Hot Off the Press: UCF Game Poster

By 11W Staff on September 5, 2012 at 3:32p

Walt has another present for you...

UCF Game Poster by Walt Keys

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OK, this is the tits.

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This is sweet!  Did I misss the one for the Miami (OH) game?
EDIT:  Found the Miami one   Good Job on these!

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This is totally tits...hahaha
Edit:  I didn't realize someone else described this as "tits" before posting :)

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This is an awesome picture!

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this is really cool..can anybody link me to the miami one?

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I like the mascot theme a lot!

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This is siiiiiiiiiick!!!

Idea: Maybe create a "posters" tag for these? 

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Very cool poster! 
I liked the one with "1-0" one with Smith's ridiculous catch also. 

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get all of them throughout the season into the store..i want a 2012 season wall

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Love the game posters. Please put these on Reddit or something and make a name for yourself, Walt.

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i'm not a redditer (though i probably should be), but i know a few of them have made it up there. I've been doing these for a few seasons now, though some of my better ones were vacated. you can see old and new ones here -------->

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Walt Keys is a Goddamned Magician.


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Winter is Coming

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Will these be coming for every game? I thoroughly enjoy these.