Moore's 38 Powers Purdue Past Ohio State

By Chris Lauderback on February 20, 2011 at 3:39p
Moore's big day kept Purdue perfect at home

Tip your hat. E'Twaun Moore was a beast today.

Looking for revenge after the Buckeyes harrassed him into a 4/13 shooting night during OSU's 87-64 pasting of Purdue back on January 25th, Moore was a man amongst boys this afternoon netting a career high 38 points on a scorching 13/18 from the floor including a red hot 7/10 from distance as the Boilers posted an impressive 76-63 victory in Mackey Arena.

Not that he needed any help, but Moore received some from teammate JaJuan Johnson (13 pts) and even more from a sloppy Buckeye bunch that had as many turnovers as field goals (18), saw William Buford rack up two fouls in less than three minutes, and David Lighty stink it up at a level I'm not sure I've seen before. Lighty's day consisted of 2/9 from the field, 5/10 from the line, three turnovers and a huge momentum changing sequence in which he missed two free throws with OSU trailing 63-55 with 4:22 left before fouling D.J. Byrd on a three point try at the other end helping Purdue establish a 10 point cushion with 3:55 to play.

Lighty wasn't alone in his struggles however as Ohio State could never get over the hump thanks to untimely turnovers, ridiculously cold 2nd half shooting and the exploits of Moore.

Following Lighty's rough stretch, the Buckeyes went on a modest 6-0 run thanks to two free thows each from Jon Diebler and Lighty before Sullinger converted a steal into a dunk cutting the lead to 65-61 with 2:37 left in regulation. The chance at a comeback was short-lived however as Moore drained a triple out of a timeout pushing the lead to 68-61 and after an errant triple from Diebler, Moore was fouled and converted both free throws to make it 70-61 with 1:49 left to effectively ice the game.

A, shall we say, interestingly officiated game got off to a bad start with Buford's two quick fouls forcing him to take a seat though OSU still managed to jump out to an 8-2 lead as Matt Painter elected to play Jared Sullinger one on one in the paint. Sullinger converted back to back spin moves during the run and Diebler tied the all-time B1G record for three pointers made with a fallaway triple as the shot clock ran down giving OSU an 11-5 lead.

The lead would not last as the Buckeyes committed six turnovers in the first eight minutes allowing Purdue to take an 18-15 lead following a Johnson turnaround in the paint. Finally settling in defensively, Ohio State answered with a 9-1 run to take a 24-19 lead as Buford scored five points via a pair of free throws and a triple from the right wing off a nice downscreen before Sullinger converted back to back putbacks of missed layups from Aaron Craft and Lighty.

On the ensuing possession, Sullinger picked up his 2nd foul on a Johnson and-1 setting off a 18-9 blitz in which Moore scored 14 straight points via three triples, an acrobatic driving scoop shot and a jumper to end the first half with Purdue in front 37-33.

The Buckeyes simply couldn't slow Moore or get out of their own way turning it over nine times while missing four of 10 free throws.

Ohio State threatened a few times in the 2nd half with Diebler's record setting 333rd career three pointer cutting the lead to three at the 19:04 mark and a breakaway layup from Craft making it 44-42 Boilers with 16:06 to play but the Buckeyes would be held scoreless over the next four minutes as Purdue increased their lead to 52-42 with an 8-0 run. The plague of sloppy play ignited the run as OSU lost a back door cutter for an easy layup before Diebler turned it over then inexplicably chose not to foul leading to an uncontested layup. Meanwhile, the Buckeyes were going 0/6 from the floor with three of those coming off the forced hand of Buford.

The cold shooting would continue as the Buckeyes missed 11 of their first 14 shots of the 2nd half while Moore couldn't miss. He hit 6/8 in the final 20 minutes, good for 20 points, and seemingly had an answer each time OSU tried to come back. After a Sullinger dunk cut the lead to 56-51 with 7:15 to play, Moore hit a jumper push the lead to seven. After another Sully dunk got OSU to within four points at 65-61, Moore bombed the triple out of the timeout to again push the lead to seven. And on and on it went.

Sulinger led the Buckeyes with 25 points and six boards but had little help. Diebler finished with 11 points, three turnovers and some truly questionable defense. Lighty did add 10 points, six boards and four assists in 40 minutes but there's no question his day was a tough one. Buford added just seven points (1/5) in 28 minutes and simply never got into the flow after picking up his 2nd foul at the 17:16 mark.

Craft had his moments at the defensive end via six steals and some skin tight defense on Lewis Jackson but despite his 10 points he also struggled at the offensive end commiting six turnovers.

While it shouldn't be shocking the Buckeyes fell on the road to a revenge minded Purdue squad that has yet to lose at home, the overall shoddy valuation of the ball on offense and a lackluster defensive effort helping Purdue shoot 51% was not what I expected to see. The foul trouble clearly impacted the offensive cohesion and with Buford on the pine and Lauderdale also saddled with fouls, the lack of a bench was a bit exposed. Deshaun Thomas was absolutely dreadful going 0/6 in 12 minutes.

For the game, OSU shot just 38% from the floor and 27% from distance (4/15), hitting just 18 total field goals on the day.

The loss drops the Buckeyes to 25-2 overall and 12-2 in the league, one game clear of Purdue's 11-3 mark. The good news for OSU is they now head back to the Schott for a Tuesday date with Illinois, the beginning of a very streakable three game set also featuring Indiana at home before a trip to Penn State.


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southernbuckeye's picture

that was painful to watch.

Brutus's picture

Can we all just stop ripping Matta for not giving Thomas more playing time? That dude hasn't met a shot he doesn't like. I know he's a shooter and that's what he's going to do, but at least set up and take good/smart shots. He launches one up the moment he touches the ball as though it's going to burn a hole right through his hands. It's clear to me that we play a six man rotation because our bench isn't good enough to get more playing time. We could go deeper into the bench and our guys wouldn't be as banged up and tired right now, but then we wouldn't be 25-2 either. I suppose an argument could be made that the bench would be stronger now had they gotten more PT earlier in the season, but I'm inclined to give Matta the benefit of the doubt here (much like tressel with hyde/berry).

I'm not in panic mode just yet. This team is as good as any in the country, but there are quite a few that can also make that claim. If they don't win out and then have a good showing in the B1G tourney, then I start to worry.

osujake9's picture

I've never seen a "shooter" miss his shots as badly as Thomas does. He absolutely drives me nuts and reminds me a lot of Ivan Harris. He either needs to sit or figure out how to take(and make) smart shots.

KenK's picture

Shit happens. Purdue played a lot better than we did, so they deserved to win. I think our shooting percentages were almost reversed from our win in Columbus. And, OMG, the turnovers....

Johnny Hooker: "He's not as tough as he thinks". Henry Gondorff: "Neither are we".

buckeyedude's picture

I know it's not cool to complain about officiating, but damn, that was so one sided(against OSU, of course), and if every single foul wasn't against OSU, the Boiler fans screamed bloody murder! And it seemed the officials didn't want to piss them off.

No OSU didn't play their best game, but I don't think they were given the opportunity to. The only time they called a foul on a Boiler player was if it was flagrant and obvious(as when Sullinger got hacked on his slam in the second half).



Jack Fu's picture

We shot 11 more free throws than they did. It wasn't that the refs weren't calling fouls on Purdue, they just weren't calling enough (for instance, the rule prohibiting handchecking has apparently been abolished at Mackey Arena).

Purdue employed what can be an extremely effective defensive strategy, especially when playing at home: they foul the crap out of you at every opportunity and figure the refs can't (or won't) call everything. They basically say "yeah, we're gonna get called for 25 fouls in this game, but we're actually gonna foul you 50 times, and the ones that don't get called will probably end up steals or blocks in our favor."

iball's picture

If Etwan Moore scores 38 and Purdue doesn't win,then there's a problem. We're the best team around and we get everyone's best shot. 

We won't be beaten on a nuetral floor vs. any B10 team


“There’s one thing I have learned through all my adventures and conquests - it’s that some people are just wired for success. I had no choice when it came to being great - I just am great.” – Kenny Powers

Conroy's picture

Two losses at the hands of top ten teams on the road where unfathomably hot shooting played a key role in our demise.  Things could be worse.


Plus (Because we unfortunately couldn't say this to Wisconsin), lets play football. 

buckeye33's picture

And the winner of the "Jekyll & Hyde" award is ...David Lighty.  Has there been a recent player who can look so good on certain nights, and then so BAD !!!  I guess the second choice might be's a shame he can only hit a 3 if he is in a catch and shoot position.  Any chance of playing at the next level is negated by the fact that he can't create his own shot. When was the last time Thomas hit a shot ?  We will have a hard time advancing past the sweet 16 if we cannot get all five players contributing on the same night.

Jason Priestas's picture

I love David Lighty and all that he stands for, but his play lately has been perplexing to say the least. He's had some really bad turnovers the last few games and I still can't believe someone that's been with the program for five years can't make free throws with any kind of consistency.

JakeBuckeye's picture

Agree and agree. As much as I truly hate to say it. I find myself yelling at him and Aaron Craft's offense the most, but Craft's defense, hustle, and heart makes up for it most of the time.

DotThei's picture



Buckeye_Mafia's picture

I thought PSU and Wisconsin fans were bad. But damn, you should have seen the disturbing and classless tweets Sullinger got from Purdue fans. I wanted to sock them for sending some of the messages to him, and I am nit the one who received them. Purdue fans are as classless in winning as the above mentioned fanbases. And as someone else mentioned above, I hate complaining g about officiating, but damn man. There were times that my father would get up and want to smoke a cigarette with me and he doesn't even smoke. I don't think I have seen a more unbalanced and pathetically officiated game in the college ranks in my life. Moore was a stud. But his little dipsy-doo layup-a-roo was a missed traveling AND up and down all in one. His left foot was his pivot foot, which he picked up before putting the ball on the floor. Then, it touched the ground before he released it. I know its only 2 points, but a good example of how much the officials missed in Purdoodoo's favor. Sadly, these assbags, along with Wisconsin will embarrass the conference in the tourney by losing in the second round to a Hofstra or Cornell cause its not their homecourt. Two loses on the road to top 15 teams isn't anything to be ashamed of, but our horrible cold shooting as of late is concerning. I guess its good our boys dealt with it. Cause if they do get to the championship game against a team like Duke or Kansas, that is the type of officiating they will face, so they will be ready for it.

"At critical moments throughout the season, we learned about the character of this football team.  This was a team of true character, of true resilience." -- President Barack Obama

carence's picture

The thing that bother's me the most is we only play 7 players. A stat that I remember the most yesterday was by halftime, Purdue had played 11 players. Regardless if they were good, they were able to get their best players rest. Deshaun Thomas has been a pain in my side all season. His consistenent off balance shots and bricks are what we don't need. Who gave him the green light to just shoot anytime he wants? We need to get more guys off the bench because as you seen yesterday, if we get into foul trouble, we are going to lose. Just my thoughts.

RBuck's picture

OK, who are the other 4 players you want in the game to reach 11? Hell, our 7th man can't get it done.

Long live the southend.

Buckeye_Mafia's picture

I have complained about Thomas's penchant to shoot as soon as he gets the ball. No matter where he is on the court or how many hands are in his face. Dude is garbage at this point. And his teammates have to be pissed at his constant shooting regardess of play selection.

"At critical moments throughout the season, we learned about the character of this football team.  This was a team of true character, of true resilience." -- President Barack Obama

buckeye33's picture

Its taken opponents 25 games to figure out how to beat Ohio State.  It has become very obvious and the trend will continue.  You double or even triple team Sullinger, guard Diebler on the 3 as well as Buford, and let Lighty or Craft beat you from outside.  Neither can shoot the 3 with any consistency, we get very few offensive boards (only Sullinger) which creates one & dones. This will happen through out the tourney !

Tommy's picture

Is anyone else slightly worreid about the coaching staff's in-game ability right now?  I mean its easy to write off 2 losses on the road to top 15 teams especially when each game featured opposing players that we're shooting the lights out.

But in reality, there have only been a handful of games that we could have reasonably lost this year with the kind of talent we put out there.  We have very few opportunities to face opponents similar to what we will face in the last 2 weekends of the dance, and thus far, we're merely mediocre against them.  When we face BYU in the regional finals of the tournament and have to stop Jimmer from beating us, we are going to have to do better than we've done against Taylor/Moore.

I've been disappointed by the lack of schematic creativity in games where we are struggling, both the dry spells on offense and the hot hands we've succumbed to on d, and I'm lacking a lot of confidence in the coaching staff's ability to get us through those things when they happen in the tournament.

Having Diebler guarding Moore with no help at times in the 2nd half yesterday was inexcusable, and on offense, we've got to put guys in better positions to score easily when we have rough patches.

The_Lurker's picture

Matta's never been the best at making in-game adjustments. He's ok, but not great. I'm not ready to panic. I just think the Buckeyes need to realize that when they haven't scored for a couple of minutes, it's time to feed Sully. He's the closest thing to automatic points that we have, so you get it in there and if the double team comes, hope he kicks it out to the right guy. He's still a freshman, so there are times he doesn't kick it out when he should, but by and large he's proven to be the best go-to guy we have.

Lighty is the guy who has concerned me most of late. Since the Minnesota game he's been killing us on the offensive end. IMO he's like a college level Paul Pierce. Some nights, the shots just don't go down, but if the shot isn't falling, he needs to find other ways to score (i.e. get to the line) or set his teammates up so they can score. And he needs to hit his free throws.

My one biggest problem with the coaching this season is that they are not finding creative ways to get Diebler open, and he's their best pure shooter. No one collapses off of him anymore to help with other players, so they have to find other ways to get him his catch-and-shoot. On almost any other team, he'd be running around screens half the night for shot opportunities in the corners, at the elbows and up top.

Tommy's picture

I agree with you about Diebler... and it just seems like all we do is rely on our talented guys to create their own shots whether it be Sully or Buford or whatever.  We work way too hard for our points sometimes in comparison to the opposition.

BoilerUp's picture

I would far from say that the refs were homers yesterday.  I could argue quite the opposite, but I won't.  From straight foul calls, Purdue had five more called on them.  The fact of the matter is, fouls and other calls have been so shoddy this year.  One half is different from the other.  Sullinger can elbow hook someone all day long, but then a touch foul gets called 25 feet from the basket.  Ryne Smith can hack away at the ball and not get called, but then another bogus call is made.  

Additionally, I hope that you guys realize that Twitter is not the best place to judge a fan base (for any team).  The Internet, in general, is a terrible place, too.  Every team has their trolls.  I ask that you judge our team, and any other for that matter, on the combination of encounters you have with them.  I think you'd be surprised to see that there really aren't that many rotten fanbases out there.  Jon Stewart said it best that a small amount of people, who happen to be crazy, reflect the majority, when in reality, the majority is too busy doing other stuff to be crazy.

BoilerUp's picture

By the way, here's to a rubber match in the BTT finals!

buckeyedude's picture

Please don't quote Jon Stewart.