Ugliest. Win. Ever.

By Chris Lauderback on September 10, 2011 at 3:37p
Yo mama say you ugly, huh!Speaking of ugly...
7 14 6 0 27
15 0 7 0 22

Ohio State came very close to hitting rock(et) bottom against the real baus Eric Page and a shifty Toledo squad but continuous help from the enemy and a final defensive stand allowed the depleted Buckeyes to escape with a blinding 27-22 win this afternoon in the 'Shoe.

Nursing a five point lead with 3:08 to play, the Bullets saw backup QB Terrance Owens move the Rockets from their own 28 to the OSU 17 yard line facing 4th and 6 with :52 left in regulation. Having returned from cramps, John Simon made the decisive play as he bullrushed his man to pressure Owens, who then rushed a pass that fell incomplete intended for Kenny Stafford to seal the deal. 

The defensive stand was a metaphor for the day as the defense, despite some major hiccups of its own, did most of the heavy lifting as the Ohio State offense, led by Joe Bauserman, racked up just 301 total yards, averaged a meager 3.3 yards per rush, and went 3/12 on 3rd down. 

Bauserman completed a rickety 53% of his passes (16/30), showing virtually none of the poise on display last week against much lesser competition. To his credit, he didn't turn the ball over but gave up on more than few plays throwing the ball away seemingly way more early than necessary. 

His stewardship was obviously viewed as good enough by Fickell, who refused to insert what is supposedly his co-quarterback Braxton Miller, likely delivering a sizeable shot to the kid's confidence in the process. 

Another interesting development was the return of Jaamal Berry and his subsequent participation relegated to return duties. He didn't carry the ball and recorded just one catch for five yards. Meanwhile, Carlos Hyde ran hard, though with questionable vision, toting it 20 times for 76 yards and 2 TD and showed nice hands again hauling in four passes for 28 yards. 

The Buckeyes gave fans reason to believe it would be another ho-hum today as they jumped out to a quick 7-0 lead taking the opening kick 67 yards in seven plays. Bauserman looked excitingly fluid hitting 3/3 for 50 yards on the drive including a 26 yard TD toss to Jake Stoneburner. 

But then a reality check, aka the Eric Page Show, took center stage. 

The All-American receiver/returner caught three for 30 on the ensuing possession via bubbles and crossing routes foreshadowing the kind of frustrating day it would be for the Buckeyes. Fortunately, Toledo's kicker, Ryan Cassano, has the kind of leg that makes it look like he's kicking a bag of Quikrete, as he killed the drive with a missed 45 yarder. 

Following a dismal three and out in which Baus gave up on a play with an early throwaway on 2nd down and then scrambled short of the sticks on 3rd, the Rockets blocked Buchanan's punt as JT Moore whiffed in protection, eventually setting up shop at the OSU 6 yard line. Page caught a crossing route for the touchdown one play later, then threw a 2 point conversion pass to Hank Keighly giving Toledo an 8-7 lead. 

After Basil got in on the missed FG act, following a cheap drive featuring 30 yards in Toledo penalties and an underthrown post corner from Bauserman intended for Verlon Reed, Page took a short pass on 2nd and 6 and raced 66 yards to paydirt giving the Rockets a 15-7 lead with 2:18 left in the 1st quarter. Page's scamper was aided by bad angles from Sweat, Barnett and Clarke, who had an otherwise solid day in place of Howard again, officially causing Buckeye fans to sweat.  

From there, however the Silver Bullets settled in big time closing the half with three straight 3-and-outs, a Stom Klein interception, and a final 3-and-out before Toledo's last possession was ended by the halftime gun. 

The offense capitalized on the second 3-and-out followed by Fickell's smart decision to have Toledo re-punt after one of their three illegal formation penalties. The move gave OSU the ball at the Toledo 42 instead of the OSU 40. Hyde then slashed his way to a 36 yard TD run, getting great blocks from Norwell and Mewhort to spring, to record his first collegiate TD, trimming the deficit to 15-14 with 8:02 left in the half. 

Finally, after Toledo's final 3-and-out of the half, Fickell again smartly forced the Rockets to re-kick after an illegal formation penalty. This time, Vince Penza booted a low line drive to Chris Fields and he promptly turned on the afterburners, getting a nice block from Ryan Shazier, taking a 69 yard punt return to the house. The score put OSU in front 21-15 with :46 left in the half. 


  Cmp/Att Pct Yds TD Int Rat
Bauserman 16/30 53% 189 1 0 117.3


  Att Yds Avg Lng TD Fum
Hyde 20 76 3.8 36 2 0
R. Smith 7 24 3.4 9 0 1
Reed 2 8 4.0 12 0 0
Bauserman 2 7 3.5 5 0 0
Fields 1 0 0.0 0 0 0


  Rec Yds Avg Lng TD Fum
D. Smith 2 67 33.5 36 0 0
Stoneburner 4 43 10.8 26 1 0
Hyde 4 28 7.0 8 0 0
Reed 2 23 11.5 13 0 0
Brown 1 11 11.0 11 0 0
Fragel 1 6 6.0 6 0 0
Fields 1 6 6.0 6 0 0
Berry 1 5 5.0 5 0 0

The swing in momentum headed to intermission didn't last long as Page's 23 yard return of Basil's squib kick off allowed Toledo to set up shop at their own 40. On the first play from scrimmage, Klein overpursued in space, springing Adonis Thomas who turned a screen into a 44 yard gainer setting up 1st and Goal. After Orhian Johnson dropped a sure interception in the end zone on 2nd and 4, Thomas lined up in the wildcat to score on 4th and 1 giving the Rockets a 22-21 lead with 12:56 left in the 3rd quarter. 

After a 3-and-out aided by Hyde missing the hole on 2nd and 2, the Bullets stiffened up forcing a punt and the Rockets, as they did all day, helped the Buckeye cause with a bad snap on 4th and 13 giving OSU the ball at their own 45 yard line at the 6:02 mark. 

After Hyde chewed up 11 yards on back to back carries, Bauserman connected with a wide open Devin Smith for 36 yards on a deep out route giving the Buckeyes 1st and goal at the Rocket seven yard line. The next two plays were duds at Hyde rushed for two yards and Baus misfired on a   shot in the back of the endzone to Smith setting up 3rd and goal from the five. 

Keeping in theme, Toledo shot themselves in the foot yet again as Diauntae Morrow was flagged for PI giving OSU an automatic 1st down. Hyde promptly took a handoff up the gut and made it 27-22 good guys with 3:17 left in the quarter. Ohio State lined up for a two point try but Bauserman failed to locate Hyde wide open in the flat, instead lobbing an incompletion. 

Another pooch kickoff kept Page from breaking loose and the Rockets punted after a five play series in which CJ Barnett almost picked off a 3rd and 10 lob intented for the deadly wideout. 

Neither offense could get much going from there as the Buckeyes stalled with Bauserman failing to spot a wide open Fields on 2nd and 9 before derply checking down to Stoney on 3rd and 7 for three yards and a punt. 

The D then forced another 3-and-out with freshman Michael Bennett wrecking havoc in the trenches. The cheers from his effort quickly turned to boos as Bauserman unleashed a poor 2nd and 11 throw befor trumping it was 3rd and 11 heave resulting in a punt. Thankfully, Buchanan pinned the Rockets at their own 8, the 3rd effort of the day inside the 20. 

Toledo would get no further than their own 35, though they did pick up one of their three 3rd down conversions on the day before John Simon killed the drive with a sack on 3rd and 10 forcing a punt. 

Ohio State took possession up five with 5:45 to play but could not run out the clock. Hyde and Bauserman combined to pick up a 1st down on the ground before Bauserman found Smith on a clutch 30 yard out route moving the ball to the Rocket 33 yard line but it was deja vu all over again as Rod Smith coughed up the rock on a five yard run giving Toledo their one last chance with 3:08 to play, setting up Ohio State's final defensive stand.

Was that Smith's last carry of the year? It just might be although that largely depends on whether or not Jordan Hall ever regains eligibility in addition to whatever the hell is going on with Berry. Dude was healthy enough to return kicks but couldn't earn a handoff. 

Bottom line, this was an ugly game that Ohio State was very fortunate to win. For me, a few key positives include Fields on punt returns, Clarke in the secondary, Hyde's consistency and ability to catch the ball though his vision is lacking and he's far from explosive and the play of guys up front like Bennett, Hankins and Simon. Bryant also looked good in spot duty. 

On the downside, Bauserman is probably proving to be the kind of guy that can shred Akron but will struggle against legit foes, Miller didn't even see the freaking field, the run blocking was subpar, Moeller has been invisible, our linebackers and safeties showed issues with coverage and tackling in space, and special teams had some lows to go with some highs. 

Still, I know we're all happy to be unhappy with 2-0 as opposed to 1-1 with the nation doubled over at our expense. Fickell has a week to get his troops ready for the trip to Coral Gables. 


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741's picture

Mmmm, I will humbly suggest the narrow (last second) wins against Marshall and Ohio fucking University were uglier.

Chris Lauderback's picture

Could be. For me, the latest one is typically the ugliest!

Matt's picture

Yes whilst watching this game I had a flashback to being in C deck and watching Nuge save our ass against Marshall.  

741's picture

Oh, and Navy (2009). 

SouthPlainfieldNut's picture

See, I beg to differ there. I was actually encouraged by the Navy game. The atmosphere of that game was bizarre, the offense was a unique challenge, and I thought the team actually handled it well and got better because of it. Also, Navy was no slouch, they were a tough opponent. It obviously wasn't Ohio State's best day, but I left that game feeling much more positive because I saw that they at least looked good at times. I wasn't encouraged by anything I saw today.

William's picture

That a was really good Navy team that won 10 games that year and they had the best rushing offense in the nation that year. 

Brutus's picture

And Toledo could be just as good for all we know. They certainly have one of the best players in the country, much as Navy did that year with their QB. I haven't seen the game yet so I'm not in a position to comment as to whether this was the ugliest win ever, but this summary and all the doom and gloom comments I've read all day aren't really unique to this game only. It seems we have at least one or two games a year where we play poorly and don't really deserve to win, but we pull it out. And rarely does the team befall the fate that everyone (or at least very many) seem to be predicting. It's game 2, we have a very young and depleted team, we have a new head coach, and we're coming off the worst off season ever. Step back from ledge.

O-H Kee Pa's picture

I stand by this 10000%. There's a reason why our fanbase is notorious for overreacting. Obviously, some of our problems are glaring. But, if our coaches heeded the strategic wishes of Buckeye Nation, we'd be in much worse shape.

Menexenus's picture

I agree.  All the hand-wringing about this game reminds me of the aftermath of our loss to Purdue a couple years ago.  Let's all breathe a sigh of relief that we won, count to ten, and see how things play out.

Real fans stay for Carmen.

O-H Kee Pa's picture

Ask Iowa fans how they're feeling right now when it comes to maintaining in-state dominance. No records were broken today. An ugly W counts the same as dropping a 50 spot on a team. I swear it seems like some fans wish we had lost today just to prove a point.

AeroBuckeye2001's picture

That same team that lost to Purdue beat Oregon in the Rose Bowl. Just something for everyone who has written this team off to think about.

The Ohio State University Class of 2001

BS Aero & Astronautical Engineering

Buckeye in Athens's picture

Your optimism is appreciated. This team needed that adversity, because now they'll realize that their talent will only get them so far. Seeing the tweets of players after the game, it looks like they've learned a thing or two already.

buckeyedude's picture

We have one of the, if not THE most spoiled fanbase in all of the NCAA. OSU beat probably the best team in the MAC yesterday.  We cannot expect to win every game by 40 points. Get a clue.

And those same fans that bitch that OSU didn't win by 7 touchdowns, are the first idiots to BOO when The Baus throws his first bad pass. And then sit on their hands the rest of the game.



William's picture

No, but with the level of talent we have, there should be no reason for any MAC school to give us as much trouble as Toledo did. We were completely unprepared and Tim Beckman and his staff made ours look like a bunch of buffoons. Also I'll sure as Hell boo when someone misses a WIDE open receiver, or misses every field goal of his career. These kids are given a scholarship for a reason, to produce, and if you don't do that, your ass should be on the bench so that someone who actually wants to play can go out there and play. 

Northbrook's picture

I'm overall happy with the D effort. In my mind they only gave up 15 pts. Special reams gave up the rest. No excuse for the blocked punt. Dicky better his guys coached up and he needs to get Herb Basil squared away. Somewhere in my alcohol haze I seem to remember the announcers saying something like Toledo had the longest streak of scoring 30+. If I remember that right I'm even more pleased with the D 

Way too much Tressel ball on O. We continue to do what the D expects. Hard to be successful that away against a decent D. We had one trick play in our bag for this game and made 12 ydrs the first time we ran the receiver sweep and nothing the other ~4 times. Oooh tricky. I'm starting to believe Tressel ball is really Bollman ball. Of course it should be mentioned that Bollman ball probably would have finished things out without any additional heartburn if Smith doesn't fumble. Still, I like a more aggressive way of playing offense, and less predictable.


gravey's picture

I would agree with 741 on the Marshall and OU wins...they were Michigan-sister ugly, but this game was absolutely Tressel-esque, but without the obligatory five false starts and two delay of game penalites.  I thought the LBs and Moeller seemed to be out of place a lot, overrunning plays and taking a long time to figure out their screen game.  Baus was a bailing on plays before  the ball was even snapped some times.

Let's hope Tood-leee-doo plays twice as well next week at Smurf U.

Northbrook's picture

Yeah, there were some poor angles and tackling by the LBers today. Is 19 Johnson? He may need to find a place on the bench. Baus is quite slow making his reads but hasn't played enough to be faster and apparently we don't have anybody better.

I don't want to be totally negative. There were some very nice efforts but overall meh.

Kalamazoo Steve's picture

Tressel-esque as in yet another win?

Menexenus's picture

I agree: if Toledo can play Boise State well next week, that would make this week seem a little better.  The Smurfs will play in Toledo, so maybe there's hope...

Real fans stay for Carmen.

Joe Beale's picture

Nah, they shot all of their ammo today. Next week they'll get rolled.

RB's picture

Can't wait to take Toledo and a boat load of pnts next Friday. Boise coming across the country coming off a big w last week and Toledo coming off a tough lose. Love that scenario for the home dog on national tv.

AltaBuck's picture

Respectfully disagree.....for the most part, Toledo's DBs made great plays on the ball when it was actually thrown on the field of play. They will hold their own vs the media darlings aka Boise St.

After next week, everyone will be talking about how 'for real' toledo is for knocking off the broncos and the Buckeyes will be leaving Miami with a win (GS needs to get his shit together with the NCAA so Hall, Howard, & Brown are reinstated this week). Until Fickell officially knows from the NCAA, Berry needs to take the majority of the reps with the first team O.

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buckeyedude's picture

Don't be shocked if Toledo upsets Boise State. They beat #9 Pitt there a few years ago. You heard it here first. Go ahead and laugh, if you must.



southernbuckeye's picture

When can Urban start?

tampa buckeye's picture

Haha.  How come we didn't have Williams today?  Anyone?

Matt's picture

I thought I heard the announcers say he injured his leg in practice late in the week.

Johnny Ginter's picture

yep, bone bruise in his leg. not fun times.

Matt's picture

I'm just curious to see what he's gonna name as his salary pricetag.  I see him demanding no less than Tressel's final salary, and maybe go for $4 mill annual out of the gate.  

741's picture

I heard Urban Meyer's name uttered for the first time in Ohio Stadium with 5 minutes 13 seconds left to go in the second quarter.

buckeyedude's picture

So frickin what? Who exactly mentioned his name? Some "expert" next to you in the Bob Friggin' Eucker Section?  His name has been mentioned every day since Tressel left on Memorial Day.



SouthPlainfieldNut's picture

Last week I said I couldn't have been reasonably encouraged by Bauserman's performance, and I think that was affirmed today. He looked lost under pressure, assumed the title of "Captain Checkdown," and gave up on plays way too quickly. I know Toledo is a high-end MAC team, but please. How's he going to look against a Miami team that willl be STARVING for a signature win after a rocky offseason and start to the regular season? The defense never appeared to be in good position, the tackling was horrendous, the run blocking was equally as horrendous, the team played tenatively and rattled. They were completely unable to dictate the pace. I know I'm kind of flipping out here, but am I really supposed to believe we can beat Miami after witnessing a performance like that? Miami will run circles around this team next week if they look anything like they did today, and they'll be licking their chops after watching the tape on this one.

Also, I know Beckman's a good coach, but Fickell was so unbelievably out-coached in this game it was absurd. If not for a low punt and a multitude of penalties, Toledo would have won today. It was as unprepared an Ohio State team as I've ever seen.

southernbuckeye's picture

I agree. Which brings me back to my original question, when can Urban start?

yrro's picture

Remember, Urban went 8-5 last year with a similar level of rebuilding on defense and a better quarterback situation.

Huntington Beach Buckeye's picture

What would Urban have differently? We have three offensive starters suspended, another second team RB suspended, Williams out.  The only thing I fault Fickle is not playing Braxton.  It reminded me of when JT started Zwick over Smith.  I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of Miller next week.


southernbuckeye's picture

Urban wouldn't have a stiff like bollman calling the plays.

Huntington Beach Buckeye's picture

Last week Bollman's a genius, this week he needs to be fired........If they can't execute the plays, it doesn't matter who's calling them.

Buckeyejason's picture

Bollman was never a genius


BuddhaBuck's picture

Bauser-bum was out there throwing like a 17 year-old freshman, not a 26 year-old 8th year senior.

Color me worried. 8-4 is a more likely record.

  • Limited defensive line pressure from the front four.
  • O-Line regression.
  • Bauserman.
  • Tackling?

On the bright side, we had a shit ton of open WRs (and RBs out of the backfield). We just need someone who can throw it to them..

Don't text while driving.

sharkvsghost's picture

instead of spending $4 mil/year on a new head coach, could we just hire an OC that calls more than two plays on first down?

swing hard in case you hit it.

sharkvsghost's picture

seriously, is there a counter play in the enitre playbook?

swing hard in case you hit it.

BoFuquel's picture

Offense smoffense that's the most points given up to an in state foe in 100 years. Cool Hand Luke and his defense should be put in The Hole for a while to think things over.What we got here is failure to play defense.

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

sharkvsghost's picture

The Toledo offense only scored 15 points today.  They'll average at least twice that the rest of the year.  I will agree that Ohio State's inability to defend a WR screen is maddening.

swing hard in case you hit it.

madhatterhater's picture

I think tackling was the biggest issue.  Which I guess goes back to coaching also.

go bucks

Colin's picture

I honestly think all of our problems except one are very fixable. WE HAVE A KICKER WHO HAS NEVER MADE A FIELD GOAL. How can we do reasonably well with that?

Blake's picture

Overall, glad we're 2-0 as well....but yeah, count me in the camp that's not too terribly impressed with Hyde and Smith. I know they're apparently the only two available backs we have currently, but man it just seems like they pick up the yards that are there. Whatever the line gives them right in front of them, the backs benefit from. There were no cutbacks, no breaking through a series of arm tackles, and a lot of just running straight into the backs of our offensive linemen. Neither of these two knock me over with dynamicism or intangibles. Love their size, but man Jordan Hall would've been nice to have out there today.

What about the O-line? Did anyone notice if the holes just weren't there, or were the backs just missing the ones that were less obvious?

Nick's picture

O-Line not great today. Hyde's 36 yd td was nice though.

BuckeyeSki's picture

That was all Mewhort...without his seal block inside Hyde is Dr. Jekyll and tackled for minimal gain

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Bucksfan's picture

The holes were barely there, but more importantly they kept letting a backside persuer get through, so the backs kept getting taken down from behind.  They also weren't blowing the opposing linemen off the ball, either.  It was an failing performance by the offensive line today.

Huntington Beach Buckeye's picture

It seems like our O-line does a good job blocking the D Line but can't get to the linebackers who fill the holes for a minimum gain.  We should have used a lot more play action and hit the receivers over the middle.

Sarah's picture

Bauserman completed a rickety 53% of his passes

Now I'm picturing that Bauserman is going to turn into this

Huntington Beach Buckeye's picture

Hahahah....Gotta love its Always Sunny in Philly

sharkvsghost's picture

big shout out to purdue for reppin' the B1G today at rice...what's that?...purdue lost to rice? awesome.

swing hard in case you hit it.

poop's picture

LOL! Iowa loses to Iowa State, OSU struggles (to the last seconds) to beat Toledo, Purdont losing to Rice, Minnesota losing to whoever, Michigan losing to Notre Dame (possibly). Leaders and legends? Give me a f*cking break.

Huntington Beach Buckeye's picture

and don't forget Nebraska losing at home to Fresno State.

Nick Buckeye's picture

Anyone else see Minny coach Jerry Kill have a seizure?  Very scary.

BuckeyeChief's picture

That sucks. I hope he gets well.

"2014 National with it!!!"

Luke's picture

I'd happened to have just flipped over after seeing the Gophers trailed 28-21 in the waining moments of the 4th. It was the worst thing I've ever seen on television. Best thoughts with he and his family for a speedy recovery.

Blake's picture

Agreed, I saw it and wow....that was disturbing. Very sad.

Irricoir's picture

Why no Berry in the back field? if our line is opening monster holes and we want to bruise up their Linebackers then I'm all for the power game. When our line gets as little push as this then we need some elusiveness, not a runningback beating up a defensive linemen. If we don't start Berry and Miller against Miami, we lose that game. Btw, I called the offense to score 28 points. I knew there would be a let down today at the hands of Bauserman. He was mistake free but was playing not to lose, not to win. Miller may have made a few more mistakes but I can remember 3-4 3rd down conversions he would have made with his legs alone. The majority of his incomplete passes last week were due to the runningback/te dropping the ball. He was acurate, he was fast, his delivery sharp and aside from the uncatchable catch, most everything was on the mark. We won't see Miller again this year unless we are up big or are desperate and that is just not a fair situation to throw him in to. Start him against Miami. If we get behind by 14, go back to the guy you stuck with all day today. Give him a shot, I dislike Meyer (maybe that'll change if he sports the scarlet and grey)but even he said give him a shot.

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

JKH1232's picture

Berry didn't take any practice reps with the offense because of his injury, so he didn't play much offense.  He did take reps with the return team, so he returned kicks.  No practice, no play. 

jfrank373's picture

What happened to defensive pressure off the corner?  I realize they didn't want to leave WR's open, but c'mon, it's TOLEDO.  I realize Toledo is better than most MAC schools (and Purdue/Indiana) but seriously, blitz a corner, blitz Moeller, set a tone and bring some pressure! And yes, Bauserman is terrible. I think they were saving the Miller wrinkle for the Miami game. Boy I really hope that's the case.  Today was brutally obvious that Luke Fickell has never been a head coach before. Atrocious game management.

Roger's picture

Atrocious game management? Care to expound?

Todd-Not Boeckmann's picture

To a certain degree, I even blame the running woes on Bauserman.  Toledo had so little respect for the Pirate right hander, they played first down with 9 in the box.  Ohio State never did anything until late to move them out of that as their first down base defense.

That said, I was disappointed in Carlos Hyde today.  it seemed like he was running with his eyes closed.  He finally opened them once, cutback, and was gone on a 36 yard TD.  Smith?  I know both Ed-D and Archie had early fumble issues.  In Ed-D's case, he did vanish from the 2 deep for a year.  I wouldn't be upset if Rod spent time on the same desert island.

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rampageripster's picture

Breaking News: Global Climate Change Linked to Bauserman...


Seriously people... deep breaths.  It was one game, and we won.  Do none of you remember Ohio? or Marshall?  or Cincinnati? WE WON, that's all I really care about right now.  Let's get healthy, get the player reinstated, and get ready to play Miami.  We're gonna hve to play much better to get that win, but at least we got the job done.

Cause I couldn't go for three

poop's picture

Yea it might be ok. But I remember after the OU game, USC kicked our teeth in for 4 quarters. We knew the team wasn't that great (at that point). I think this team loses 4 games this season.

KE's picture

Completely correct. Toledo is a good team, and they will go far this year. I'm going to be at the Miami game next week - today's game was good prep.

buckeyedude's picture

Agree RampageRipster. These posts are VERY difficult to read. I am a realist though.  I was disappointed with the play of OSU, for sure, but the sky is falling attitude of 90% of the Buckeye fans makes me feel I need to take a break from 11W for a few days. I'm sure it's the same on other sites as well. Maybe I'll go to the gym instead. It's one thing to dissect the play of a team, but I believe this goes way beyond that. Total negatively. Having recently gone through a divorce, I don't need any more of that shit. As someone else has mentioned, it's almost like some actually want OSU to lose so they can say "I told you we suck."



Buckeyejason's picture

So if Fickell's set on Bauserman, did they waste a whole year for Miller so he could play 2 quarters vs Akron?? If so than that's one of the worst coaching decisions that I've ever seen.
If that is the case then we couldve played Guiton vs Akron.


yrro's picture

I think what happened is that Bauserman showed enough against Akron to get the benefit of the doubt for one game. I think that he used up almost all of that today.

jenks's picture

I like this thinking. It should at least get me through the week.

Rooster Buckburn's picture

I'll still stick with my prediction that Miller will be starting by the Nebraska game.  The need for mobility will increase with the strength of our schedule.  Otherwise, I agree, what a waste of a year of eligibility for Miller - 

Buckeyeholicwompa's picture

My gut feeling is that Fickell was being "Fickle" today when showing much of anything. Brax didn't play and it seemed like a lot of dry play calling. I wouldn't be surprised that its a mood setter for Miami cuz in years past. We haven't given opposing teams a whole lot to look at, especially if we have big games coming up. I'll call it, we'll see Brax next week against Miami with wrinkles here and there.

yrro's picture

Ditto on this. OSU approached Toledo like a Macrifice, don't show anything fancy, get warmed up for Miami. And it almost cost them.

buckeyedude's picture

"MACrifice." <-----------LOL.



jenks's picture

you too have helped me get through this coming week with this convincing reasoning. thank you.

slippy's picture

Few things from me.


Obviously, Braxton should have played.  The icing on the cake for me (well, for me it was much earlier.  for everyone else really) was the 2 point conversion.  Why throw the ball away?  Keep that play alive as long as you can.  There's nothing wrong with taking a sack there.


I thought Sabino played really well in his limited time.  He should have been in more than Klein (who I don't remember seeing in any plays besides the INT).


O-Line was fantastic in pass pro.


We ran a lot of formations that had covered TEs.  That's a blatant tip to a run to that side.  If I can see that from my couch, then I'm pretty sure every D-Coord in the country can see that.


Seriously, can we stop slow developing runs on 3rd/4th and short?  50% success rate (yes I'm making this stat up.  But how many times have we failed at this?) is terrible for a team with our talent.

Buckeyejason's picture

Seriously, those run plays look like they take 5 seconds to get from the Baus's hand to the RB's.


SensibleBuckeye's picture

Here are the facts.

1. The offensive line once again has the talent but not the coaching. An offense that is out gained by "Toledo"? Really?...The "O" Line is obviously under performing. I don't see them getting away with this type of play in the trenches against better. Bohlman has hung on to this job like 9 years longer than he should have.

2. Eventually Bauserman will be done in by his lack of athleticism (similar to how Boeckman folded at USC and Pryor was called in to take over).

3. See #1 to understand #2

4. The Ohio State University is no place to be cutting your head coaching teeth. Certainly Luke has paid his dues as an assistant, however he needs a "Ball State" type of a job to begin his head coaching career and work his way up

5. The administration shouldn't be over confident that Urban will be available beyond this upcoming off season. If you can get him at that time then you better darn well hire the man

jenks's picture

5. The administration shouldn't be over confident that Urban will be available beyond this upcoming off season. If you can get him at that time then you better darn well hire the man

So he can quit in 3 years and put us back in the same place? I don't think so. Keep him and his jail bound players as far away as possible.

Poe McKnoe's picture

Going to say it...OSU is kinda slow.

buckeyedude's picture

Why? Because our DBs couldn't catch Eric Page in the open field? The kid is an All-American, and would start for any SEC team, IMO.



SouthPlainfieldNut's picture

I don't think Ohio State is slow. I think they were mentally unprepared, leading to them being tentative and reactive (instead of proactive) on the field. They have speed, but without preparation, it's useless.

dmurder's picture

We are diff not slow. Take a look at Devin Smith who was wide open in the endzone and of course bauserman overthrows him. (Joe "Check down" Bauserman) Honestly, Devin Smith is a stud now! Why in the heck is number 11 not in on every play. At least use him as a decoy. Also, I don't think verlon reed can drop a ball. That kid has glue on his hands.

Earlier I read that berry was out and therefore he couldn't practice with the offense. How long does it take to teach a kid the screen play? Why in the world are we throwing a screen to hyde. We threw the ball once to berry and he almost broke free. I would have beat that play like a dead horse today. Not seeing him in the backfield for the entire game was sad. And don't use the excuse he didn't practice with the offense all week. He did all summer and am sure he knows how to take a sweep or dive play!

Not seeing braxton miller on any series really made me re-think about fickell. Every one knows they he should have at least got a series in. Honestly, I bet fickell is somewhere thinking the same thing.

Here's to dropping out of the top 25.



"We have always had the best damn band in the land, now we have the best damn team in the land"- Jim Tressel 1-03-03

Bucks43201's picture

what was Philly Brown's injury, and Nathan Williams inury?



"You win with people." - Woody Hayes

Corey Carpenter's picture

Williams had a lower leg bruise and Philly had his ankle rolled up on and it looks like he may be out for some time.

gwalther's picture

"Heiserman" - Can we all talk about how unbelievably next-level retarded all of these comments were in articles, on twitter, or on facebook? Unbelievably stupid. This looked like the Bauserman I saw in relief time last year.


On a different note, Fickell has a lot to learn as a Coach. How does he say, "the plan is to play them both" in regards to the quarterbacks; then, when one is playing poorly and he has said the aforementioned statement, he decides to BREAK from the plan and not play them both? Also pretty stupid. Bauserman needs to take a least for stretches during games.

Class of 2008

TommyWayne's picture

How is that stupid?  We do not know what goes on in the locker room or sidelines to merit such decisions. You would be singing a completely different tune if Miller went in and played poorly, then a cold Baus went back in and played worse.  A W was had, the coaching staff have a lot to work with.  This is a good thing.

RB's picture

Have to think they ran the reverse a second time for a reason. Verlon was a qb in hs and we have better athletes to run a reverse with. Next time he takes a reverse, he's throwing it down field.

I blame the offensive woes on bollman, there's areason he's never had an offer to move on like hazell, beckman,etc. He sucks at coaching o line and he sucks as an o cord. Whatever happens with the head coach, our days of putting up with this chump will be over after this year and will he be coaching hs fball and teaching freshman math.

Roger's picture

11dub is obviously getting popular as there seems to be a lot more doom and gloomers than there used to be!

Here's the bottom line: 
Toledo (wisely) stacked the box on early and short-yardage downs. This gave us quite a few open looks downfield but Bauserman couldn't throw a consistent deep ball and Toledo's corners were making some very solid plays on the ball when he did. 

You cannot blame the O-Line for not being able to block a +2 numbers disadvantage in the run game, and when there were bringing vanilla four and five man blitzes, the pass protection was very, very good.

On defense, the d-line needed to a do a little bit better job of getting to the quarterback. But the real difference maker in the game was the refs refusal to call holding on bubble and slip screens. Bubble screens wil work every single time if you're allowed to hold (don't ask me why, but Ohio State's opponents get holding called on them less than almost any other team in the nation. Statistical anomaly?)

Anyways, I was glad to see the team get tested in a close one early in the season. Guys that needed to step up did and this team should look pretty scary by the time we get all the suspsended players back.

flipbuckeye's picture

I missed the game because I was doing Warrior Dash yesterday, but I kept getting score updates from friends. Whew. Kinda glad I didn't watch this one.

Colin's picture

My brother was also at the Warrior Dash yesterday with his girlfriend, she ran he didn't. At one point he made me put the phone up to the radio speaker because he had no way to hear the game and he wanted to know what the hell was happening.

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

Wow. If Meyer is hired as our coach we lose most of our current coaches. I really dont want to lose Heacock. To me our D would have looked much better had our offense been able to stay on the field. Sound familiar? If he brings in new guys and bails on us when our miserable fans turn up the heat, what are we left with? Provide some support to a kid born and raised a Buckeye who busts his ass to get where he is. While we had some decent plays on special teams, most of the time I was like WTF are they doing? We handed them good field position most of the time. How distracted is this team right now with all the BS going on and our obnoxious fan base making it worse? Add all that up and still have a win? I can't believe that the Shoe booed the Baus as much as they did. Boo a guy who gave 5 yrs of his life, who didn't take tats or booster money? Because he isn't Troy Smith? I know he isn't the greatest thing since the Nyan Cat, but be a fan and cheer for ol' dude.

All I can think is we were vanilla on offense to hide schemes, we were trying new things on special teams and learned that we don't need to, and our D needs to wake up and play like their hair is on fire.

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

To be clear, not calling anyone on 11w obnoxious or miserable. I was both of those things watching this game from 28A.

Miller's picture

Amen, brother. I don't get the Meyer love flowing all-too-freely around here. He couldn't handle the pressure in Florida, he wouldn't last a year here. Give Fickell time, people!

buckeyedude's picture

+ 1000.




NC_Buckeye's picture


Granted tOSU is not the ideal place for a first year HC to cut his teeth. But it is what it is. Fickell doesn't give me the impression of being a dumb jock. Plus as competitive as he is, he won't be satsified with status quo performances. He's young. He wants the challenge. Everyone needs to settle down and give this guy the time to figure things out.

I think people have fantasized Meyer as being that 2003-2004 coach who ate fire. It was apparent by 2008 that Meyer wasn't comfortable being under the microscope that comes with coaching a big-time program. I think he's got a gigantic ego and possibly would take the job (especially given his commentary during the Akron game). But everyone who thinks he would flame-out are right on the money. I'd give him a year, maybe two at most.

The one thing I want to get across is this... THERE ARE VERY FEW COACHES WHO COULD BE SUCCESSFUL AT OHIO STATE OUT THERE. AND 99% OF THOSE AREN'T INTERESTED OR AVAILABLE. We don't want to get into a situation like Michigan and Notre Dame where we're rotating thru coaches trying to find the right one.

If we can give Cooper ten years, then surely we can give Fickell five.

jenks's picture

If we can consider Cooper unsuccessful, consider me pleased.

Buckeyejason's picture

"Gave five years of his life"

I'm sorry but he's no soldier or anything, he is a student at a university. And we don't have to root for a guy if he plays to a low level and clearly isn't the answer to the QB question.

I think people were booing more towards Fickell not giving Miller a chance..ok well a lot of it was because Bauserman couldn't hit the broad side of a barn.


Is it Saturday Yet's picture

He stuck to his commitment, from what I can see reps the school better than some. I cheer for Buckeye players, even when they struggle. Prolly when needed most. Not saying I didn't bellow a loud DOH! when he overthrew guys.

Ultrabuckeyehomer's picture

This was a decent win over a pretty good Toledo team.  Maybe I am not as down on this team because going into it I felt that the game would be closer ... I didn't expect or want it to be as close as it was, though.  But, it was a rare case where I actually picked against the bucks (taking the points) in my college football pool.

We have played a hell of a lot worse against a hell of a lot worse teams early in the season. This is hardly the worst win over a MAC school we have seen.  Not even close.

Look, it's about expectations, if people thought this team could contend for the NCG, then, yeah, this was terrible.  but if you are one of the fans that thinks this is pretty good team with a chance to win the conference and play in a BCS game, it's not that bad of a game.  We are short-handed at key skill positions and it shows.

We can win next week in Miami, I still beleive this team is better than Miami - even after watching the game yesterday.  So, count me in the group of fans that think many other fans are overreacting a bit.

One oft cited criticism I do agree with, though, is it makes no sense not to have played Miller at all. Why have a 2 QB system if you are not going to swtich it up when the offense is struggling?  Oh, and special teams continues to be a problem for some reason.  That scares me more than anything going forward.