The Dubgate Prepares Cold Dishes

By Jason Priestas on October 20, 2012 at 6:00a

We're all painfully aware of it, but the casual college football fan would probably be surprised to find out that Ohio State is 3-3—well, 2-3 officially, thanks to rigged raffles and all—against Purdue in the last six meetings between the teams.

Never mind the fact that the Boilermakers are just 35-39 in those six seasons, while the Buckeyes went 58-19, on the field at least.

The teams have traded home wins in the last four years, with Ohio State taking care of business in the Horseshoe, while Purdue routinely pulled off upsets in front of a half-packed Ross-Ade Stadium. Most painful of these upsets was the 28-16 win over the #7 Buckeyes in 2009, thanks to four Terrelle Pryor turnovers (Purdue Harbor, never forget).

With the exception of the 49-0 Ohio State blowout in 2010, which doesn't count now, all of the games have been relatively close affairs, with the average margin at nine points.

Danny Hope, for all of his flaws in the 11 other games on Purdue's schedule, seemed to be the perfect foil for Jim Tressel and later, Luke Fickell.

Hopefully, that ends today.

Purdue wobbles in with the nation's 97th-ranked rushing defense, fresh off allowing 304 yards on the ground to Michigan two weeks ago, only give up 467 rushing yards to Wisconsin last week. Indeed, 176 of Montee Ball's 247 rushing yards came after contact.

We see you, Carlos Hyde.

Columbus radio personality Scott Torgerson, affectionately known as Torg by his minions, has not appeared on the air since tweeting that he wished Desmond Howard would die, leading to a stern smackdown from Kirk Herbstreit.

At this point, you have to wonder if the hiatus is a permanent thing. If it is, Torgerson will become the second high profile departure for the station in the last 18 months, following Bruce Hooley's ouster for trolling the hell out of Buckeye fans when Tressel stepped down.

If he goes, he won't go without the support of his fans. @SaveTheTorg is a actually a thing on Twitter, and there's an associated Facebook page that already has more "Likes" than this magnificent six-year old website you're presently reading. I give up.

Here's your full slate of relevant games today. Relevant meaning I was obligated to include some pretty awful-looking Big Ten matchups. Oh, and Boston College, because, Bollman Watch.

12:00pm Iowa State at Oklahoma State FX   OKST (-14)
12:00pm #6 LSU at #20 Texas A&M ESPN WatchESPN LSU (-3)
12:00pm Minnesota at Wisconsin ESPNU WatchESPN WIS (-17)
12:00pm Purdue at #10 Ohio State ABC/ESPN2 (Map) WatchESPN OSU (-18½)
12:00pm Virginia Tech at #16 Clemson ABC/ESPN2 (Map)   CLEM (-7½)
3:00pm Boston College at Georgia Tech FSN Affiliates ESPN3 GT (-14)
3:00pm #22 Stanford at Cal FOX   STAN (-2½)
3:30pm BYU at #5 Notre Dame NBC ND (-13)
3:30pm Indiana at Navy CBSSN   NAVY (-2½)
3:30pm Michigan State at #25 Michigan BTN BTN2GO UM (-9½)
3:30pm Nebraska at Northwestern ABC/ESPN2 (Map)   NEB (-6½)
3:30pm #7 South Carolina at #3 Florida CBS UF (-3½)
3:30pm #18 Texas Tech at #24 TCU ABC/ESPN2 (Map)   TTU (-1½)
7:00pm #1 Alabama at Tennessee ESPN WatchESPN BAMA (-20)
7:00pm #4 Kansas State at #17 West Virginia FOX   WVU (-2½)
8:00pm #11 Florida State at Miami ABC (Map) ESPN3 FSU (-21)
8:00pm Penn State at Iowa BTN BTN2GO IOWA (-2½)
8:00pm #21 Cincinnati at Toledo   ESPN3 UC (-5)




oregonianbuckeye's picture

Am I the only one that is suprised that mich is at -9.5 this week? Maybe I'm splitting hairs, but that seems high for a team that has lost this matchup four years running. Also, what's the line for Gholston personal fouls today? I'd set it at 2.5.

baddogmaine's picture

Past performance is relevant only to the extent that coaches get in each others heads. This year's AACC team is not the one that lost the last four, and same for MSU. Last year was a learning year for AACC after the dark years of Dickrod, and this year, ND and AL notwithstanding, Meatchicken has the maize and blob executing at a high level, while the Spartans are a team in turmoil. I'm not surpsised by SCUM by 9.5, I'm shocked by those taking MSU to win.

SchankHaus's picture

As a "better this than music" sports radio listener, I was pleasantly surprised that the Common Man & the Cowboy (Krenzel) show I heard this week was informative, cohesive, and devoid of stupid voices. If they could keep that going, I'd be happy, although ENT providers might take a hit, since bleeding ears would probably decrease by 60% in Franklin County.

Hope Hyde can continue to manhandle without Boren at FB.

Abe Froman's picture

The common man has little else going for him than stupid voices.  If you take that away, he is left with total mediocrity. 

Basking in the wake of mediocrity.....

Mix's picture

You think the NCAA would create a waiver for Boren to play fullback for the Browns on Sundays and he can just call it a charitable donation of his time so that I never have to see Owen Marecic again?


Abe Froman's picture

The state of West Virginia is in an uproar over this video...
It will be interesting to see how their defense responds this week.

Basking in the wake of mediocrity.....

BME_Buckeye's picture

Gahhh that picture. How long has he been growing that Mustache. My question is that if Purdue can beat OSU every year in Indiana, should Hope be fired? Is one signature win over the same opponenet good enough to keep a coach there? I can't stand Hope and going to Purdue last year to watch us lose doesn't help. Lets go Bucks, derail the Boilermakers. 

Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see.


johnblairgobucks's picture

he has that Tom Coughlin with a garage floor broom stapled under his nose kind of look, in that pic.

Mix's picture

He's looking increasingly like Joe Tiller every year. 


johnblairgobucks's picture

State Penn at Iowa..... i'd set the over/under of total points at 24 on that one.

Mix's picture

I'll set the self inflicted eye gouges while watching this turrible game at 1.5. 


TheSweaterVest's picture

I wouldn't read too much into the fact that Torg purchased hundreds of FaceBook likes to stave off the inevitable second shifts at Citgo.  Couldn't happen to a classier guy.  I cannot believe that his absence will result in any loss of listenership.

45OH4IO's picture

Can I just say that I am NOT a fan of all the Danny Hope pictures this week?!?! Man, it makes 11W look way ugly! Just scroll down the front page and TRY not to feel like you need prune juice and a nice episode of Jeopardy to watch.
At least The Situational had the FSU Cowgirls! Man, I can't wait to spank Purdon't and move on to next week.

gravey's picture

Deputy Danny Hope is going to give you another ticket for a broken tail light, after he smashed it with his night stick.   
Bad Cop.
Looking for a breakout game from Rod Smith today...two long runs?

Huth's picture

Torg got what he deserved, I'm guessing those DUI attorney radio spots will be tougher to come by now. Glad Herbie stepped up and said something.

BeijingBucks's picture

Purdue weeblos wobble in but they don't fall down!
They Hope.  
And no Hope don't float.



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