satisfying. Bert/Bo make it easy to dislike them, although I do like JJ's kid.

slicksickle's picture

That GIF of the defense's supreme tackling ability at the beginning of the year was unnecessary. It's amazing the transformation this team made from September to November. Completely different teams. Now, I hope the secondary will be able to hold their own while all the newbies up front get their footing.

Squirrel Master's picture

I don't think it will take long for Spence, Shazier and Washington to assert their dominance early in the season. The secondary won't have to carry this team long. Plus I truly do believe that despite the youth of the front 7, much more talent overall after these last 2 years.
there actually is one position I wouldn't feel comfortable with the two deep, MLB. Everywhere else I see studs 2 deep. (i.e. MLB might actually end up with Mike Mitchell as starter and Trey Johnson as the best option behind him.)

I saw a UFO told me to have a goodyear!

Dougger's picture

That deer antler stuff just with the radio waves sounds like a bunch of grade-A balogna those goobers just say to sound cool. But I could be completely wrong. 

I like football

BoFuquel's picture

I've taken PED's every day for over 60 years,they ain't hurt me.GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

Catch 5's picture

They've obviously hampered your ability to provide proper spacing after punctuation.

Make their asses quit! - Nick Saban

Tony's picture

Reading the SEC finance story makes me wonder how much debt OSU is carrying. Anyone have numbers on that one?

Brutus Greyshield's picture

I dug up all the numbers and put 'em in a forum thread yesterday. It ain't pretty. Here.

osu07asu10's picture

Approximately $180m

CJDPHoS Board of Directors // Best friends with Homey Hache

The 0 is silent.

toad1204's picture

Debt service for public institutions is different from debt service for C or S Corps.  These are probably backed by bonds which the University sold in conjuction with construction projects. 

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

ohiostbux5's picture

UVA was favored over NC State

okiebuck's picture

The deer antler stuff just proves the old line that there is a "sucker born every minute". I'm guessing rhino antler was not available.

"Fate has cards that it don't want to show"

Doc's picture

Ain't that tha truth.  South Park had an episode about it.  The main characters name was "Miss Information".  These guys aren't Rocket Surgeons, so they can get duped pretty easily I'm guessing.

CJDPHoS Member

The Official DDS of 11W

Squirrel Master's picture

Miss Information used to buy from us man! She was like "do you native americans have some special natural things man!", and we were like "uh, yeah man! We have some special brownies man! and bull penis with deer antlers!"

I saw a UFO told me to have a goodyear!

GoBucks713's picture

Don't forget about the indian hair tampons....

-The Aristocrats!

Earle's picture

I like the "rocket surgeons" comment (where do you go to school for that?), but perhaps it would be better if a few were "brain scientists", given the whole concussion thing.

Snarkies gonna snark. 

biggy84's picture

Since george dohrman was involved with the deer antler story, I doubt the credibility of the article. 

Squirrel Master's picture

I find this funny because raindeer antlers are excellent for dog bones! The dogs go nuts to get to the marrow! I guess I know why now. They want that extract.
I always wondered why her muscles got bigger and she would chew on nails for breakfast!

I saw a UFO told me to have a goodyear!

BTwrestle04's picture

Not to nitpick, but you spelled Elliotwrong.

Denny's picture

If I were more cynical and was interested in making money off of stupid people I would totally go into the 'alternative sports medicine' racket. I mean, I'm a scientist and I have a lab coat, so I've got to be right, right? #marketing #wealth


Gametime's picture

Nice read as usual, but you guys missed Cam on the 247 shoutout too as a 2nd team AA at CB! Gotta give all our Bucks some love.

On a side note: again I know more focus is being placed on Ray Lewis because of the Superbowl & all that, but I'm more interested in the BAMA players using since 2010??? Especially after straight punking ND, I want to see if this Tide "dynasty" deserves a *.

Between goals and achievement is discipline and consistency. That fire you have inside to do whatever you love is placed there by God. Now go claim it. ~ Denzel Washington

cinserious's picture

I don't think Webb and McCarron were ever a 'real' couple. She probably only serviced him for an opportunity to be his 'girlfriend' during the NC game, which she then parlayed into instant fame.
Exhibit 1: who gets THAT made up for a football game unless they are pandering to the cameras?
Exhibit 2: McCarron's mom acted like the girl didn't even exist during the game, complete stranger.
Exhibit 3: Following the win, McCarron hugged all his family and freinds, the last and shortest of which was Webb who stood there for like 5 mins like she was a nobody.
In conclusion, we have learned that it not only pays off to HAVE an imaginary girlfriend, but also to BE an imaginary girlfriend.

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

Buckeyevstheworld's picture

They've only been dating since late 2012? That can't be right.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

d5k's picture

Deer antler spray?  Does that have bits of real antler in it, so you know it's good?  I've read studies... 60% of the time, it works every time.

buckeye4life050233's picture

It was nice to see the role players hit the key shots they needed to hit last night as well as not overplay and try to much to be offensive with the ball.  They all had impact.  Ravenel had some key blocks and rebounds and a clutch basket as well as good post defense on Bergeren.  Scott played some great instinctive defense and had some huge steals in that 15-0 run.  Ross with his 2 3 pointers that came at very opportune points and were good shots.  Suprisingly along with his points he put up Thomas played really good defensively against Ryan Evans and shut him down to 1-10 from the field.  In previous games Evans has killed us with his dagger 2 point jump shots, we shut that down last night.  If it weren't for the 3 or 4 3 point shots that had no business going in for Wisky this would have been a blowout 20 point win.  That stretch of defense during the 15-0 run in the second half was reminiscent of the defensive stretch we put on Kansas in the first half of that game.  If we could replicate multiple defensive runs like that throughout a game we become a top 5 team easily.  Major word in that sentence is "if".  For all intensive purposes last night was a good home win, now we have to have that when we go on the road to Michigan, Indiana, Northwestern, and Wisconsin later in the season.