Bradley Roby to Return for 2013 Season

By Johnny Ginter on January 5, 2013 at 8:19p

Broby is back! After some (emphasis on some) hand-wringing over whether the cornerback was going to remain in Columbus for his junior season, Bradley Roby informed Tim May of the Dispatch that he'll be returning to the team to take a shot at some "unfinished business."

This is a huge boost for Ohio State, which would have lacked any kind of shutdown corner had he decided to go pro. In 2012, Roby accounted for 17 passes defended, two interceptions, a sack, and 63 total tackles. By staying, he makes the entire defense that much better, and helps make up for some of the defensive line and linebacker attrition that will occur this year through graduation.

In addition, he also gives me another season to try to spread the "Broby" nickname, which I think we can all agree here is the real victory in the situation.

Thanks for sticking around, number 1.


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Love it!! Get it done!

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woo hoo.. can help show the new talent how its done. between broby and ryan dam shaizer we should have 2 very good leaders on the D

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Broby? Like my daughters fav character on yo gabba gabba. I like it lol

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Looking forward to a lot more of this

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Hell yeah!!!

The South will NOT rise again!

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Our defense should be really solid this year

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Great news...he'll be a great leader and teacher for the new DBs.  

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Great news! Lets go BUCKS!!!!!!!!

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What a great weekend this has been!  It brings 26-0 one step closer!

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hope some student dresses up as Rob-O cop

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haha BOTH... the man deserves as many costumes and/or nicknames as possible...the heir to Antoine Winfield's throne as greatest OSU CB should be celebrated as the hero he is

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Roby-One Kenobi?

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Favorite grey box of the weekend. This makes our 2013 team so much better.

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Certainly a surprise.  Maybe they're not projecting him as a 1st rounder?

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I think hed push for a 1st rounder but not quite there yet...the Bama CBs seem to have cornered (no Pun intended) the market on top DB draft picks, think if Roby has a similar or hopefully better year he is a lock for 1st rounder status

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I can hear it now.... 
Hackenburg to throw the ball at the PSU 30 yard line, INTERCEPTED by Broby and returned for a TOUCHDOWN. Touchdown Buckeyes and the Pick Six Tradition continues!
Can this weekend get any better! 

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Remember the results when Mike Doss decided to come back for "unfinished business" ?!?!?!
YEAH !!!!!!!!!!!

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I don't know who this Bradley Robby is, but I am super pumped about Broby returning!!!

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More good news in addition to getting Mike Mitchell.  Now maybe Gibson can sign on.

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I just got all excited in my pants. 

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Do you mean you just got a "Broner?"



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Shocker in both holes ouch

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ROCK OUT!!!!!!Grey boxes galore today!

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BROBY--ABLY a good decision was just made!!

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God this has been a great weekend!

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No broby isn't that good of a nickname y'all can think of one better than that. He's better than broby. Glad he's coming back he will be a leader for the young guns apple. Burrows . Hopefully bell. Great news. Go bucks


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I can see it now, Someone wearing a S&G Broby costume with a #1 on the chest.  YO OSKIE OSKIE!!!!!

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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That's one less worry for next year.  Glad you're back Bradley!

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It's nice to have Roby back, although we never really heard anything about him leaving.
Also, Broby?  That's pretty facepalm . . .

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As nice as it was getting the Mitchell and Johnson commits, this was huge keeping Roby.   Going to ease the pressure on Apple, Grant, Burrows, Reeves in the competition/ rotation to replace Howard.

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I still like Roby Wan Kenobi.

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Absolutely love it!

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Not bad at all!

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Broby Wan Kenobi

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actually youre right, this is way better.


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Damn he beat me to it! I've been saying it today when I first read the post but didn't post -_-

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I kind of wish that I could upvote this lol. It is so much better and it's nice to see the staff recollection of that.

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Freakin Awesome!!!!!

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"But I'm tryin' Ringo. I'm tryin', real hard, to be the shepherd"

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Tim and Eric, awesome show!

Rock over London; Rock on Chicago. Timex: It takes a lickin' but keeps on tickin'

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didnt read everyone else's comments so downvote me if I repeat, but this guy is an ANIMAL. Love B Roby and he is a coverage type corner we havent seen in a very long time--not like Malcom where you fear his physicality, but sort of like a Chimdi-speed with better ball skills. Pretty excited to see if Eli or Doran Grant can lock down the opposite side of Roby next year

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We are throwin around nicknames for ole numero uno...why not call him bruno? Nice combo of initials and jersey number. No matter what we call him, the main point is he is back. And that's a beautiful, beautiful thing. Another year of #1 locking it down on his side of the field. And another year of a georgia boy sharing his experiences and love of tOSU with the georgia recruits. Works on and on off the field!

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This is like getting a 10 star recruit.

Long live the southend.

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Hell yes! Lets go win a championship Broby!

You have to hate losing more than you love winning! GO BUCKS!!

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Lock down corner numerio uno in 2013; bar none!!

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The Broby news is huge but seeing Sammy Hagar in OHIO STATE gear made my day!

+1 HS
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Little late due to a duck hunt in GA. Love it when guys hang around to take care of unfinished business. This is huge. B Roby you were one of my favorite players the last couple of years, you just cemented yourself a top of the team. Welcome back and lead us to the holy land!!!!

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chyeahhhh PROTATO!