Hate GIF: Never Forget

By 11W Staff on November 24, 2012 at 9:30a

Last November sucked. Never forget.

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Now it is time to see how Meyer does against Hoak. The OSU/Mich rivalry always seems to come down to which coach has the other one's number. After Shembechlar and Woody/Bruce fought to a 10-10-1 record it then became Shembechlar/ Moehler over Cooper (5-1-1), Carr over Cooper (5-1), Tressel over Carr (6-1), Tressel over Rodriguez (2-0)...today begins a new era. Go Bucks!!!

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What is this I heard on Gameday about John Simon having an undisclosed injury? 

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I pray I don't see a gray box announcing he's not playing....

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 Is there any word on the severity? It would have to be something serious to keep him out of this game.

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HATE, HATE, HATE AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!  How do I feel today?  I'm like the Tasmanian Devil with roid rage, all hopped up on Red Bull.  I just flipped over the the sofa and threw my coffee table across the room.  My wife woke up from all the commotion and realized what day it was, she punched a hole in the wall and tipped over the fridge.  The Hate is strong here in Elsmere, KY. 

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Lol that's funny. 

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Wow. That's my kind of woman!



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What about Simon????????

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My question exactly! I just read on another article that he is a "game time decision." WTF?!!
Where did this come from, and how come we're just hearing about it?



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HATE! HATE! HATE! Just saw Desmonds face and went into raaaaaaaage mode

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I can't believe that Gameday is broadcasting from the ND/USC game. Wait. Yes I can.



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