Clear Picture of Roster Space

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February 6, 2013 at 6:10p

Here is the current scholarship count following NSD. 58 returning players and 24 signed letters of intent. Johnny Townsend is still in the queue.

As you can see, if the Buckeyes do indeed add Townsend to this count, it would mean that one of the players below would not be on the roster come the start of fall camp.

We are not in the business of mentioning potential names, as that is not right to the players, but I'm sure by taking a look below you can probably take a good guess at who some of those players would be.

The 2013 recruiting class is one of the best in program history and this roster is looking stacked on paper. Of course, young player will need to step up and veterans will need to do their jobs for this team to click on all cylinders, but I think OSU has the coach to make that happen.

QB (4)- Miller, Guiton, Jones, Barrett

RB (6)- Hyde, Hall, Smith, Dunn, Ball, Elliott

FB (0)

WR (10)- Brown, Spencer, D. Smith, Thomas, Fields, Epitropolous, Marshall, Clark, C. Smith, D. Wilson

TE (4)- Heuerman, Vannett, Thomas, Baugh

OL (14)- Mewhort, Norwell, Linsley, Hall, Decker, Dodson, Underwood, Boren, Farris, Baldwin, Lisle, Elflein, Gardner, Brown 

LEO (3)- Spence, Miller, Moore

DT (8)- Schutt, Bennett, Hale, Carter, Pittman, Hill, Price, Munger

SSE (3)- Washington, Bosa, Sprinkle

LB (11)- Shazier, Grant (keeping at LB for now), Perry, Williams, Perkins, Roberts, Marcus, Mitchell, Johnson, Lewis, Worley

CB (8)- Roby, Grant, Griffin, Reeves, Murray, Apple, Burrows, Conley

S (9)- Barnett, Bryant, Brown, Bogard, Tanner, Powell, Thompson, Lee, Bell

K (1)- Basil

P (0)

LS (1)- Haynes

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Thanks for that.  
I don't like to see them go over the number, but obviously the staff knows which players are not going to be part of the team come August.

vacuuming sucks

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Missing Sprinkle

Rapping Bum's picture

Thanks Alex.

Help is on the way.

LouGroza's picture

Very nice to see the breakdown. Many thanks.

gumtape's picture

Any chance that some of our verbals are the "soft" verbal variety and we may have some NSD surprises that go elsewhere?

High and tight boo boo

Alex's picture

not the group currently committed....I guarantee you more players on the current roster are leaving 

David Sokol's picture

Is it safe to move Burrows to safety? I know the staff will give him a chance at CB, but they know he's built to be a safety.

Alex's picture

forgot Sprinkle...knew I had 81 one spot open witth 3-4 more players coming

scc8t's picture

do you think there has been any talks about Archie's kids giving up his scholarship for a new recruit? I seem to recall he was more of a walk on type player who they gave a scholly to when they had extras but now that we are dealing restricted numbers it might be a way to add one more key player to the team. plus archie has the money and his kid would get a reduced tuition rate as an employee of the school.

Alex's picture

don't think kso he's actually turned into a really nice special teams player and could compete for the #3 CB spot (although I don't think he wins that)

rampageripster's picture

ummm... he made his way to second string and could challenge Doran Grant for the CB spot opposite of Roby.  He also made that great play on the fake punt in the PSU game... Dude took full advantage of the regime change.

Cause I couldn't go for three

brandonbauer87's picture

I think point he was making is that children of university employees get free tuition anyway. Therefore Adam Griffin would technically still not be paying for school even without the football scholly. 

Toilrt Paper's picture

If that transpired it could casue someone to call the NCAA.

rampageripster's picture

They most certainly DO NOT get free tuition!  Where did you hear that???  Sure they get a discount but it is by no means free.

Cause I couldn't go for three

faux_maestro's picture

Children of university employees get 50% off.

Your mom told me she wants a Dicken Cidar.

AndyVance's picture

As I pointed out here, dependents of Ohio State University faculty and staff are eligible for 50% tuition assistance, as explained in this benefits FAQ. What I am completely unclear on, however, is how NCAA rules affect this benefit of Archie's employment.

hail2victors9's picture

Should Jones go play school elsewhere, or is he needed?

Those who stay will be CHAMPIONS!

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Alex's picture

Braxton goes down then what? Yeah we have Guiton but he is a senior. After that you have Braxton as a senior, Jones, and Barrett, coming off ACL surgery. He is needed, but the question will be if he is leaped over by Barrett after Braxton's time is done, does he stick around like Kenny G or transfer somewhere he can play?

buckeyedude's picture

Jones came here to play football!



Firedup's picture

How many preferred walk ons will we have with a reduction in scholarships? 

"Making the Great State of Ohio Proud!" UFM

Alex's picture

Not sure, probably not any more than we normally would take....we can have 105 players, so there will be potentially as many as 23 walk-ons, most of them I would think are "preferred"

Mush's picture

You mentioned 105. I posted in a previous thread that Bama has 116. What gives ??

BuddhaBuck's picture

SEC math & schollie reductions thanks to er, sanctions?

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GABuckeye's picture

Who all ended up getting redshirts from the freshman class?

Alex's picture

I THINK: Jones, Ball, Epitropolous, Thomas, Dodson, Elflein, O'Connor, Pittman, Roberts, Powell

Toilrt Paper's picture

Only the injured and Jones redshirted this year.

penult's picture

Michael Thomas? Didn't he play, or was I seeing things? (Not enought PT to disqualify RS?)
Oh, Blake Thomas (DOH!)

Buckeye_in_SEC_country's picture

We have 15 OL on the roster... Why is everyone talking about how there is such a big need?  We can only play 5 at a time.  I believe we lose 4 after next year, but that will give guys like Dodson, Boren, Decker, Elflein, and O'Connor 3 years to build their bodies and learn the system.  I understand we need guys to continue to fill the role each year when someone leaves, but I don't think we are desperate for OL.

Alex's picture

This is why it's a need:

Mewhort-gone after next year

Norwell- gone after next year

Linsley-gone after next year

Hall-gone after next year

Decker-looks promising, although untested, and will have 1-2 years left

Dodson-unknown, but coming off shoulder surgery

Underwood- will be lucky to ever crack the starting line 

Boren- looks promising as the next C and will have 2 years left after next year

Farris-looks to have a solid future and will likely start at G or T for 2 years after next

Baldwin-highly doubt he ever sees the field

Lisle-talented, but is a frosh and needs to put on weight and work on pass pro

O'Connor- coming off injury, unproven

Elflein-works hard, but talent is unknown yet

Gardner-needs to keep weight down, but great potential

Brown- doubt he ever sees the field


So basically out of that we have 4/5 starters from the 2013 line gone, meaning we're at 11, bearing no OL transfer before the year. Out of those 11 remaining you can only guesstimate that Decker, Farris, and Boren will be the real thing. Dodson has the tools, but we need to see it, same with Lisle. O'Connor, Gardner, Elflein all could end up starting too, but they are more unproven. Underwood, Brown, and Baldwin will have a very steep uphill battle to see the field.

I certainly see the need of the staff to add linemen.

Buckeye_in_SEC_country's picture

Thanks for the clarification... Just from looking at numbers it makes things look like we are ok.  

Maestro's picture

Man that Carter, Underwood, Brown, Bobek class looks just turrible now.

vacuuming sucks

Alex's picture

Considering many thought Bobek was the only one that could play out of the group when they were recruited, can't say I'm too shocked....I do like Underwood though as he works hard and I think he has some potential to play some guard here one don't start a game at RT as a true frosh at OSU with no talent, regardless of who the OL coach is

Toilrt Paper's picture

You never know. O-linemen are known to blossom late. Look what happened with this years O-line. As late as this summer Urban classified them as a "clown show". Especially with Warriner as their coach, you never know.

bukyze's picture

And I would imagine a couple of those OL won't be back next year.

Alex's picture

Added Worley to the linebacker group, we're at 82 boys and girls!

Northbrook's picture

Wow, that was quick. Nice work and thanks for keeping it updated.
Who do you like between Hunt and Skipper?

Silverbuck8's picture

Biggest difference is Skipper is a pure Tackle, while Hunt can play both G & T.

stark county buck's picture

Pittman got moved to defensive takle? 

Crimson's picture

I haven't seen anything about it, since he got injured and didn't play last year.  Then again, pegging exactly which spot on the DL someone plays is fairly pointless, because the staff will rotate 8 guys in more than just 2 positions each if they have enough talent there.  They'll probably play 4 DEs on some 3rd and long situations.

Phillips.449's picture

Nice Job!  It is neat to see it in this format.

Killer nuts's picture

Seeing all the names here this roster is LOADED with talent

bukyze's picture

It's unbelievable how good our TE depth is (by far the best ever, I believe).  Do you think Epitropolous ever sees meaningful minutes?

buckeye76BHop's picture

Thanks for this Alex
Now that I've scoured that list....looks like one or two at LB could be seeing attrition based on numbers as well as two  or three Offensive linemen or possibly one Defensive lineman.  I hate to even put their names down...because we all know how hard they've worked to get where they are.  Sucks to lose guys this way based on sanctions and lack of scholarships...I hope they can get "injured" and still stay with the team (it seemed that was how some were kept close to the team without losing their scholarship entirely last year...gosh this sucks).  

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and THIS is why I love this site so much.

~Because we couldn't go for three~

OSBuckeye222's picture

Wouldn't it make sense to redshirt Barrett, since he has the knee injury? that would give him time to fully recover and open a scholarship spot for this year.

buck-I.8's picture

Redshirt players still use scholarships

OSBuckeye222's picture

oh my bad... im not an expert on the whole redshirt thing

Sheepish Grin's picture

83 is the count with the addition of Worley. Includes J. Hall, J. Wood, and correction for SSE count (Bosa, Sprinkle, Washington = 3 not 2)

Triv's picture

J Wood took a medical hardship and is no longer with the team

Sorry Urban, Woody is still my favorite

buckeye4life050233's picture

I was deeply saddened by this as I grew up and played with him at Pick Central.  He could have had an awesome career but got bit by the injury bug.

Codeezy's picture

Great work Alex! No complaints here, but it would be awesome if you could put a star* next to the guys that are on thier last year of eligability. To me it looks like our 2014 class will be an exclusive club. Also, RBs seem like the wobbley Jenga tower of all the groups. Expecting any transfers? Just wondering. Thanks again!
Also, writing from a Starbucks in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. It was 90 here today. No biggie. :)

Braxton2Devin's picture

What about William Houston at fullback?

TheBadOwl's picture


When I walked in this morning and saw the flag was at half mast I thought, "Alright, another bureaucrat ate it." but then I saw it was Li'l Sebastian. Half mast is too high. Show some damn respect.

bassplayer7770's picture

He is a preferred walk-on.

rdubs's picture

These are only scholarship players.  He doesn't have one....yet.
EDIT: So everyone and their mothers beat me to this one...

Alex's picture

updated to reflect O'Connor and Crowell departures

OHBuckInCA's picture

With departures, the numbers add up to 79, while the names add up to 80.  I think the 2 at SSE needs changed to 3.
Thanks so much for this awesome post!  It's great to see how the numbers actually shake out and where the depth is.

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dmurder's picture

Does this mean we can take two more in this class or next?

"We have always had the best damn band in the land, now we have the best damn team in the land"- Jim Tressel 1-03-03

Maestro's picture


vacuuming sucks

kareemabduljacobb's picture

I thought Chris Fields was seeking a transfer??

rdubs's picture

You may be thinking of Verlon Reed, I don't think I have heard anything on Fields.

kareemabduljacobb's picture

No I know about Reed, I guess I more of meant from all the speculation I remember his name (Fields) being thrown out, so I guess I should have just asked if he's going to end up transferring?

GoldenBearBuckeye's picture

I may be confused, but I thought he had a shoulder injury

steensn's picture

Someone should report us to ;)

Phillips.449's picture

^^^This made me chuckle.

brumon's picture

would upvote if I could!

dubjayfootball90's picture

i will try and help you out a bit.
But I was scrolling through this thread, and this picture is absolutely hilarious, haha, and is a perfect  representation

You can feed a bobcat all the chili it wants. That don't mean it's going to crap out diamonds.

Toilrt Paper's picture

In a pinch, if needed, Ohio State has another Boren who i'm sure would do anything for the betterment of the team.

Dublin68's picture

Thank you for the update Alex, great work as usuall!

CO 303 Buckeye's picture

I know of and have seen the work of nearly all of these players, but I must ask what the general consensus on these DTs is at the moment? Run stuffers and line cloggers, or patsies who will get blasted back 5 yards every snap?  I would love to see a year like '02 or '05 where our line is the cannon that launches our front 7 into the backfield to wreak havoc; but I'm also a realist.  Anyways, how do they look?

Alex's picture

Updated for Smith verbal

buckeye4life050233's picture

I have a feeling Epitropolous will be the next to transfer out bc I don't see him seeing the field.  Luke Roberts has a tough fight as well being we brought in 2 more lb's and boren took over when no one else could step up.

UrbzRenewal's picture

Could play at punter, will likely at least provide some competition for Townsend.

WildBear Buckeye's picture

Epitropolous grew up a few miles from campus (UA) and wasn't particularly highly recruited. If he transfers, his destination would almost certainly be a huge step down in program strength. I can't imagine he has any NFL ambitions. I'm pretty sure he was recruited by Tressel, not Meyer, and I had a feeling at the time that his was something of a "courtesy" scholarship. UA isn't a big feeder program, but the suburb is home to plenty of donors. All of this combined makes me think that he's more likely to stay as a walk-on (preferred walk-on, whatever) than transfer. The only kinds of places I can see him transferring are schools like Northwestern and Vanderbilt. Respectable (...sorta) football programs in BCS conferences and upgrades in degree prestige, if not education. Sorry, we all know it's true. A few years ago Stanford would have been on that list, but with their recent success I'm guessing they're looking for bigger playmakers at WR. Maybe as a punter ...

Toilrt Paper's picture

With 9 WRs and 4 TEs on the roster Ohio State better pass 50% more than last year or there will be transfers.

buckeyebart's picture

I would up vote you on that one but I can't yet.  AGREED

RedStorm45's picture

6 running backs though.  And Braxton Miller.

theobi's picture

So does this mean we currently have room for two more?

Northbrook's picture

Read the post - one more. More than one requires attrition from current team members.

Alex's picture

updated for Dontre Wilson

Dublin68's picture

Thank you Alex, on top of everything as usuall.

rapture's picture

FYI Roberts will not transfer out 

RedStorm45's picture

So if Bell and/or clark commit, where does the 1 or 2 freed up scholarships come from?  Hard to imagine D-Line considering EVERY position is open.  Same for linebacker (wow...11?).  Maybe one of the 8 safeties if they see Bell and Thompson coming in?  I don't know.  Maybe an O-Lineman, but then again 4 spots will be open in 2014.  Just purely speculating, but it is unfortunately a numbers game with any more commits.

BuddhaBuck's picture

I'm with you RedStorm. IMO we'll see a OL (who doesn't fit Urban's system) and a Safety transfer (assuming Bell has committed)... 

Don't text while driving.

TMac's picture

Spring Practice will be telling for some guys looking to see the field. IF I remember correctly Urban likes to have things largely set at the end of Spring Practice. SO, if a guy is still 5th in line after spring and new studs are coming in get a couple guys that decide they can see the field and also win NCs at Mt. Union. 

ONE Not Done!

Red Shirt Ensign's picture

How about extra rb's like Ball, seems rather buried on the charts

"Captain, over here, I've found someth... AHHHH!!!!!!"


Toilrt Paper's picture

Put a colored Shirt on Barrett, who will be rehabing this year.

buck-I.8's picture

Doesn't affect scholarship numbers

Toilrt Paper's picture

A gray color does

buck-I.8's picture

You won't see any of this class or any class at OSU grayshirt, barring unforeseen (oversigning) circumstances

Toilrt Paper's picture

Before last season Urban said, "We will make it easy for players to recognize they shouldn't be at Ohio State." An every year occurance.

Notor's picture

Crazy we are considered thin at LB with 11 people on the roster for next season at that position. Wonder what the issue is with stepping up amongst those players. Sad that OSU has to switch a FB to LB to get some consistency at the position.

kevinfrenchfry's picture

i think jamal marcus OR josh perry will start this year, i think they are both very good players and jamal marcus is a freak of nature in terms of athleticism/love for the game/reckless abandon.  From a fans perspective im rooting for mike mitchell, RDS, and jamal marcus but well see

bucknutz18's picture

DB, at least one OL, and possibly a rb/te will transfer out.  I could see us lose 4 guys easily before the end of fall camp...

buckeyeboy31's picture

If you look at the 82 players who are on scholarship/will be on scholly, there are candidates who pop out as transfer/leaving possibilities.  If Jacobs flips, which seems very likely, that opens one spot up for Bell/Clark if/when they sign.....don't worry, I've got a feeling by the time the fall rolls around we'll be below 80 and will be banking schollies for 2014

carton's picture

Straight to the point,
you folks are trying to figure out the exact number of 'future' transfers and drop outs here.
How impossible is that?
What matters is the number on roster by the start of fall camp, 'as of today' means nothing.

GoldenBearBuckeye's picture

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

jedkat's picture

prior preparation prevents piss poor performance

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buckeyebart's picture

I am so excited. Urban has put together ( Is putting together ) a top tier program as expected. He is a Rock Star amongst the college kids. If he wants you, you get the feeling you should go there.
Many under estimate the value of THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY, a degree from here will go anywhere. With our entrance standards rising to an average of 28 per entrant, the kids are smart and the parents see the value for their son to go here! That is exciting !!!
Great kids, committed parents and coach that can and will deliver !
OH _  _  !

buckeyeboy31's picture

Not very...I mean who didn't have an inkling(sp?) that TY Williams was going to leave? Who didn't see DerJuan Gambrell getting the boot?  I mean sure the Joey O'Connor's of the world shock us, but a lot of time when players leave it isn't surprising if you connect the dots

buckeyebart's picture

We are currently right on number = 82.
If Townsend signs then we may need attrition to occur, but only one and alot can happen between now and first kick off. Injury, transfer, etc....

Phillips.449's picture

Crisis averted.  Nobody needs to leave, everyone can stay healthy.  We are all good.

Doesntwork's picture

what is a healthy number for the number of defensive players?  i feel we have too many safeties but then again i don't know anything on this subject.

acBuckeye's picture

I wouldn't be surprised if Fields (WR) or Tanner (S) transfer, or one of the LB's from last year's class.

BlockO's picture

Where do we currently sit in roster space?

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