Bucks Snag Legacy to Make Six in 2012

By Alex on April 26, 2011 at 12:17p

It may have seemed like a foregone conclusion, but Frank Epitropoulos made it official today, pledging his commitment to Ohio State. Frank, an Upper Arlington athlete who plays wide receiver, safety, and punts for the Golden Bears, is the son of two OSU alumni, and both his father and uncle played football for the Buckeyes. 

At 6-3/195, Epitropoulos has great size and runs a sub-4.5 40-yard dash to make him one of the top players in the state of Ohio. He was recruited as a wide reciver by the Buckeyes and will likely start his career there, although he could end up competing for the punter position down the road as well. He chose Ohio State over his other three other finalists in Wisconsin, Michigan State, and Stanford. Epitropoulos becomes the sixth commitment for the class of 2012, and will join Warren Ball, Brionte Dunn, Kyle Kalis, Josh Perry, and Jacoby Boren when they sign next February.


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Scott K's picture

Love the timing on this...

Welcome kid.  Hope you have a great career.

"There's a fine line between stupid, and....clever.  David St. Hubbins/Nigel Tufnel

NW Buckeye's picture

Gee, all the doom and gloom predicted in recruiting seems to have sidestepped this kid.  Why in the hell would anyone want to commit to the Buckeyes?  Just ask Kirk, Mark, and the hurd. 

Ethan's picture

Gotta be good for other recruits to see that not everyone is worried about coming to tOSU. 

Think this means we don't focus on another punter for this year? 

Also, I heard Brionte Dunn is going to be looking at other schools to "make sure Ohio State is the place" for him. Any word on this? 

Alex's picture

No Punter this year....only other "specialist" we consider is Ross Martin and I'm not sure there will be room, although some think he is the best K in the nation and you know how JT loves his kickers

gravey's picture

Welcome aboard.  We need more athletes with long, ethnic sounding names...it just seems so Woody vs. Bo...  Vlade Janikeivskiaf;kajfksdjf kije  will be proud.

The_Lurker's picture

Epitropolous, eh?...makes me want a gyro from Apollos.

Cleats8's picture

Epitropoulos*.  Myself being Greek, this is huge milestone for the greek athlete.  Used to go to grade school and church with him and his family..He really grew up.