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Chad was born deep within SEC country, but thanks to his OSU alum Dad, was raised as a Buckeye from day one. He can often be found watching Beanie and Troy Smith highlight videos or rock climbing when not pouring over Buckeye statistics.


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Comment 15 Dec 2013

I linked a NYTimes book review because I am not able to link the actual book nor their data sets. Their conclusion is not that defense does not matter for winning championships, it's that defense isn't the only thing that matters. You're arguing against a point that Moskowitz did not make himself. Their research demonstrates plenty of respect for defense; they simply caution that the data indicates that both are generally important.

Comment 12 Dec 2013

Taking away the ten yard pass plays is easier said than done with this mix of personnel, coaches, and schemes. So that's a problem. 

Comment 05 Dec 2013

Oh, it scares me too. But I think there are some silver linings in the numbers, albeit some tough matchups too (red zone TD %, turnover margin, and explosive plays allowed, mainly). 

Comment 14 Nov 2013

This is what I'm thinking. The Buckeyes should dial up plenty of pressure, though I'm guessing Fickell and Withers will hope that can come from 4 man rushes or automatic blitz checks by Shazier.

Comment 07 Nov 2013

No single metric gives the whole perspective on an offense or defense, but that does not invalidate PPP as a statistic.