Caption Friday: New Era

By 11W Staff on June 3, 2011 at 1:00p

"You want me to do what?"

After an emotional rollercoaster of a week, it's time to welcome the new king with a caption contest. Truly exceptional captions might even earn t-shirt rewards.

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gravey's picture

I just got off the phone with Woody.  I'm going for three.

RoweTrain's picture

Holy crap.  I was so excited that I got my face on the banner of 11W that I decided to swim here.


"Just bow up and go out and play." ~ D. Lee

"As it stands right now, I know I am the best athlete in college football." ~ B. Miller

Arkansas Buckeye's picture

What do you mean I have to sign a lease for Tress's office?

"It seemed like a good idea at the time."

Rooster Buckburn's picture

"Yes, that is correct - I DO NOT even have an email account."

Denny's picture

'check out this pug lmao'


AngelHeartsBuckeyes's picture

I am already wearing a vest.

Buckeye born and bred. Buckeye til I'm dead.

Bucks Love's picture

Gene Smith: "Pleasure to meet you, did you have any trouble getting in?"

Coach "Forever" Fickell: "No, the guy with the rubber gloves was surprisingly gentle"


Arkansas Buckeye's picture

What do you mean my new email address is And I'm not real happy about getting paid in prepaid credit cards either.

"It seemed like a good idea at the time."

Maestro's picture

I eat pieces of shit like George Dohrmann for breakfast.

vacuuming sucks

AJ's picture

want to see my new tat?

"Without winners, there wouldn't even be civilization." -----------Woody Hayes

Arkansas Buckeye's picture

You want a change in image? Fine, I won't wear the vest.  But we're not bringing back Zubaz as my style statement.

"It seemed like a good idea at the time."

BuckeyeSki's picture

(5/31/2011) Tressel did WHAT this morning?

Banned from BlackShoeDiaries since 2008. Crime: Slander/Defamation of Character Judgement: Guilty

Bucks Love's picture

Coach Fickell: "What do you know about Luke Fickell?"

Scrappy style Nose Guard, graduated from Desales High June 1992, Ohio State University Honors Graduate 1997, holds 2 NCAA Division One records, one for most consecutive starts at nose guard, one for General Motherfu**ery, former nickname "The Mule" the first and only Ohio State University head coach to come out of Desales High and one hell of a model American.

Coach Fickell: "Are you one of those Sports Illustrated Guys?"

No Sir, I'm just a very big Fickell fan. This is my graceland.


kjb's picture

Stop looking at me swan!

Wil's picture

I was thinking the same thing.

Irricoir's picture

Second. I was going to mention the second coming of Adam Sandler but you beat me to it.

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

Kyle's picture

Stop staring at me swan!

Joe Beale's picture

"Yes, I still have my Rose Bowl championship ring."

mattchoo's picture

He went 9-1. I'm going 10-0

E2Brutus's picture

"Say what you will about my coaching experience, but can we all agree that the wall behind me looks like pacman eating a weiner?"

buckeyedude's picture

ROFL! e2brutus!



dr green's picture

We have a winner. T shirt, please.

E2Brutus's picture

"It's not a sweater vest! Gawd!... I bought it at REI!"

osubucks10's picture

"Terrelle, keys please..."

theDuke's picture

"In One Hundred and Seventy Seven days You'll realize nothing's changed."


NW Buckeye's picture

A Fickell coach for fickle fans...... 

dan_isaacs's picture

"Of course I can take the heat, this vest is insulated.  Duh."

Dan Isaacs

kjb's picture

Fickell and Einhorn, Fickell and Einhorn, Fickell and Einhorn, Fickell and Einhorn, Fickell and Einhorn, Fickell and Einhorn, Fickell, Einhorn, Einhorn, Fickell, Einhoen and Fickell, Fickell and Einhorn....

Bucksfan's picture

"Wait, I just came back to get my jacket..."

Peter Pete Peterson's picture

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?!!

Peter "Pete" Peterson

"Recruiting is like shaving, if you don't do it everyday, you look like a bum!"  -Jim Tressel


buckeyedude's picture

Luke, trying to channel Troy Polamalu: "I'm already using Head & Shoulders!"



theshoefits's picture

"Sorry, I didn't have time to rinse out my Just for Men hair treatment"

Dan-O-H-I-O's picture

"No, I don't have any #*$& tattoos!"

Scott K's picture

"You don't scare me Hoke.  I've got chuncks of guys like you in my stool!"

"There's a fine line between stupid, and....clever.  David St. Hubbins/Nigel Tufnel

RBuck's picture

"Well, the first thing I'm gonna do is delete my e-mail, facebook and twitter accounts. Then I'm gonna change my phone number. And then, buy a disguise."

Long live the southend.

Sofa Kingdom's picture

"Hey, I got this".

Squirrel Master's picture

"What do I think about the program right now?

Ok, analysis. Ooh, smells like carrots in throw-up!

Oh that could gag a maggot!

It smells like hot sick ass in a dead carcass!

Even stink would say that stinks!

You know when you go into an apartment building and you smell the other people's cooking on each floor and you go "What are they cookin'?" That, plus crap!"

I saw a UFO told me to have a goodyear!

JozyMozy's picture

Why would I get tired of it? I ficking LOVE puns. 

479-Buckeye's picture

There's a Fine Line between Tressel and No Tressel.  

Scott K's picture

"There's a fine line between stupid and clever"

"There's a fine line between stupid, and....clever.  David St. Hubbins/Nigel Tufnel

beserkr29's picture

"Look into my eyes...AND TREMBLE!"

matti's picture

"stop no i dont want to talk to the trash spewing espn or si reporters and tell mark may to kiss my ass!!!"

klfeck's picture

My vest is black because it symbolizes the hearts of ichigan fans for years to come!!!!!!



Proud parent of a Senior at The Ohio State University

OHIOinME's picture

You ask why his vest is Black?  This is why he is the Man in Back

It's not easy to be a Buckeye baller. You know. To have eveyone looking at ya, to have eveybody scrutinizng and checking on you and trying to doing you favors you dont want.  You know.  And ah....Loving is too much. It's something I think.  I think everyone loved Woody to death.  You know.  We nearly did the same thing with Jimmy Tressel.  And ah, had it not been his faith in the Lord I think he'd be dead.  

He wears black for all the victims of the time.

sw8552's picture

my haircut is way better than's Erik Spoelstra

ADN's picture







Fickel aka Rob Riggle (Step Brothers, Hangover, etc)


As Randy [in Step Brothers]:

"I don't know what it is about your face, [holds up fist to Hoke] but I just wanna deliver one of these right in your suck hole.

"And you... You mess with my 'nuts, Delaney, Fickel here is gonna eat your dick.
Like Kobayashi!!! Gnyum num num num! [eating noise] "

As Officer Franklin [in Hangover]:

"Finish him! [the girl shoots the stun gun]
Yeah!! Right in the nuts, that was beautiful!"

"I love this - the focus, the intensity, eye of the tiger.
You're going with 50,000 volts big man, don't be afraid to ride the lightning.
[the kid tasers Alan].  In the face! In the face!!!!"

"[to Hoke] "Not you fat Jesus, slide it on back."

reddevilea's picture

Well? You boys ready to go beat some ass?

"There's nothing that cleanses the soul like getting the hell kicked out of you."

joel121270's picture

No experience you say? Hey, I got this!

vidstudent's picture

"So, here's the plan.  We get in the Delorean, go back to when the kids find the tattoo parlor, grab them, throw a bomb in the place, drive everyone back home, and then go back to the future and see if that fixed the problem.  Sound okay, Doc?"

Nicholas Eckert