A Confederacy of Hurr

By Jason Priestas on July 17, 2011 at 4:45a

I'm wrong a lot.


Throughout the work week, I help produce software and if you've ever used a computer -- let alone pounded out any code -- you're well aware of the fact that bugs and apps go together like Greg Robinson and points. Good teams will eventually iron out the problems before a release, but they're a sober part of software construction.

Those are just the mistakes I make at work. If you were to ask my wife, she'd tell you that I'm just as fallible around the house as I am away from it and that's fine. As long as I'm not responding to these mistakes with encores, I'm pretty comfortable in my skin.

What I try not to be, however, is hysterically wrong. Unfortunately, the college football punditry cannot claim the same after a half year of breathlessly asserting that Ohio State football is everything that is wrong with the game.

As we inch closer to August 12th, I have a feeling many of these columnists will grow to regret a lot of what they have written and said, so in the spirit of historical records, I thought it would be worthwhile to put together a quotebaord of sorts.

You know, for the eventual lulz.

Pat Forde, ESPN

Our favorite Dashette-stalking analyst does a great job of not specifying what sort of penalties Ohio State should receive. After spending a day with the NCAA, he did give us this gem, however:

"I believe some of the NCAA's recent actions have backed up that recommendation -- ask football giant USC. And I believe Bruce Pearl and Ohio State are headed for a serious smack down this summer."

To be fair, he is on record saying USC's situation was worse than what happened at Ohio State.

Ivan Maisel, ESPN

Taking a break from glorifying the Iron Bowl, Maisel appeared on the Dan Sileo show in early June and said Ohio State would be "in the wilderness for five or six years". A week later, he said the following:

"The NCAA knows how to make a program pay for its excess. If found guilty of violations, Ohio State will lose scholarships. It will field teams with fewer players. It might field teams that won't be allowed to play in bowls."

Mark May, ESPN

Unsurprisingly, May has been one of the most outspoken critics of Ohio State during this ordeal. May has hated the Buckeyes since John Harold Cooper handed Pitt its worst loss ever in 1996 (72-0) and Ohio State fans reciprocated at the Sugar Bowl. He thought he could earn some favor when he predicted Nick Saban would be the next coach in Columbus, but failed miserably when he misspelled the coach's name.

His video archive on ESPN is littered with calls for harsh NCAA penalties for Ohio State, most recently when Georgia Tech's violations were announced, saying the two didn't even compare.

Dan Wetzel, Yahoo!

Give Wetzel some credit for breaking the story. Or at least for knowing somebody to leak the story. Generally, he's a fair and dogged reporter that is doing a service to fans of college football by shining a light on program improprieties. It sucks when the light is on your team, but you can't argue his mission.

We can take umbrage with his personal opinions, however.

Last month, in a column titled "Why the OSU case is worse than that of USC", Wetzel decided to treat all allegations as fact and just run with it:

"... the NCAA violations were discovered when the name of the local memorabilia dealer, Dennis Talbott, was seen on checks Pryor was depositing in his personal bank account."

He does drop an "if this is true" later in the column, but why bother, with a title like that? But wait, there's more:

"If USC was guilty of not acting on allegations that weren’t made until after a player’s career was over, then Ohio State faces the more significant problem of not fully acting on allegations made while a player’s career was still active. Plus there are more players than just Pryor involved."

Pete Fiutak, Scout.com

Most of Pete's responses have been measured and reflect the reality on the ground. Not always, however.

May 31st:

"There’s sure to be the always toothless vacated win “punishment,” and there will be some loss of scholarships..."

In response to Ohio State's self-punishment:

"It's the equivalent of a spoiled child getting caught for trying to set fire to the house, and then suggesting he should be punished by erasing the “Good Job!” he received on his macaroni and pipe cleaner art project."

Tom Dienhart, Rivals.com

Dienhart was incredulous at Ohio State's self-imposed sanctions. This from Thursday:

"Go ahead and laugh. I did. Or maybe you want to cry, as Ohio State's disconnect from reality is disturbing. When the school meets with the NCAA on Aug. 12 to receive its punishment, it can count on a heavy hammer of justice that will go well beyond the self-imposed lashing with a velvet rope that Ohio State has administered."

Shit just got real. Velvet ropes?

While arrogant and unfounded at times, this type of commentary is far from uniform. Some national writers have actually allowed the facts to guide what they write (SI's Stewart Mandel comes to mind). Unfortunately, for every writer that is able to keep his/her emotions in check, there are five more without any sort of control.

We'll be sure to amend this after the August 12 COI hearing and again after the NCAA has made a final ruling. The wailing will be delicious. 


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buckeyedude's picture

I wish Mark May, Wetzel and Dienhart would be forced to find other employment. Those are my three most despised. What is Trev Alberts doing these days anyway? Not that I care. Just curious.

Update: just googled Trev. Evidently UNO AD. Didn't think he would qualify for such a position.



The Vest-er's picture

11 dubsters, thanks for helping me thru another deployment. Keep the name of the website because it has the word warriors in it and doesn't get blocked. By far and away the best buckeye blog out there. Thanks again!

Fundamentals are a crutch for the talentless.

Luke's picture

Thanks for your service.

gravey's picture

Thank you!  Go Bucks!


Jason Priestas's picture

Thank you. And thank you.

Kyle's picture

Too many college football writers/personalities are fans first and journalists second. Thus we get half-cocked, shoot from the hip diatribes reminiscent of a teenage girl's Facebook posts.

Brutus's picture

I don't think the GT sanctions should put us at ease. For six months, we've been screaming how inconsistent and inequitable the NCAA is when doling out punishment. Could happen with us, if for no other reason than to flex its muscle and appeal to the masses. And if that happens, you can bet that everyone of the above will be saying "I told you so" to us arrogant and delusional fans. A mea culpa, never.

helloheisman's picture

R they really over reacting? I mean lets face it theres enough evidence to affect the program for a long time...what I find even more amazing is people think just because the culprints in this case have left OSU that the NCAA wont be as harsh.....WRONG...Bush left..Pete Caroll left..and they still got hammered!!!! The media may be over the top with its prodictions, but whats the saying????? If everybodys saying the same thing...It just may be true, I dont know about you but, who really needs a reality check? the media or Buckeye Nation???????

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

See, I hear crap like this everyday from OSU fans. The brainwashing from the likes above is working, the influence of this talk may impact the NCAAs ruling as well. All I can see is that some players sold stuff for tats and coach covered up. We didn't buy a house for a player's family so he would come to OSU. We didn't hire some scumbag to pay recruits, did we? Tress lied, was forced to retire and we forfeited an entire season, a bowl win and put ourselves on probation. Seems to be more than fitting for the actual violation. The car stuff proved false, the SI piece was a piece of turd, and even the golf was legit.

Why do we need to get the hammer then? Tell me Tress threw a party at his house with strippers and recruits, tell me Gene cut a check to Berry, tell me Tress is connected to the YTown mafia and they pay recruits, but don't tell me we get the hammer for the lame violation and the lie.

SilverCal's picture

Well Said Saturday! Couldnt agree more.  Not to mention that USC stonewalled (and GT) the NCAA instead of cooperating with the investigation, self reporting.  If the NCAA drops the hammer on us because of media pressure and no real facts, then no school will self report a damn thing.  

mr.green's picture

Exactly. What the NCAA cannot tolerate (because they have a small staff and way too much to oversee) is stonewalling. USC did this. GT did this. Auburn is doing this. OSU self reported. That's huge because we basically asked for an investigation and told them where to look. Does Auburn have the balls to do that? No. The NCVAA has to use the media to find out what is going on there. Big difference.

So long as what we know to be the facts are the ONLY facts (gear for tats, Tress covered up and compliance office found the emails and turned them in) then we have done a lot. The NCAA says this crime is worthy of a 5-game suspension. If OSU vacated only the first 5 games from last season, that -- to me -- would have been an interesting move (fair? some would say yes.) But they went BEYOND that. They vacated the season, still will sit out the players (no choice here), fired the coach, lost (tossed) the best QB in the conference and set itself on probation. I could see a little curb on recruit visits as a possible further slap, but not much else.

I really can't see a bowl ban making much sense -- it would send a messge that maybe we should have covered up, let Tress retire, kick it down the road and then 5 years from now get our punishment after  Smith and maybe even Gee and everyone even remotely involved has a chance to move on.

USC had problems in football and basketball and so BOTH programs got hit harder than they otherwise would. But the reall crime was stonewalling, making the NCAA find everything on its own and basically having NO AD accountability in place until well after the NCAA investigated. Pete did not go until the penalties were levied (or the word was out that they were coming down).

GT seems like a very harsh response on the surface. But so long as the NCAA believes we are not trying to hamper the investigation, we should be okay.

The media says there must be more to it than this. They have been proven wrong time and again.




7596's picture

Regarding OSU's self-imposed penalties, let's be fair:
--Probation means nothing unless you get in trouble again;
--Vacating the entire season wasn't magnanimous; it was obligatory (since OSU fielded ineligible players the entire regular season, as the school itself has admitted);
--Forcing out Tressel, while painful, was again obligatory (how can anyone employ a head coach who has willfully deceived the NCAA?).

The devil's advocate position, basically, is that OSU has yet to accept a truly punitive penalty. Of course a school can't keep wins attained with ineligible players or a head coach who commits a 10.1; that goes without saying. We may not like that point of view or the way some people have presented it, but it's not an unreasonable perspective.

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

So then what is the punishment? A few scholarships and a post season ban? Too much for the violation IMO.

MikeO's picture

If forcing out Tressel was 'obligatory', why wasn't Carroll forced out? Or for that matter, why hasn't Butch Davis been forced out? Or Chip Kelly (although he may still, and should, be gone)? Losing the first or second best head coach in school history is certainly 'punitive', at least on my planet, not to mention their Heisman trophy candidate QB (and that's not mentioning the suspended players outside of Pryor). Some fans have completely bought into the garbage ESPN and morons like Forde have been selling.

Bucksfan's picture

That's not fair.  What you're forgetting is that we fans and ALUMNI who are upset are also fans and ALUMNI who bought into Tressel's bullshit (yes, bullshit) about doing things "the right way."  And we weren't the only ones.  Lots of college football fans, analysts, and coaches also greatly respected him for what he appeared to be.

It's not just that he went back on what he projected as his ideals, but lied about it.  Then you have the highest paid public university president going out there saying he's in Tressel's pocket.  You have Smith saying things only to backtrack later.  Smith and Gee were never critical enough of Tressel's actions, and were not forceful enough in their condemnation of the violation.  Some of you have been extremely quick to forgive and forget with Tressel, Gee, and Smith.  That's fine, that's your perrogative.  Some of us fans and ALUMNI haven't forgotten the buffoonery of the last 6 months.

While the penalties might be within the realm of what the NCAA is likely going to issue anyway, that doesn't negate the fact that this man fooled the shit out of our entire fanbase...and it hurt.  Forde, et al. don't speak for those of us who are rightfully pissed off at the whole thing.   They're wrong for a host of reasons, like calling for more severe actions, etc.  But, they might not be wrong in their general sentiment.

Basically, quite a few of us took a lot of pride in the fact that Ohio State "wasn't like other schools," when it came to compliance, academics, recruiting, etc.  Now, that image is tarnished, and no one really knows how far it goes.  Maybe not that far, but the trust has been violated.

JakeBuckeye's picture

Just wondering, a little off topic, but did we also all buy into Woody's "bullshit"? We're we all fooled by Woody? Should I not respect Woody? Was he not what he "appeared to be"? Just wondering, because you really go in on Tressel. Lets not forget that even a greater coach performed a much, much worse action than Tressel did.

Bucksfan's picture

Be careful.  A couple of months ago, I got into a war of words with quite a number of people on this site for saying that Woody Hayes has a legacy as being an "asshole."  Very few of my fellow Buckeyes came to my defense.  I would say that deifying people is a dangerous endeavor.  You can tell if it happens when someone calls you a fake Buckeye fan when you call their holiness into question.  I wasn't around when Woody was, but I know enough of the history to understand that the faculty at OSU by-and-large hated him and what he stood for - namely that football was becoming more important than academics Ohio State.  I also know he was both a great man who did great things off the field when no one was looking, but was also mean, vindictive, ill-tempered, and downright scary when he was representing the University on television.  The fans hung him in effigy many a time.

I try not to re-write history.  Woody's legacy as a humanitarian didn't come out until long after he was fired.  And to brush aside much truth as to how he conducted himself is unfair to his memory, especially since he was a big fan of history.  I see him as an incredibly great, incredibly flawed man (not unlike any other person, perhaps)...someone who would give you the shirt off his back, but would literally punch you in the face if you dropped a football during a game.

So, to answer your question, you can't compare Woody to Tressel.  They're very different.  Woody told it like it is, often to the detriment of his gentlemanly nature, and kept his good deeds secret.  Tressel professed his gentlemanly nature as a gospel of how to live your life.  He even wrote it down in two or so books, which he made money on...mostly from Ohio State fans who bought them.  All this, when in fact he was not considered a model of complience by the NCAA (new info about 2005-06), ran a program that had a history of NCAA offenses, and then ultimately was his undoing as he lied about playing ineligible players.  Did he do great things?  Yes, community service, raising the team's GPA, winning lots of football games.  It's the "righteous" way he went about it, though.

Hey, people make mistakes.  That's life.  But Tressel made it seem like he made no mistakes off the field, and that became a source of pride for the fanbase.  If that doesn't make you feel like a sucker, then maybe you were a lot smarter to the workings of Ohio State football than I was.

JakeBuckeye's picture

Woody told it like it is, often to the detriment of his gentlemanly nature, and kept his good deeds secret. 

Don't be foolish. Tressel coached in a generation of media that is on top everything you do, good or bad. Woody never was.

It's the "righteous" way he went about it, though.

Tressel never puffed his chest out about the good things he did. The local media and fans puffed their chest out about having such an upstanding coach. He was never patting himself on the back or calling the media over to get a shot of him and poor little Jimmy in the hospital.

But Tressel made it seem like he made no mistakes off the field, and that became a source of pride for the fanbase.  If that doesn't make you feel like a sucker, then maybe you were a lot smarter to the workings of Ohio State football than I was.

Maybe I was. I might sound a little pompous right now but I've assumed we've "cheated" for a while now. Just like I assume the rest of major, BCS college football does. In the NCAA, you have to "cheat" to win. If you don't think EVERY major, championship-contending head coach is willfully ignorant like Tressel was then I pitty your innocence. And that little slip that Tressel signed in September that said he wasn't aware of any violations, which if I'm correct was the only time he ever lied technically, you really don't think that a majority or large number of college football head coaches sign that knowing of a violation? Whether the violation is small or large.

Bucksfan's picture

No, he lied to the NCAA during their 2 week investigation of this scandal in December.

Jim Tressel wrote the books The Winners Manual: For the Game of Life published in 2009, and Life Promises for Success: Promises from God on Achieving Your Best publshed in February of this year.  If you don't see that as arrogant and hypocritical considering his conduct over his career, which you claim to have been well-aware of when you say "I might sound a little pompous right now but I've assumed we've "cheated" for a while now" then I don't know what to tell you.  Maybe you're not only better at reading bullshit than me, but bullshit doesn't bother you, either?

Basically, you want to defend the man, no one on this site is going to stop you.  But for the rest of us who are bothered by the whole truckload of b.s. that he spewed, there's not really anything you say that is going to change that.  Doesn't make us less-than-you on the Buckeye fandom front, and it most certainly doesn't mean we're brainwashed by journalists.  I just want my school's program to be clean.  I definitely don't want my coach lying, even if it's over some stupid rule with which I don't even agree.  Too much is at stake, not the least of which is the reputation of the school.

RC's picture

Did you know all of the proceeds from The Winner's Manual went to the renovation of the Main Library?  If you have been there to see that facility, you realize that it was money well spent.  So maybe it wasn't done out of arrogance as you suggest.  But I guess in your world it is only black or white, good or bad and there are no shades of grey.  So if Tressel wasn't perfect then he was a piece of shit in your world.  Great way to look at things!

biggy84's picture

Are you emphasizing ALUMNI to say that your take on things is more important than someone who didn't attend OSU? I may not have attended, but i can certainly differentiate between severe penalties and what Tressel did. He didn't turn in his players for selling their own things that they earned. Is it really that sinister? You make it seem like the guy was covering up assaults, point shaving etc. Give me a break! A misdemeanor is a far cry from the serious felony you dramatize.

Bucksfan's picture

Give YOU a break?  What break do you deserve?!  I'm emphasizing alumni because I am one.  Getting berrated by you non-alumni over an issue like this I find to be unfounded.  You trying to tell me I'm wrong in how I view this man, what he's done to the reputation of the program, what he's done to my alma mater's name in the headines along with Gee (the highest paid public university president in the nation) is absoutely disgusting.  The audacity with which you try to lecture me is appalling.  How about you stop being part of the problem by brushing these sorts of embarrassments under the rug, or vilifying those of us who stand up to it!

So yes, when you have that degree hanging from your wall, pay thousands of dollars into the Alumni Association, get hounded about twice a month on the phone to donate money to the various programs you were part of at Ohio State, THEN you might have a little perspective on how your university conducts itself.  If you just look at it like a football program that has to cheat to keep up with the jones, then you're part of the problem.

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

I am alumni, as is my wife and with that out of the way -- we donate, attend functions and my wife gets asked to speak to students from time to time.  I've been a season ticket holder for football for a long time.  I go to as many Basketball (mens/womens) as I can.  I am far from being embarrassed by Tress's actions, as is my wife.  We represent the school the best we can in the various aspects of our lives, as did he. I'm pretty sure that man has done more for tOSU than you can fathom.  His actions were hardly embarrassing, and it's "alumni" like you who call out other fans because they didn't attend this particular school, who are an issue of there own.  Not sure where you are getting this elitist attitude, but IMO it isn't becoming of someone who attending tOSU.  Our University isn't MIT, Harvard, or Notre Dame, but it's something entirely different and great. Much bigger than the students, the football team, the coach or it's fans.  To me, tOSU it is much more embracing than your behavior indicates.

Bucksfan's picture

Saturday, I can't afford to re-explain everything in this argument to yet another person.  Don't be "like a child who wanders into the middle of a movie."

You're entitled to your opinion.  As am I.  And I can assure you, there are a MULTITUDE of alumni outside of Ohio who are embarrassed.

biggy84's picture

"cheat to keep up with the jones"

Selling their own belongings is a competitive edge? Do you understand the infractions at all? Did you get your degree as an ALUMNI in piety? Give me a break.

Bucksfan's picture

Jim Tressel lied to keep a competitive edge.  I absolutely understand the infractions.  Do you?

biggy84's picture

I absolutely understand the infractions. The infractions were secondary violations. No matter how you slice it. That is the reason i defend instead of joining the hate parade.

MikeO's picture

Whatever. I know JT was doing it 'the right way' more than 99% of the programs out there. The crap he has been viilified for is trying to handle in house crap that goes on freaking everywhere (even Bowling Green, I know this for a fact). There is no comparison with the garbage that goes on in so many places, such as grade fixing, money bags for recruits, etc (and yes, I have first hand experience with both of the above).

If you want to believe that JT 'fooled' you, you are completely naive about the things that go on in college football. Sorry to break that to you.

Jason Priestas's picture

Bush left? Bush was already in the NFL when the NCAA took up his case.

MikeO's picture

To answer your question, The Media. Your post is incoherent.

jhart's picture

I've been reading Mandel for a few years now, and find him to be one of the more level-headed college writers out there.  He's got a book that's a pretty good read too, and his podcast is a good listen.

SilverCal's picture

I love how they are saying that our penalties arent harsh enough.  Last time i checked losing the best Head Coach in CFB over the last 10 years seems like one helluva a major punishment to me. Oh and our star QB for the season, too....

Ethan's picture

I emailed Fiutak about his response to the self-imposed penalties, and his response was basically, "do you really think that OSU is ONLY guilty of what they've admitted?", which is a straw man if there ever was one. He's normally outstanding, but that one just seemed a bit ridiculous.

SilverCal's picture

just about sums up the media justice system.  

Denny's picture

No, you guys. Those were velvet handcuffs.


iball's picture

Haters gonna hate. ESPN has turned into a bunch of shock jocks. Funny that the only writer with any common sense, Feldman, is on their shit list.

“There’s one thing I have learned through all my adventures and conquests - it’s that some people are just wired for success. I had no choice when it came to being great - I just am great.” – Kenny Powers

NoVA Buckeye's picture

Feldman believes we shouldn't get anything less than the death penalty. Stupid USC homer...

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

elaydin's picture

Wait... where's Dennis Dodd?

Pam's picture

He claimed in one of his articles that because Tressel covered up the emails, tOSU was able to make $20M in PROFIT. I tweeted him that BCS bowls pay $17.75M and the money is split among the conference so there was no way tOSU cleared $20M.

dennisdoddcbs @cincybuck Name a coach who secured a $20 million BCS bowl victory as a direct result of playing ineligible players.

@pmason03 $17.75. In your article you said $20M PROFIT. BT splits bowls earnings with all it's members. Ohio St. got the same cut.

dennisdoddcbs  It earned $20 million profit including cut from other Big Ten bowls for itself and Big Ten.

@pmason03 Not true.Teams got $22M from the Big Ten from total revenue not just from bowls and that is before expenses. You are way off

 I have not heard back.

Bucks's picture

He is busy with the hair line & a mirror.

Cross Village's picture

Mark Mayfly is not a journalist.....

He is a urinalist.  Simply, he is just a whizzer.

The only thing "objective" about his writing is that it's all objectionable.


buckeyedude's picture

I agree, Cross. I just saw Jackass 3 with my teenage son, and it gave me a really great idea: If we could kidnap Mark May, tie him up, strap him in the seat of a port-a-john that has been used for an entire weekend at the German-American festival, and then sling shot that sucker 200 ft in the air with bunge cords and and two large cranes. Good idea, no?  (don't tell me that's a shitty idea).



JakeBuckeye's picture

Counting the seconds until Cross Village calls you an inbred hick for seeing Jackass 3.

Cross Village's picture

Such a narrow mind consumes you .... jake with a small j.

JakeBuckeye's picture

That's grammatically incorrect. Such an astute, literate, high class person like yourself should know as much.

Cross Village's picture

what would you know about any of those 3 things?

Cross Village's picture

Hemingway, Fellini & Aldo Leoplold beg to differ..... leaving you to cherry pick a sports blog......

little j ake

JakeBuckeye's picture

leaving you to cherry pick a sports blog......

...and you're so much better than me?



buckeyedude's picture

Maybe I'm just dreamin'. But suppose the NCAA actually feels sorry for all of the heat that OSU has taken in the media(I really don't believe it either, but you never know what they're thinking). They know what we(Tressel and players) did. I agree with Saturday Yet: I think many just want to look unbiased, so they have piled on. I'll call it the Herbstriet~effect




Is it Saturday Yet's picture

Has the Herbstriet-effect made it to the urban dictionary yet? I recommend adding it to th 11W terminology ASAP.

klfeck's picture

I would be interested to know what Lou Holtz has had to say about tOSU self imposed punishment.



Proud parent of a Senior at The Ohio State University

Kyle's picture

I'm not a big "boycott" guy but I will be spending more time watching BTN this season and limiting my "WWWL" to games only. I know our fans can be obnoxious, our coach looked like a giant hypocrite and attacking tosu helps with page views and viewership but they have really gone overboard in advancing rumors and conjecture as fact and are basically cheerleading for the worst possible sanction outcome.

The reality is that Herbie, Spiels and Rosbert Smith while OSU alum aren't going to bite the hand that feeds and frankly I don't want them cheerleading for tosu. What's left (not all of them) is largely a pack of hyenas out for blood.

helloheisman's picture

Okay lets play devils advacate, suppose Wisconsin did the same thing, every OSU. fan would want their head on a platter... not only because they polverised the team on national TV, lets say they were found cheating, lying to the NCAA there would be no end to the prying eyes of osu fans looking toward the media for any type of coverage and or hyperbole...all I'm saying is...if you lay the egg and hybernate it, expect something to hatch...weather its good or bad.

NeARBuckeye's picture

Well I'm not too sure that I'd be prying or trolling another team's board, and to be honest I probably wouldn't care too much. The whole deal with Oregon and UNC is going on right now, but I don't find the need to debate whose violations are worse. I'm not going to make the ruling, the NCAA is. That being said, if I'm going to go try and spark a debate with fans on another team's blog, I'd sure as hell make sure that the spelling and grammar of whatever I'm spewing is correct, and that I didn't fumble an analogy.

Don't count our chickens until they hatch buddy.

helloheisman's picture

WHAT??? I'm not a buckeye fan because of my unbiased view, you see that's it!!!!! That's the problem, there's a over confident air in my home town, like since were Osu, we can do what we want, when we want, and that's what I'm affraid the NCAA has the same conception, that we knew the rules, and think they apply to everyone but us, and as far as my grammar, that's not as important, but I can spell..
P R O B A T I O N!!!!!!!!!!

Bucks's picture

Put the bottle down good fella.

MikeO's picture

Wisconsin did *WORSE* a few years ago (with Barry Alvarez, the current freaking *AD*), and got a relative slap on the wrist, not to mention the comfy chair by the media. If OSU had done what Wisconsin did back then, the OUTRAGE!!!! would dwarf the current crap. So choose another strawman.

Scott K's picture

So, hibernating eggs....are we talking turtles or spiders, or what?

hmmm.....poster(s) only here for a week or two and immediately stirring up dissent....smells like a _____.

I fully agree that if the shoe was on the other foot of a rival team, tosu fans (including me) would be calling for punishment(s). 

However I think what we've seen recently is a real shift in opinion, related to the level of punishment, as this saga has unfoloded in our own back yard. The way the media has portrayed both speculation and allegations has really changed how people view actuall allegations: skeptical of what the media is portraying until the REAL facts of any situation come to light.

I think anyone who has ever had any contact with any sports at the collegiate level knows that things go on under the table.  All sports, all schools, period.  This is not an "everyone is doing it" excuse.  This is just fact. If you don't believe that, then you are just niave. So, therefore, we must assume that many of the allegations that have surfaced are in fact true or are based upon some level of truth.

Nevertheless, the NCAA can not punish schools or individuals based on allegations and conjecture alone. There must be some kind of papertrail or tangible proof.  If there is not, the sanctions/penalties given can only be for the allegations that are proven/accepted by the institution or person(s). That is the only fair way to administer punishment.

What you see in the media (and from other school's fans) is the desire to punish tosu for not only the accepted/known allegations, but for all supposed allegations/speculations/rumors, and this is just NOT going to happen.  Even if there is no faith in the NCAA to be relatively just/fair, they themselves know they can not dole out punishment solely based upon speculation or rumors.  Or simply to make an example. That's why you heard Gene Smith say he'd fight any additional sanctions vigorously.

While the self imposed sanctions seem light to those outside tosu sphere of influence, they are mostly in line with the actual violations that have been reported in the NOA. Will the NCAA tack on a bit more?  Perhaps, but to think they'll dole out anything remotely close to what the talking heads are demanding is just pure nonsense.

Lastly, I for one have absolutely ZERO desire to visit, let alone troll on other fan's blogs. I have never posted anything on a wisky, psu or tsun site. Most people (not you MMan) who spend any serious amount of time posting on opposing fan's sites are almost by definition, on some level, a troll.  Opposing viewpoints are always welcome, but where does your agenda truly lie...?

"There's a fine line between stupid, and....clever.  David St. Hubbins/Nigel Tufnel

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

I would wish that the opposing team would get serious punishments, but if they didn't deserve it I wouldn't flip out over it.  I wouldn't go trolling all over their sports blogs, the ESPNs, SIs, etc....to scream about how unfair life is.

I can tell you that I don't know the details of Oregon, UNC, USC, GT or any other school in trouble right now.  I also can't tell you what punishment they deserve and don't really care what happens to them unless we get the hammer and then I'll be interested.

If public opinion holds an influence over the NCAA's decision we will get something serious.  


RBuck's picture

You don't need the details to troll other team's sites. Just keep typing "death penalty".

Long live the southend.

JakeBuckeye's picture

Not that I'm worried, but I don't know if I could bear Nick Saban as our head coach. Hadn't seen that quote until now.

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BTW, you are missing a few DERPs for those idiots. Not sure there are enough DERPs on the internet to be appropriate, actually.