Now Official: Sibert and Weatherspoon to Transfer

By Jason Priestas on April 16, 2012 at 8:37p

Long rumored and at times denied, the university today announced that sophomore guard Jordan Sibert and sophomore forward J.D. Weatherspoon are transferring.

Sibert's minutes decreased as the season progressed and he finished his career playing in 49 games while averaging 2.5 points and 1.4 rebounds per contest.

The school released the following statement from Sibert:

"My two years as an Ohio State Buckeye were great. Playing in the Final Four this year was a dream come true.

"I've decided to transfer after discussing my future goals with family and my coaches. I would like to find a school where I can make an impact on the court. I will miss my teammates, my coaches and the fans. I will always be a Buckeye."

Weatherspoon appeared in 35 games for the Buckeyes, averaging 2.7 points and one rebound per outing.

Weatherspoon's statement:

"Coach Matta and my teammates have been great to me at Ohio State. Our fans and the Columbus community have supported me while in high school and at Ohio State. After discussing my future with my family and my coaches, we determined transferring to another school would be the best opportunity for me. My family and I will begin that process immediately."



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Well, that hurts considering the recruiting efforts this year.

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It was only a matter of time.. I am kind of surprised though that Thad wasn't on the recruiting trail a little harder this past year. With Buford gone and it being a given that at least 1 other player was leaving (NBA or transfer), you would have thought we'd of had at least a little more of a presence on the recruiting trail. 

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Dang. I was hoping JD would stick around.  I"m not sure we've got another really athletic big.  

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^Do you know Matta wasn't attempting to recruit?


Officially at 9 schollies.  Ravs and Thomas are gone after next year leaving just 7 (without any more transfers) for the 2013 season.  6 open if we don't sign Parker or anyone else this year.

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Good luck fellas, can't blame them for leaving. Nobody wants to sit the bench their whole career. They can both help someone out.

Tough times never last, tough people do

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So how do we evaluate Matta's recruiting? He is the guy who put POY Turner and 2-time All American Sullinger and several other great ballers in scarlet and gray. He is also the guy who recruited two guys who apparently have been told that they aren't good enough to feature next year either, even with open slots in the starting five; and has recruited no one for next year. Unless some one comes in out of the blue the Buckeyes will be able to scrimmage 5 on 5 next year only because the roster will include a non-scholarship walk-on. However slim our margin for error was this year apears to be even slimmer now. Can't knock a winner - unless you can.

Though I think the OSU may be able to look good even if it isn't because I think the B1G will not be as good as most experts are saying. IN could be great but then who? Izzo always reloads but he has a LOT to replace; MI is losing all three of its established outside shooters; Purdue without Hummel will need to find an identity; and WIS depends on a point guard more than most and Taylor's graduation could be huge for them. Tubby always finds a way to lose games and IL will have big growing pains in front of it. So I think the opportunity for even a down Buckeye squad to get a good record is there, but right now March looks like it could be ugly.

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How do you know that he told these two "they aren't good enough to feature next year?" Your throwing out the possibility that they chose to leave the program for personal reasons entirely?

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Because neither one is saying that, both are saying that they want to be where they will play.Which is entirely believable since neither one got much PT, and Matta is a coach players should like to play for since he's easy going and wins.

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I don't see how this hurts the Buckeyes this year all that much, barring an injury or two. These players left because they WEREN'T going to see the court all that much. Losing some depth will hurt a little this year, it's the year after that these losses could potentially hurt us more. Ravenel will be gone for sure and Thomas is 99.9% that he'll be gone as well. Who knows what Ross will do after being a starter for a year? He might leave if he has a good/great year.

Still, I have faith in Matta's recruiting. He's known more for being a great recruiter then his Xs and Os. He'll know that he has several holes to fill and he'll have over a year to fill them. He brought in Oden, Cook, Conley, etc all in one class and same with Sully, Thomas, Craft, etc. So he's proven he can bring in elite talent in bunches. Recruiting was hampered this year because of a lack of playing time he could realistically offer with so many established/good players already on the team and because he couldn't know for sure he'd have more than one scholly to use. Next year he'll be able to go hard and offer more of the nation's elite players AND these players will be able to look at the depth chart and really envision themselves getting significant playing time from the get go.

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You're knocking Thad because 2 barely used players decided to transfers on the same day? (Well, official announcements made on the same day)  Turner was the 13th rated prospect at SF by Rivals and 16th by Scout, so the fact that he went from somewhere in the 50-60 range overall to P.O.Y. by his junior season I think is more a testament to his hard work and Thad's (and the coaching staff's) coaching.  Great recruiting is the Thad Five or what Calipari does on a near yearly basis.  Thad's also the guy that brough in 4 year guys like Buford, Diebler, Lauderdale, and 5 year-man David Lighty.

Point is, where the heck was this program before Thad? One lightning-in-a-bottle season in '99 for a vacated-FF and some talented teams in the early '90s that couldn't get over the hump.  

He had ONE guaranteed open scholarship this year.  Two just opened up today and Sullinger just declared not too long ago.  Do you want to be Indiana and oversign?  We're fine.  He'll go get some 4 and 5 star guys next year.

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who does that leave us with, Craft, Thomas, Thompson, Smith, Ravenel, Williams, Ross, Scott, McDonald for guys who can play? that's not awful barring no injuries, maybe Parker will see this as an opportunity.

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Plus, the Della Valle kid from NV is looking good for the Buckeyes- at least he's definitely enjoying the Twitter love BuckeyeNation is giving him. He's a unique player from the film I've seen (most of which is a little dated from when he was younger playing for an Italian team). Here's an old tape of him from Youtube:


EDIT: and another one:

You can't miss him- he's the kid with the sweet hair. I don't follow basketball recruiting nearly as much as football recruiting, but after seeing Della Valle's game recently, I've become quite a fan. Love his style and is always giving effort. 

If you ain't a Silver Bullet, you're a target

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He's a PG, right?  We have Craft for another 2 years and Scott behind him...and neither one looks ready to play the 2/off-guard.  Not really sure why we're recruiting him unless he's going to play the 2, but we have Smith for another 2 years and Thompson and Ross will split time with him there.  We need frontcourt depth badly.

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The scouting breakdown I've seen from him has him being able to play 1-3. He's 6'6 right now and still growing...

If you ain't a Silver Bullet, you're a target

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Thanks ThirdLeg, I haven't really followed him much, and all I saw on his profile was a 6'3'' PG. Would be a nice addition, but we'll be extremely thin up front and it looks like Thomas won't get his wish to play out at the 3 just by sheer numbers.

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Not buying that, Ravenel can come in at a traditional 4 occasionally like he did this year or we can play Ross and Thomas together with both of them playing a hybrid 3/4 wing forward position.  Amir essentially replaces Sully and we have Mcdonald in an emergency.  In terms of Thomas playing at the 3, that just means catching the ball at the 3 point line with triple threat options rather than just pick and pop and post catches like this year.  He wants to play offense like a wing player, that doesn't mean we need to play 2 traditional big men.

RedStorm45's picture

"Ravenel can come in at a traditional 4"

"that doesn't mean we need to play 2 traditional big men."



All I'm saying his Thomas wants to play outside more like a SF because that's where he'll play in the NBA.  By sheer numbers, he can't play that exact position at OSU because that would leave Williams and Ravs down low with one backup in McDonald, who isn't even ready to by a factor in the rotation by the looks of things last year.  So Thomas will technically by the PF (at least that's who he'll guard on defense), but one injury in the frontcourt, and we are screwed.  Take Sully last year for example - we still had Ravs and Williams to cover his position for those couple of games.  If Williams is out for 2-3 games for example, we start Ravs...and that leaves McDonald off the bench on that's it.

I get that Ross is 6'8'', but he's a guard.  He handles the ball well and can shoot.  He's not much of a hybrid 3/4 because he doesn't have much of a post game and from what defense we did see from him, he'd probably get taken to town on the block.

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Ross can rebound effectively enough for us to play small ball if we have to due to injury.  But if Williams went down, Ravenel would probably play 30+ minutes.

I'm not worried about Thad's ability to manage a versatile rotation.  He saw a team without a point guard a few years back and all he did was brilliantly play Turner at point guard.

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I see him with a potential 3G skill set. He has a very nice shot, and can really help us out with being more of a "pure shooter" than we currently have on this team. Remember, most of the guards we recruit were PGs for their hometown team. In the Italian video, he played more in the corner and off the ball, often out hustling people when he got missed rebounds and converted them to lay-ups and and-one's. He has the potential to be a great shooter.

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Alex Rogers, a transfer walk-on.  And no offense to Trey, but he's not ready to contribute this season (unless he has a monster off-season).  He'll be next year's Amir...come in maybe 3-4 minutes in the 1st half of games when Williams and Ravs pick up fouls.

Craft and Thomas should both be playing 40 minutes a game minus foul trouble or injuries.  Smith will probably play 30+ at the 2.  Don't know who has the advantage, Ross or Thompson, but I expect them to split time at the 3, but both can play the 2 just as well and that's where Smith might get some of his rest.  Williams should play 25-30 with Ravenel backing him up (unless we're all shocked and Ravs starts).  I guess Shannon Scott might rotate in and Craft play the off-guard - similar to what we saw late last season.

The transfers aren't huge losses - neither guy was expected to start (Smith over Sibert and D.T. over Spoon), and the likelihood of either consistently playing more than 10-12 minutes a game would have been pretty low.  It's bad for OSU if there is just one significant injury this season.  However, it fits with Thad's style - 7 to 8 guys, the best 5 will probably get 30 minutes or more.

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Good luck to both Sibert and Weatherspoon, wherever they go. I hope they do well, and make the best choice for themselves. Once a Buckeye, always a Buckeye (as long as they don't go to scUM).

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Lenzelle Smith, Jr. will enter the 2012-2013 college basketball season as the most underrated player in the country.

He will be 1st team B1G at the end of the season. His 3-point shooting will carry this team at times. His confidence gets him on a roll. He will be the surprise guy --- averaging 12-15 ppg.

Craft & Thomas will carry us defensively & offensively.

Williams will improve in the offseason & McDonald will spell him off if/when he gets in to foul trouble.

LaQ. Ross is the "x-factor". Thompson, Scott & Ravenel will all improve & all contribute important minutes.

OSU will be just fine next year, per usual. Look for another deep tourney run like this season.

"You win with people." - Woody Hayes

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With all due respect to the kid and I'm sure he is a good ball player: If Trey McDonald is seeing any significant playing time next year we are probably in big trouble.

tampa buckeye's picture

How can you be so sure.  Mcdonald is a big body.  He could give them some valuable mins. next year.  Spoon is going to be a beast before his career is over.  Thats the biggest loss here.

Spoon may know something we don't about Tony Parker.

RedStorm45's picture

Did you see McDonald in mop-up duty this year? Had a hard time catching the ball sometimes.  In all honesty, should have red-shirted him.  He's raw and could eventually develop some skill.

Spoon is basically a worse version of DeShaun.  He doesn't have an outside shot, not a great defender.  He brings "energy" and dunking.  Very athletic, but not a great basketball IQ (from what we saw).  His leaving has no implications on Parker's commitment, or vice versa.  He just wasn't going to see the floor more than 5-6 minutes a game except if there was foul trouble.  Matta basically told him that.  He thinks he can be a 30+ minute player and now he gets the opportunity to prove it.  Not a big loss for the team, and no indication on Parker.

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Ravenel will spell Williams.  McDonald will be after that (much like Amir this past season).

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What everyone is missing is that except for Amir and Ravenel (who spell each other), we have versatility in all other positions, creating inherent cover for injuries.  Put Amir out there at center and you can pick any 4 of Craft, Thomas, Smith, Scott, Thompson, Ross to play at the guard spots in the 4-guard offense.  Ross can play the big guard / PF position to back up Thomas if needed, or play them together.  Craft and Scott are natural point guards but they showed they can play together, especially if they both (or at least Craft) improve their jumpers.  Smith can handle the ball as well in a pinch if, for example, Craft were injured and Scott needed a rest/foul trouble.  Smith was the practice PG opposite Craft 2 years ago for scouting purposes.  None of those guard lineups scare me, and the versatility should scare opponents.  We can play as a huge team with Craft, Thompson, Thomas, Ross and Williams all being impossible to shoot over for their position.  But we can also play with essentially 3 point guards +Thomas and Amir and not give up too much size since Smith, Craft and Scott all have decent length.  And that lineup would be explosive in transition.

I'm not worried about the transfers and at least now people will stop clamoring about what they perceive Thad is doing wrong (bench usage) and instead hopefully focus on what he is doing right (I don't know, practically everything else).

I'm not sure we need Parker at all next year, but having him would help the following year when Ravenel is gone.  I like the idea of going back to a guard oriented offense with a defensive center like Amir.  But getting 1 more wing player (Della Valle) if for nothing else to help balance numbers in practice and potentially be a part of the rotation as a sophomore would be just fine.


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Smith was the backup PG is like saying Buford was the starting PG last (or now 2?) season.  He's a true SG, about 6'3'' or 6'4'' so he'd probably lose some height at the 3 depending on the opponent.  With Craft and Scott, there's no need for Smith to play PG, but I get what you're saying about going small - we did it this year a few times late in the season.

Defensive team - Craft, Smith, Thompson, Ravenel, Williams.  Would be ridiculous to try to score on that team for an extended amount of time.

DSK is making the point I was saying a week ago or so - even though Thomas will technically be playing the 4, Thad and Jent might open it up more on offense.  Think, Turner/Diebler/Lighty/Buford around a Lauderdale or Craft/Diebler/Lighty/Buford around Sully.  Thomas at 6'6'' or 6'7'' isn't a true 4 because of his size, but if he wants to play more like a "3" on offense he has to improve his ball handling and passing.

d5k's picture

Smith is the 3rd string PG out of necessity but just saying we have more depth than it appears when you say "we only have 8 guys that will play any meaningful minutes" just because when you take someone like Smith or Thompson out, you can put in practically any of the bench players (decide based on what the other team has out there) and the lineup would still be effective.  And what we lose in size defensively with that small lineup we make up in ball pressure.  That lineup would get so many steals and when you lose size at a guard position it only REALLY hurts if they post you up, which you see how often in college (Buford was underrated in this sense)?

Your last point is right on, I think this will be a versatiile 4-guard attack and the defense can and will be ridiculous.  If Amir plays with poise defensively and offensive rebounds and dunks like he can, he can be a bigger Dallas Lauderdale for us.  We will penetrate more than we did this year, and the 3 point shooting should get much much better with the drive and kick game assuming Ross, Thomas, Craft, Smith, Scott and Thompson will be shooting thousands of jumpers this summer.

RedStorm45's picture

I doubt we get to 3rd string PG, much like this year, but a lot out of those 2/3 guys can play either position (Thompson, Ross, Smith, even Craft off the ball).  Somewhere along the line here, I said we'll be down to 8 players for meaningful minutes (plus McDonald and Rogers), but that it fits Thad's system perfectly.  There won't be any bench players complaining about minutes I wouldn't think, so no transfers out next off season.  We might add a recruit, but if not, then one single injury would leave us screwed.  That's the only concern.

d5k's picture

Unless Thomas or Williams gets hurt, Thad can manage.  He wouldn't be scared to play a 6-7 man rotation if he had to.  We were a top ~5 team playing essentially 6 guys in 2009-10 (Turner, Lighty, Buford, Diebler, Lauderdale/Madsen).  A couple bench guards got spot duty but the 4 guards all played 35+ minutes in big ten and tourney play.  That's why he emphasizes conditioning so much.

RedStorm45's picture

...and we lost in the sweet 16.

"IF these 2 guys don't get hurt..." That's my point.