Sloppy Effort Dooms Buckeyes in Home Finale

By Chris Lauderback on February 26, 2012 at 6:09p
AP: Jay LaPreteBerggren outscored Sully by 10 including Wisky's final 5

In a game that featured 21 lead changes, the Buckeyes simply couldn't get out of their own way continuously shooting themselves in the foot with turnovers, horrible defensive rotations and pathetic free throw shooting culminating in a final minute choke job and a 63-60 loss to Wisconsin this afternoon on Senior Day in the Schott. 

After Jared Sullinger used a silky low block spin move to give Ohio State a 59-58 lead with :45 left, he inexplicably failed to rotate back over Jared Berggren, who had set a high ball screen for Jordan Taylor, allowing the Wisconsin point guard to find the wide open Berggren for the go-ahead three pointer. Sully never got within eight feet of the shooter putting OSU in a 61-59 hole with :31 to play. 

After Matta called timeout to set up a play, Deshaun Thomas got in on the brainfart act by shooting a double-clutched triple from the top of the key with :16 left forcing the Buckeyes to foul Berggren who promptly did something the Buckeyes couldn't do by burying two free throws essentially ending the game a Wisconsin held a 63-59 lead with :14 left. The Buckeyes got off a few shots before Craft eventually hit a free thow but it was all semantics as the horn finally sounded on a game the Buckeyes gave away. 

Ohio State appeared to take control after a 9-0 run gave them a 50-42 lead with 8:12 to play behind a Sully putback, an and-1 and two free throws from William Buford and a short pull up jumper in the lane from Craft but Wisconsin responded with a 12-3 spurt to take a 54-53 lead with 2:53 left in regulation. Ohio State aided the run with a blown layup from Sully as he suffered a calf injury, another blown layup from Craft on an otherwise strong drive down the middle and a brick followed by a charge from Buford. 

The Buckeyes got off the mat as Thomas hit a tough bunny off a look from Sully as he fell out of bounds to reclaim the lead at 55-54 but Sully again lost Berggren in the lane for an easy dunk and a 56-55 lead. Craft dropped in another layup on the ensuing possession for a 57-56 Buckeye lead but after Ryan Evans botched the front end of a one and one at the other end, Craft immediately returned the favor failing to convert two free throws of his own. Compounding his lack of clutch, Craft unnecessarily fouled Taylor at the other end and Taylor hit both to put Wisky in front 58-57 with 1:03 to play setting up Sully's spin move before the wheels came off in the final 45 seconds. 

Failing to take advantage of being in the bonus with 11:44 left in the game - and in the double bonus over the final six minutes - OSU shot a ridiculous 8/16 from the line in the 2nd half and 10/19 overall (53%). 

Forgetting his poor decision to launch the double clutched three pointer, Thomas was a beast scoring 23 points with seven boards while holding Evans to 5/17 from the floor (10 pts). His efforts almost helped OSU overcome Sullinger's virtual no show of eight points (4/10) and six boards in 33 minutes. Beyond his lack of offensive production, it was his defensive breakdowns that loomed large in defeat. 

Playing his final game in the Schott, Buford had another up and down day with 15 points and nine boards against three turnovers. He did most of his good work in the 1st half registering 10 points and seven boards, teaming with Thomas (13 pts, 6/8 FG) to offset Sullinger's pedestrian four point (2/3), three rebound effort. 

Behind Thomas, the Buckeyes were on fire early hitting 11 of their first 15 shots (73%) but couldn't build a sizeable lead thanks to turnovers and late cold shooting. After a Craft leak out gave OSU a 24-19 lead with 8:12 left in the half, the Buckeyes limped to the locker room tied at 29 thanks to 1/7 shooting with five turnovers. 

Matta actually used the bench a bit in the opening 20 minutes giving Shannon Scott and Sam Thompson a combined 15 minutes but they failed to deliver recording a combined 0 points on 0/3 shooting with four turnovers and no rebounds. For the game, the bench scored one point in 32 minutes. Sweet. Scott was particularly awful with a couple turnovers and four fouls as he failed miserably in trying to stay in front of Taylor. 

Craft scored 13 points on 6/10 shooting with three assists and two turnovers. 

Berggren dominated Sully with 18 points on 6/13 shooting and Taylor added 19 on 6/8 from the floor and 6/7 from the line. 

After shooting 55% in the 1st half, the Buckeyes shot only 41% in the 2nd (11/27) compounded by the noted 8/16 from the stripe. 

The loss gives Michigan State at least a share of the regular season conference title and drops OSU to 11-5 in league play. 

Next up for the Buckeyes, a trip to Evanston to take on Northwestern at 8:30pm Wednesday night. 



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RecruitBuck's picture

Matta says he threw his players out of practice yesterday. This team better come together and decide what they want to be. A 3 seed that could lose to a 14? Or a 2 with a shot to win it all.

DefendYoungstown's picture

Winning it all, these guys will be lucky to make the sweet 16.  Underacheivement at it's finest.

What we can't do in the air we'll do on the ground.

Brutus's picture

Thomas shooting the three at the end was bad, but in my opinion, the Craft FT misses were the worst. Even if he makes one, Wisc is playing for two and the tie on the next possession. There was no risk in Berggren taking the three when they were down just one at that point. The missed FTs changed everything.

Ship seems to be sinking, but I'll reserve any judgement about this team until after the MSU game. I dont care about the B1G championship. I just want to see a sense of urgency from the team and any hint that they might be turning the corner come the first round of the tourney.

Rooster Buckburn's picture

Yikes. In my observation, teams will typically do in the big dance what they've done all year. So if anyone thinks this team is going to 'suddenly turn it on' in the tourney - that probably won't be happening (sadly)

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

I've seen teams get hot at the end of the year and make great runs or win it all.

Powers's picture

Uconn last year?

Rooster Buckburn's picture

And Jimmy V's NC State wolf pack in '83 as well - sure, there are exceptions, but by and large you are what you are as a team.  To pull off what the UCONN's (UCONN was a 3rd seed and Big East tourney champs)and NC State's of the world have done requires luck, good match up's, and the great teams you play to tank when you play them - much like the Houston Cougars tanked in the finals in '83.

UCONN benefited from every single 1 & 2 seed being knocked out of the tourney + had a guy named Kemba Walker who absolutely took over during the run. 

Who do you see doing that for this OSU team?

johnblairgobucks's picture

No bench (there is one there, but Matta won't use it, and it's too late in the year to get the bench in productive minutes shape) 

can't hit free throws

can't shoot consistently from outside

our post player (we only have one) is too short to play center, and can't jump any higher than I can.

watching our offense go through plays, it seems to me that there is very little player movement.  Players fault or coaches fault?  IDK.

I'm still excited for the upcoming NCAA tournament run.  My expectations have diminished with each of the past 3 weekend losses.

Brutus's picture

Enough with the bench talk. Who on the bench has ever done anything worthy of more playing time? I'm asking this seriously. There is not one bench player i want to see more of right now. For some reason everyone seems to think that players only get better playing in actual games. Improvement comes during practice. If they aren't practicing well, then they aren't going to play well. I readily admit that I have no idea how the bench guys are practicing, but I think it's safe to assume that if they don't get any mintues during the games, it's because they just aren't ready.

Johnblair, this is not really directed at you per se. I just don't get all the second guessing about why a particular guy doesn't get playing time. Apart from the occasional Sam Thompson highlight, I get very uncomfortable when we have more than one bench player out there at the same time.

Rooster Buckburn's picture

Well it appears that those on the bench, other than giving the starters a breather, aren't capable of 'productive minutes' or they would be in there. This is frankly a little scary for next year.

johnblairgobucks's picture

you can develop a bench.  you let guys play, so they can get better.  30 games and practice time will provide non-starters a stone to grind their rough edges on. 

Sullinger is too short for center, and it's well known that one thing that you can't teach is size.  Williams should be our starting center.  His length alone would make us better defensively, affecting shots and rebounding. 

The only thing the bench is getting right now is a front row seat to view a team that is clearly segmented.

Jack Fu's picture

Is this a joke? Did you watch Williams get abused by Meyers Leonard, during meaningful first half minutes, the other night? He looked like he had never played the game before.

Calls for more playing time from the guys on the bench are the functional equivalent of the "backup QB is the most popular player in town" line of thinking in football. They're not as good as the starters, so their roles, at most, are to give the starters a breather. Want to know why Matta's not playing them more? Probably because they don't deserve it.

Lack of depth/bench play is severely over-examined at the college level. Only five guys play at a time. I'll take five great players in a 40-minute game against twenty-five very good players any day.

ShowThemOhiosHere's picture

I think that's just it.  You get better during practice.  The top commenter said Matta threw everyone out of practice yesterday.  Work ethic and leadership has come in to question this year, and I think it's a safe conclusion that this team doesn't practice well.  It's the only reason I can think of as to why we keep seeing the same old issues come up.  I thought we were done blowing close games in the final minutes.  This was pretty much the game at Illinois all over again, with the big shots coming from multiple players instead of just one guy going off. 

Sure, you want to have a deep bench.  You want to have more guys that can come in, produce, eat some good minutes, and give opponents something to think about.  I'd love to have that.  But who do we have on the bench that can provide that?  Pretty much our main threats are Thomas, Sully, Buford, and Craft.  Lenzelle is the only guy outside that main four that is capable of stepping up and having a big game for us every now and then.  He's already a starter, though.  And when's the last time he's even had a significant game for us?

Would Thad use the bench more if he could rely on it to produce?  I think he's willing to bring in guys off the bench that can be productive, and he would bring in more guys if he could rely on them to produce enough to not bring a big drop-off when they check in. 

Class of 2010.

Ian_InsideTheShoe's picture

Boy, we had it but let the ball drop. Missed free throws in the last 2 minutes of that game are truly what sealed it in my opinion. 

ShowThemOhiosHere's picture

I think we saw a microcosm of the season today.  At times, they showed us how good they can be.  They shot well at times, and moved the ball well at times.  But we also saw just about everything that has gone wrong in games throughout the year, including snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory.  All that was missing was horrible officiating, because that was actually decent today. 


Class of 2010.

frozen buckeye's picture

time to make the appropriate sacrifices to Brak-et-tar, god of ncaa tourney.  I can't see any other way we will make a good run this year.  

old_rasputin's picture

Yes, it was a rough game, but let's not forget that Wisky has one of the best defenses in NCAAB.  According to, they have the 3rd best D (if I am reading this right) behind our beloved Bucks and Sparty.  IMO, the BIG is the only conference that plays excellent D, so the tourney will not be a good indicator for the real tournament in March.  

"We hate to lose, but when we do, rest assured we'll be back, and someone will pay the price." Coach Hayes

Rooster Buckburn's picture

Good point, but how confident would you be if this team was playing the likes of Kentucky tomorrow?

old_rasputin's picture

Fortunately for us, the Kentuckys are very few and far between.  Unfortunately for us, Michigan St. is a UK-caliber team this year, at least on the defensive.  One of our problems is that we too often adjust the tempo to match that of the opponents that we face.  Wisky and Sparty tend to play small ball whereas nearly all other teams rely on the fast breaks.  We hammered VMI and Duke because of their poor D and reliance on quick buckets.  Also, Buford & co played with more intensity than we have seen lately (excepting the oddly focused first few mins of the Illinois game).  

To answer your question, I would say that we could give any team in the nation a run for their money.  Perhaps it is a matter of "the yips."  We certainly have the weapons to be able to beat any team IMO, but a bunch of guns glued to humvee will not make it very far in the Tournament (Craft is the hummer--I would like to think that Sully would be a .50 cal, Thomas would be a M4, and Buford is a M240--inaccurate but fires a lot--------).  I think that if they were somehow to come to a greater understanding of their respective roles on the team (and B.Buford stops forcing shots) then we could potentially run the table in March.

They looked tired today.  I would have to imagine that Coach M has been ripping them apart in practices to force some semblance of consistency so that they can make a March run, but let's be honest here; if Wisky was mugging you for the entire game you would be tired too.  For this reason I think that Smith starts because he plays like his hair is on fire on D, and Thomas has been hitting shots when Sully is doubled.  



"We hate to lose, but when we do, rest assured we'll be back, and someone will pay the price." Coach Hayes

blazers34's picture

maybe I'm crazy but watching Sullinger play D is infuriating.  When he is off the ball, he rarely tried.  i think Thomas is the best player on the team, and I'm not sure its really that close.

buckeye76BHop's picture

Unfortunately this team will probably lose their second or even possibly first tourney game. It's definitely a jeckyl and hyde type of team this year...unlike last years team. If they get hot, then they may make a run. At this point it seems very doubtful they will. Too bad bc after that win vs Duke...i was very hopeful for this season like most were. Quite disappointing

"There's nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you."

"I love football. I think it is most wonderful game in world and I despise to lose."

Woody Hayes 1913 - 1987 

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

The Matta bashing reminds me of the Tress bashing......

poguemahone's picture

Where is Matta's national championship again? 

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

According to our voters winning a regular season Michigan football game is more important....

This is the best basketball I have seen in my lifetime from the Buckeyes. We only have one title in the lifetime of the sport. If it wasn't for a bunch of Gators that retuned that could have gone pro we would have a championship and it would have been Matta who helped get it for us. BTW the title never protected Tress from the armchair QBs who obviously know more about football than Tress.

RedStorm45's picture

Let's be honest, no one shows up consistently besides D.T.  Nobody.  We have 4 scoreres, one of which is Craft so it's more like 3.5.  

A note on Sully - does he ever catch the ball in the paint anymore? I mean, he's catching it 10-12 feet out from the basket.  He needs to get fat again.  I'm not sure what's going on, but last year it was one dribble/one drop step and boom he's at the hoop.  

Enough with the bench.  Scott can't shoot and just fouls when he plays defense.  Thompson can't shoot but at least he plays D.  Ravenel is usually a foul machine and does not do much offensively.  Spoon is a liability on the defensive end and can't do much outside of 6 feet offfensively.  Sibert...shooting 29% or something ridiculous.  I just wish Matta had more of a set rotation, he can't seem to figure it out week to week.

Welp, at least they haven't peaked yet...unless they peaked against Duke.

JakeBuckeye's picture

Check out the signature.

Send me all the sarcastic "LOL"'s you want. Our talent and strength of schedule will be rewarded in March.

BuckeyeMark's picture

this is a team that could play itself into a three seed, draw some team with a whacky gimmick offense or that gets blazing hot from the three point line and be sent home on day one of the tourney.  really a disappointment.  the comment that everyone got thrown out of practice yesterday shows how desperate Matta is and how deep the problems go.  it's bad.  September can't get here soon enough.

JakeBuckeye's picture

I can't believe you people think we are actually going to get knocked out in the 1st round. I get heckled for having some faith but something that is far more unlikely than a tournament run is the norm.

Seabass1974's picture

I wouldn't say first round knockout but I just don't see this team getting further than the sweet 16. Although getting knockout even earlier wouldn't surprise me at all. The only surprise to me would be getting to the final four.

The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender. - Woody Hayes

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

You should add some disclaimers, like an injury or something.

andyb's picture

Tired of the poor execution down the stretch...if they keep playing this way I'll be looking forward to football season sooner than I would like.

Huth's picture

Someone explain to me how we have a team full of Mcdonalds all Americans, yet are lacking a consistent shooter from distance and anyone who can finish at the rim?

gravey's picture

This team reminds me of some of Coop's teams in the late*tloads of talent, but without a thread of mental toughness.   Wisky should have been run out of the gym.

jwh7's picture

Is it me or does it appear Sully has not been having any fun for a couple of weeks? In fact no one is showing much enthusiasm or lift in their step. Wisky plays good defense sure, but they didn't cause the missed free throws, the silly out of control charging fouls or the many forced turnovers. This team looks pooped and or disinterested. Without question there is zero leadership on the floor. Agree with others who share that there is not one dependable scorer that comes off the bench and its been a long time that we have consistently seen Buford, Sully and Thomas click at the same time. Let's keep the faith and trust that we are not headed for a crushing close to what was a promising season.



ShowThemOhiosHere's picture

Our tournament run will live and die by the shot.  We play good enough defense, for the most part, to beat anyone.  There's only the occasions where someone goes off for a huge game.  But if we score 48 or 51, we're not going to beat really anybody.  I don't see us losing in Round 1 because our defense will beat a 14 or 15 seed no matter how poorly we shoot.  And those kind of teams would be more likely to have someone go off for big points than have a defense than has bothered our offense like MSU/Wisc have.  All bets are off after that.

Class of 2010.

LadyBuck's picture

Isn't that how most tourny runs are, though? If you don't shoot, no matter the defensive effort you put forth, you're not going to go deep into any tournament. 

Poison nuts's picture

Wow - just looked at the here & saw they lost. At home. Again. Where is the team from the beginning of the year? This is not the same team right now. Then again - B1G is tough right now. Maybe it's it better they go into the tourney with low expectations & no pressure...

"Do not pass me, just slow down - I can move right through you" Superchunk - Precision Auto.

baddogmaine's picture

Cue up Baddogmaine. This will be a long post - those who dislike long posts can skip this.

Five thoughts.

1) How to guard Ohio State is pretty basic - smother Sullinger, and don't worry about anyone else. A Craft explosion is ten, which won't beat you. Buford is a high volume shooter and low volume maker - the two cancel each other so he won't beat you either. The bench and Smith contribute nothing offensively. Thomas will get his but that won't be enough. Not every team can pull it off, but many can. And enough will.

2. In the Indiana and Illinois losses Buford and Craft made head-scratching blunders at the end. The disease has spread. This team has no composure - when the going gets tough the Buckeyes commit turnovers, miss free throws and take really bad shots (I don't have to read Thomas' twitter page to know that will be more comedy than documentary). This is a team that cracks under pressure.

3. A Badger fan summed up the situation pretty well - the Buckeyes consistently have better players and yet Wisconsin consistently does well against us. There really is only one explanation - Ryan is outcoaching Matta. It is hard to raise this point without being accused of suggesting a firing that is not meant, but  think there really is good reason to question Matta's strengths as a coach. Winning 20 games means little - playing a weak pre-conference schedule (take out Duke, KS and FL and who else was there?), playing Minnesota without its only real star, playing Nebraska and PSU at all will get you 20. This is not a well-coached team.

At any given time Matta gets four or five guys to Columbus who have game, but either he is incapable of getting more than five at a time or he is unwilling to develop more than five at a time. This is a coaching problem. A failure to execute under pressure is a coaching problem. Most significantly, Matta has been running the same offense since Day One, so preparing for Ohio State requires little preparation for the unexpected. Buckeye teams play one way and one way only - a playground weave that tries to get a shooter a bit of space from his defender. Players do not run disciplined screens and movement, and most importantly they do not space well, making it easy for defenses to collapse on Sullinger. This was not likely going to be a team that could compete for a national title, whatever the talking heads were saying, but with creativity we could have been a nuisance. Like Butler was last year. Matta's lack of creativity, lack of flexibility has failed to develop this squad into a team. It's not a Buford problem - Will is Will, and Matta knows who that is. It is a coaching problem.

4. What this means is that we are susceptible to losing not just to better athletes, not just to a Brandon Paul going off, but to a well-coached team that gives us match-up problems. A good point guard and four role players with some ability and a readiness to hold their shape on the floor can stop a good center, a high-volume bricklayer and three others. This year's bunch could lose to a Sienna-type program in the second round (we won't drop to a fourth seed, if we drop to a three our first round match should be winnable) and it would not be an upset.

5.  Next year might not be a nice one for Buckeye fans. MSU will be good as always; scUM and IN are building well; WIS will be the same as ever. Mbakwe will be back on the Gophers who after learning to play without him will be better for having him back. IL will have a new coach who can't do worse with the talent available. And us? Buford is gone. With the right coach and supporting cast Sullinger could become a good power forward but he's not going to get that training at Ohio State. He should come out before his stock drops further.  From the moment he arrived on campus Thomas struck me as a kid waiting to go pro. He's likely not going to get better under Matta than he is now - I think he declares (though really should come back for one more). And that leaves . . . Craft and Smith who can't score (in recent games Burke and Jordan both torched the Buckeyes into losses, while Craft, well, you see the comparison). A bench that doesn't seem to have much to offer except as a bench. This team is going to be only as good as the newest crop of One-and-Dones that arrives.

tampa buckeye's picture

Sully has been playing terrible. He isnt the best player on this team right now and he should be that is why we are losing.
The big ten is tough this year wisky got two lucky breaks in the final mins a brick three that fell and a save under our basket that turned into a easy layup.
My biggest problem is when you have a team down 8 at home you have to crush their soul and rip their god damn hearts out.
The good news is they are shooting the ball better. Its just a matter of time before they put it together.

old_rasputin's picture


"We hate to lose, but when we do, rest assured we'll be back, and someone will pay the price." Coach Hayes

RedStorm45's picture

better shooting? are you referring to the 12/16 start or the brickfest that ensured after that?

Ohio Guy in Jersey's picture

That was Sullinger's final effort at the Schott? Chris called it a no-show but that might have been better than the "show" he gave. It reveals a lack of maturity that will be a slap in the face next season in the NBA. How can he let Ryan Evans guard him? They all had brain farts, but this is the first time in two years I thought Jared cost OSU the game. Surprising and majorly disappointing.

That said, no one seed wants to see OSU in their bracket either.

RedStorm45's picture

Any other top 20 team would LOVE to have OSU in their bracket...we're falling apart heading into March.

RBuck's picture

To those of you who think this year is bad, just wait 'til next year. No shooters or scoring with Sully, Buford and Thomas gone.

Long live the southend.

Ohio Guy in Jersey's picture

There's no way to know who develops or not, or whether Thomas stays or goes. He's not a first-rounder right now, but he'll go if he projects to be one. I don't imagine Scott, Williams, or Thompson will be the same players next season. So projections about next season are so speculative now that they aren't any better than guesses.

thePhilipJFry's picture

Not only that but Lenzelle Smith Jr is a Sophmore which means we have over 2100 minutes of him on the floor before the NCAA finally puts an end to his playing time . . . because we all know Thad won't. But it won't be for nothing, given his Wisconsin pace he will grab 280 rebounds, commit 140 turnovers and commit 140 fouls fo finish off his Buckeye career.  Oh, and miss all 70 shot attempts.

BucksShockTheWorld's picture

One thing that stuck out to me in the game is selfish play. Everyone is trying to get theirs. The announcers made a comment, on one series early in the game, when we were on fire about how Sully got the ball in the post and kicked it back out to reset. Except the guards kicked it around the perimeter and missed a 3. Sully got the board. Looked out and was far from the basket, but decided to try and dripple and force up a bad shot. The announcer said "You could just tell when he got that board he was gonna do anything to shoot it". THATS BAD BASKETBALL! We didnt have that last year and thats the problem.

btalbert25's picture

Last year had leadership, and guys who could hit open shots.

FLAMikey's picture

yep. it doesn't take a long post to sort this mess out.

RBuck's picture

I thought the officiating was OK overall except for one no-call. Just under the 3 minute mark Taylor hit a critical three with the shot clock running out...after he switched his pivot foot twice.

Long live the southend.

RedStorm45's picture

Taylor and Wisconsin traveled all day.  Officials don't understand you can't switch your pivot foot once it's been established.

SouthBayBuckeye's picture

We're looking a play in game in the face, Bubble watch for sure.

Banned from ATO since June 3rd 2PMish PST

nltemple's picture

You play defense with passion; we had no passion. You win games from the free throw line we were anemic. And what can you say about Deshaun that had to rank up there with so of the biggest blunders of  century (Chris Webber time out call). Go figure, is there a reason why Trey Burke went to Michigan? Think about it he had to play 3 year with JS and he'd had enough of the spoiled brat.

Noel Temple

RedStorm45's picture

Chris Weber was LAST century, fyi.  And I could come up with 10 "bigger blunders" so far this decade...this was a regular season game, not the final 4 on the line.

SouthBayBuckeye's picture

OR it's because he plays point guard. You may have noticed that we have a pretty decent one of those.

Banned from ATO since June 3rd 2PMish PST

RedStorm45's picture

As inconsistent as Buford as been...who are you going to give it to on the perimeter to hit shots? Smith gets his when everyone is focused on Sully, Buford, and Thomas.  Craft is horribly inconsistent and doesn't seem to attack enough.  The yeah right.  The bench has some horrendous shooters.  There's no real threat outside.  It's basically the Sully and Thomas show, and Sully has checked out.

BuckeyeGrl5's picture

I have a question for you guys.  Is there any chance that the Buckeyes could drop to a #4 seed if they lose out?  At this point, Im just hoping to see them play in Portland, and the current bracket projections look like the 4 seeds from the big ten will be playing there

"I love football.  I think its the most wonderful game in the world and I despise to lose" - Woody Hayes

SouthBayBuckeye's picture

Don't listen to peopel on here projecting them as a 4 seed. Indiana is a 4 seed, OSU is not.

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kareemabduljacobb's picture

1. Thad is a terrible coach.

2. I'm giving up on this team this year.  We're not making it past the Sweet 16 yet again.


William's picture

Yeah Thad is just so turrible...

SouthBayBuckeye's picture

1. totes turble.

Banned from ATO since June 3rd 2PMish PST

afm8610's picture

Can We Please Find Some Consistency