Video: Upperclassmen Report to Camp

By 11W Staff on August 7, 2011 at 7:41p

Assorted footage of upperclassmen reporting to fall camp.

All praise be to Hipster Clarke.

We received word that former center Alex Stepanovich will be assisting the team and we're trying to track down the specifics of that arrangement. 


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Is it Saturday Yet's picture

OMG!! They had,....stuff!! Hurry, alert the NCAA! I saw a bracelet, that might have had letters on it, maybe those letters were initials? There was a guy carrying a computer! They were driving cars! Gulp,....I saw tattoos.....

V. Reed (pics on ozone) looks bigger than I remember, hoping he becomes a star.

RoweTrain's picture

Reed will become the surprise gem out of the current unknown receivers that we have.  Just my opinion, but I think the kid will have the Anquan Boldin effect on this team.

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"Hoke also announced that punter Will Hagerup is suspended the first four games and wide receiver Terrence Robinson is suspended for the first game for an unspecified violation of team rules. Hagerup also was suspended for a game in 2010."


WR Stonum, redshirted for season.

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Unpecified violation of team rules? Cutting in front of Hoke in chow line?

Bucks's picture

That would surely merit the four game suspension & not the one. :P

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T.Y. Williams looks unoverthrowable.

Buckeyebrowny919's picture

gotta ask...who close to this team owns a dodge dealership?

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Thought the same thing. Ugh!

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This should be front page news for ESPN

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Good thing the men in black were on hand to erase the memories of any ESPN henchmen.

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I wish I had hair like Tyler's. :(



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I wish I had hair.

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I truly hope this young man has one incredible parting season. As a byproduct, it benefits OSU but I just want it for him.