Collapse at Kohl Ends 24 Game Winning Streak

By Chris Lauderback on February 12, 2011 at 4:19p
Taylor's 27 smoked OSU (AP: Gash)Taylor's 27 should help his B1G PoY standing

After opening the 2nd half with a 19-6 spurt to take what seemed like a commanding 47-32 lead with 13:16 to play, Ohio State folded like a 9/2 off suit yielding a 30-8 Badger blitz over the next nine minutes to fall behind 62-55 before eventually losing 71-67 this afternoon in the Kohl Center.  

The 30-8 knockout blow saw the Badgers catch fire as they drained 10/12 shots overall and a ridiculous 6/8 from distance behind the unstoppable exploits of Jordan Taylor. A conference POY candidate, Taylor burned OSU for 18 points during the run hitting 6/6 shots with four of those coming from beyond the arc. The Buckeyes kept with their typical plan of switching screens but Taylor still got free doing just enough in the paint to keep defenders honest out top, giving him space to unleash daggers into the body of what was once a perfect season.

The defensive struggles were further magnified by an offense that shot 4/14 over the final 13:16 with three turnovers. Sadly, freshmen hit three of the four field goals (Craft 2, Sully 1) meaning veterans Jon Diebler, David Lighty and William Buford combined for one field goal as the game slipped away on a collective 1/6 shooting with two turnovers.

In the midst of the collapse, OSU still managed to lead 55-52 with 7:11 left after a pair of free throws from Aaron Craft but 10 straight Wisky points to complete the 30-8 donkey punch via a Mike Bruesewitz triple, a deep jumper from Keaton Nankivel and five points from Taylor off his 5th trey of the night plus a pair of free throws killed any hopes of Thad Matta securing his first win in Madison's hostile confines.

Buford led Ohio State with 21 points (10/18) and was in full beast mode over an eight minute stretch ending the 1st half and beginning the 2nd as he scored 15 during a 21-6 run turning a 24-19 deficit with 3:48 left in the half into a 40-30 Buckeye lead with 15:30 left in the game.

Ohio State closed the half on a 9-2 run thanks in large part to Buford. The seasoned vet opened the run with a short baseline jumper in traffic before flashing a soft touch on a fadeaway jumper from the right elbow bringing OSU to within one at the 3:10 mark. After the teams traded a couple empty possessions WB was back at it draining a triple from the right wing off a series of freeing baseline screens tying the game at 26 with 1:01 left. After a Ryan Evans travel, Lighty gave OSU its only lead of the half off a slippery driving scoop shot as time expired to make it 28-26.

After Wisky scored the first points of the 2nd half to tie it at 28, Buford keyed a 12-2 run with eight points, two off a smooth step back J from the wing and two more via a dunk off a whirling feed from Craft, giving OSU the 40-30 lead to complete the 21-6 run. Just two and half minutes later, the wheels began to fall off the run at perfection. 

Personally, I never held too much belief that it was possible to run the regular season conference table, let alone achieve perfection over the course of a full season but the way OSU lost today was not how I expected it to happen. I figured they'd get jobbed on the road by the refs, go stone cold from outside, and/or see Sullinger get in crazy foul trouble. None of that really happened today. Sure, they went cold during a huge stretch of the 2nd half but an inability to generate stops is what lost the game today and I never really thought that would be THE key factor in their first loss.

Craft and his wing mates struggled to get through screens and when Taylor decided to penetrate versus launching threes, often times Sully was out on the perimeter forced to guard Badger big men with range, leaving shooting space that hasn't been there for much of the season.

The end result saw Wisconsin shoot 51% from the field and 50% from distance (12/24). The three point bombing was huge in that OSU managed just a 3/9 effort giving the Badgers a 36-9 scoring advantage from beyond the arc despite the fact OSU shot a blistering 54% from the floor overall.

Sullinger finished with his 12th dub-dub scoring 19 points (7/12) with 12 boards while Dielber added nine. Lighty recorded eight points, four boards and four steals. 

Craft was up and down with eight points and six assists, including a couple big buckets in the 2nd half but staying with Taylor was too much to ask of him and his fellow screen switchers.

Taylor paced Wisconsin with 27 (8/13) point and seven assists whle John Leuer added 12 points and six boards.

Ohio State (24-1overall, 11-1 B1G) still holds a two game lead over Wisconsin in conference play and hosts Michigan State next Tuesday night at 9pm.

Fear not, Buckeye fans. This team was eventually going to lose. They ended up losing to an incredibly well coached team that has lost just 11 games at home under Bo Ryan. And they were up by 15 with 13:16 left and up by three with 7:11 to play. It was a bad loss, but it's not the end of the world because this isn't football.

In the end, winning 24 straight through mid February means little. It's trying to win six in a row to finish the season that really matters.




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poguemahone's picture

Maybe I'm crazy, but when Ohio State basketball loses, doesn't it seem like the most annoying-looking player on the team always delivers the dagger? 

I'm basing this theory entirely off of Lee Humphrey, John Shurna,  the kid from Tennessee, and of course, The Ginger Assassin from Wisconsin

JakeBuckeye's picture

Never thought of that, but I was thinking throughout the entire game how f***ing annoying that guy was. You're right, LOL, this does happen a lot.

gravey's picture

I hate Wisconsin.  I hate ESPN.  I hate Dick Vitale.  I hate cheese. I'm never shopping at Kohls again. I won't drink Miller Beer.  Herbstreit is going to drop us to 97th in the polls.

Matthew's picture

LOL Herbstreit.


The Fake Buckeye strikes again!

Class of 2010

yrro's picture

We are going to absolutely crush them when they come to the Schott.

We took some bad shots and missed some we should have had, but the stretch where they came back was some of the flukiest lucky 3-point shooting I have ever seen.

RedQueenRace's picture

Although there was no 3-point shot back then, one of the most unusual games I 've seen statistically was the Villanova upset of Georgetown in 1985 (edit: championship game).

Villanova shot something like 78% for the game and despite that I think Georgetown made more shots than Villanova attempted.  While G'town had Patrick Ewing Villanova was the team that camped at the charity stripe.

RedQueenRace's picture

And as I mentioned in the game thread, they shot even better against MSU.  I watched parts of that game.  From what I saw MSU was playing good D and it simply didn't matter.

yrro's picture

Oh, I'm not going to say it was all luck - it takes skill to have a chance at that kind if a game. But just like Diebler doesn't hit 6 in a row in most games I will be very surprised if they do that again in Columbus.

tomcollins's picture

Where was Thomas?  If there ever was a time for him, it was at the end of the game trailing.

Matthew's picture

Matta only played Thomas and Lauderdale 6 mins a piece.


5 men can't beat 7 in the Kohl Center.

Class of 2010

The_Lurker's picture

God dammit, Carrot Top!

Buckeye Black's picture

Well, here's to beating them at home in bball, and in then this upcoming season in football.  Tressel tends to do well in revenge games, let's see if Matta sends a message in March.

Matthew's picture

I need some Gus Johnson to wipe the Vitale off my soul. When do the Bucks get Gus again?

Class of 2010

Matthew's picture

LOL @ the idiot with a cape who rushed the court with 40 seconds left. Then got a nice police escort out of the arena.


Sully also tweeted that he/another Buckeye got spit on by a Badger fan who rushed the court.

Class of 2010

The_Lurker's picture

Classiest moment for Badger fans...spitting on Sully? Chanting "Dielber swallows"? Rushing the court after a regular season game they were favored to win? Other?

Pam's picture

Chanting "overrated" and then rushing the floor?  Why would they do that if the team they just beat sucks?  Idiots

osukdawg76's picture

First off, I've lived in Wisconsin before for five years.  The entire state sucks and people are just one step above the intelligence of a neanderthal, so don't expect much when it comes to them and mental processes.


Secondly, I didn't expect to win this game.  We have never played well at the Kohl Center and, even when we were up 16 points, I wasn't comfortable.  I kept saying "Wisconsin is going to make a run" and, next thing you know, it was like throwing the ball into the ocean for them.


Still, we have a two game lead in the conference.  The road isn't easy, with Sparty coming to town on Wednesday and having to go to Purdue after that.  I still expect this team to run the table after tasting what it's like to lose for the first time.  I would imagine that they will gather themselves up and vow not to have that feeling again this year.

I, for one, welcome our new coaching overlords.



Lee in Altoona's picture

Vegas narrowly favored Wisconsin to win. Apparently nobody in Wisconsin reads the back page of the sports section... or maybe reads at all. And spitting? Wow. Wisky apparently wants to be the WVU of the Big Ten. Next year they'll throw bottles. Whatever. See you at the Schott. And we'll still be Big Ten Champions.

Win a bowl game next year.

tomcollins's picture

I don't care if you are favored, if you beat #1 or you finish an undefeated season, rush the court.


The spitting and Diebler swallows was classless, of course.

Sgt. Elias's picture

I hate those flatheads at Wisky. Spitting on Sully? "Diebs swallows" chants? Google "beer 30" and you may have an inkling as to why Denmark is  I have zero midwest brotherhood vibe with those douchebags. Yes, my good friend's wife also falls into this category; insufferable Packers/Badgers turd-jar of a women. FUUUUUUuu.   Bucky-manbearpig are prototypical underachievers when the chips are down, but get juuuuust enough signature wins during reg season to be considered relevant.  Enjoy your haz cookie moment while it lasts goatfockers. 





"Okay -- I've got an El Camino full of rampage here." 

Bucksfan's picture


TLB's picture

A few things:

Blowing a 15 point lead in 8 or so minutes is really bothersome.   I hope they learned tonight that you have to play the entire game.


Loss isn't all that bad.  Like the breakdown says, undefeated in the conference is so hard to do, and for the season nearly impossible.


Still waiting for Diebler to show up in a big game.  Their fans should have been cheering him rather than heckling.

thedecline19's picture

Agree completely on Diebler. It's an alarming issue in big games with him.

Craft was also not good today, let's hope that changes quickly.

original buckeye's picture

Diebler hasn't shown up for a big game in 4 years.  I've given up thinking that in a big game he's going to win it for us by scoring 25 points.

tomcollins's picture

I think they blew the 15 point lead in 3:27, which is really pathetic.

RBuck's picture

During bucky's 2nd half run OSU had 4 good shots go in and out of the bucket. Makes me wonder if that was because of the lack of a shootaround.

Long live the southend.

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

That thought crossed my mind.

buckeyedude's picture

 Personally, I thought Vitale was very "pro-Ohio State," in his commentary, even after OSU went cold. He made comments like, "even if this team should lose, they have all the tools to make a run in the tournament..." He seemed very apologetic for the Bucks even though they were collapsing.

I couldn't believe the shooting could be so hot, and then go so cold, and at the same time, OSU quit rebounding the ball. A complete turnaround. That's what hurts. You knew they were going to drop at least one.

Let's see how they respond.(I think it's going to be like the football team)

One other point: Had to also comment on how Vitale noted what a good sport Craft was when he immediately extended his hand to help the Wisconsin player up off the floor after his intentional foul. Glad someone noticed. Kind of the opposite of getting spit on. This is usually where the pushing and shoving usually starts, and occasionally fists start flying.  



Buckeye_Mafia's picture

It just goes to show that regardless how good/bad you are. Shooting comes and goes. I just hope we don't go cold like that during the tournament. Cause we will get bounced faster than a fat chick dancing on a table at a strip club. And eff Wisconsin fans. I can't stand them. I work with 3 of them and they are serious fairweather fans and douchebags to boot. Talked all kinds of shat after winning in October, but were non-existant after the Rose Bowl. It will be no different come the basketball post-season. They beat us at home (which they should have done) them they will lose to a team they shouldn't in the post season and tOSU will once again carry the B1G once again. Did I mention, F*CK Wisconsin.

"At critical moments throughout the season, we learned about the character of this football team.  This was a team of true character, of true resilience." -- President Barack Obama

Ultrabuckeyehomer's picture

It's really weird, sitting at the bar before the tipoff and talking to other OSU fans, everyone expected a tough game and would not be surprised if we lost. All agreed that it was probably unrealisitc to go undefeated throughout the entire reg season.  However, it was the way they lost that pissed me/us off.  If it had been a close, back and forth game the entire time and they just pulled out a good win at home in the end, it would not have left such a bad taste.  But, after getting a huge lead, it turned it into a "we cannot lost this game."  Then when we lost, it hurt more than it should have.  It felt worse than just our first loss of the year because of HOW we lost.

Oh well. the beauty of BB is that one game means nothing when it comes to March.  We'll still be a number 1 and we will have our chance to win it all. But, damn, I hate Wisky.  

And could they not remind us anymore of how we lost as the number 1 in football?  Please people, I did not want to relive that night over and over again.   

Jdadams01's picture

This game has solidified Wisconsin as my second least favorite team in the conference. Dirty, illogical, classless fans who seam to try to find ways to escalate their lack of sportsmanship every year and a team that seems to always plays us well, but then underachieves on the big stage. It seems like they consider their victories over us as a victory in the super bowl. I can't ever see the crowd at the Shoe rushing the field for beating a ranked Wisconsin at home. Even their players get in on the classless act (looking at you Jay Valai).

original buckeye's picture

Agree on everything.  What would you expect from a football program that's only been to two BCS bowls in the last 10 years and whose last BCS bowl victory was in 2000?  In football, they're just like PSU and Iowa--every 4 years, they get a senior-laden squad together and only lose 1 or 2 games.  In between, they have 7-5 seasons.  As for UW's basketball team, they're tough as nails at home, and a paper tiger on the road or on neutral floors--as good as they've been in Madison, they always underachieve in the NCAA tournament. 

Conroy's picture

Duke lost by four at Wisconsin last year.  I like the parallel.

Bobcat04's picture

(I realize that I posted this on the poll for the day, but I am venting hard, and wrote a bunch, so I'm copying it again!  Thanks for bearing with me)


Well, to me the numbers speak for themselves.  I hate, hate, hate Wisconsin.  Let me preface this by saying that I lived through the 90's.  And the Cooper years.  The '93, '95, and '96 season were some of the toughest losses to scUM ever.  I was destroyed also when their cheating-ass fab 5 kept Jimmy Jackson from the final 4.  Since then, however, we've managed to gain some measure of revenge on them.  Tressel has a 90% winning percentage against scUM, and we've been indirectly involved with the demise of two scUM coaches in that time.  Painful losses for scUM?  Can't get much worse than the come-from-behind OSU victory in '05 and the 1-vs.-2 game in '06.  Matta has also had plenty of success against hated scUM.  I also realize that to be an OSU fan, you must toe the party line and fall in step.  It's part of the lore.

HOWEVER,  for the last 10 years at least, Wisky has been MUCH, MUCH, MUCH more a pain in the ass than scUM.  Everyone's hero Tressel is a not-that-great 4-4 for 50% against Bucky, and that includes two losses in Columbus.  That has to easily be the worst record for Tressel against any of the B1G teams.  Matta straight up has a losing record against Bucky, including NO WINS in Madison EVER.  I can think of three times, two this year, in which case we've lost to Bucky as a #1 in the country.  And these aren't elite Wisconsin teams either.  In any of these cases where we've been #1 I'd still argue that OSU has had the better team.  We definitely had more talent on the floor yesterday.  Wisconsin just has our number, plain and simple.  I'm not trying to take a thing away from the scUM rivalry, but over the last 10-12 years, Wisconsin has been a HELL of a lot worse as far as frustrating games and upset losses.  I hate Wisconsin, and until (or if) Hoke turns that team around a bit, wins some battles, and sets the rivalry going again, it's safe to say that I hate them worse than scUM, and that's based on the fact that they've been a much bigger thorn in our side from '99 til now.

KenK's picture

The Universe is not perfect, shit happens and life moves on. We'll get them in Columbus.

Johnny Hooker: "He's not as tough as he thinks". Henry Gondorff: "Neither are we".

bigbucks21's picture

Ugh that lanky red afroed punk


bigbucks21's picture

Well it's better to lose now and not go into the tournament with much more pressure. Unfortunately, the loss had to come from Wisconsin. But I know The Bucks have at least one more bowl victory than them