Shazier Chooses Good Over Evil

By Jason Priestas on December 17, 2010 at 9:28p

Plantation (FL) linebacker Ryan Shazier became the 19th member of the Ohio State class of 2011 today when he chose the Buckeyes over LSU. Shazier had been a Florida commit, but Urban Meyer's abrupt departure led the Rivals four-star to decommit earlier today. The good news then came a few hours later when Shazier announced for the Buckeyes at his high school graduation party.

He'll join teammate and good friend Jeremy Cash in January as early enrollees at Ohio State.


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Thank you God for not giving Muschamp a dream about Shazier.

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Don't shaze me bro...

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Winnar!  Incidentally, that's what Les Miles was crying tonight.


Tressel has a dream that clowney would be the starting defensive end for the bucks next Year

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Exactly what I wanted to see when I opened my web browser tonight.  The Dubcast must have been the clincher.

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Yeah, pretty sure he gave it a listen earlier and said, "Ohio State is where I need to be."

We'll try to do the same for Clowney.

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My thoughts exactly.  Dubcasts are hip and now, having dreams where the man upstairs said you should be coached by a certain person are so last year.

"Just bow up and go out and play." ~ D. Lee

"As it stands right now, I know I am the best athlete in college football." ~ B. Miller

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I just hope we get Doran Grant.  Easily the most important recruit still on the board IMO

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Signing Grant could open a flood gate. Shazier, Cash, Grant, and Clowney? Whut, whuuut?

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He's from Florida, duh?

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Next star after Moeller? He seems small for linebacker.

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205 has been reported for some time.  I assume it's probably more like 220lbs.  Still a LEO and still a tweener...

but a bad mutha fugga.

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Apparently the crappy weather didn't scare him off.  We can never have enough athletic linebackers.

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welcome home!

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Welcome Shazier! Cash & Shaz has a nice ring to it.

The pending vacancies at the LB/Star positions must have caught his attention....

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Wrong thread for what I posted...woops.

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This is a program statement recruting win. He's a stud recruit, he's a stud SOUTHERN recruit, and we swooped down and got him from under the nose of Florida and LSU.


Honestly, I don't know what other program in the Big Ten is capable of doing that. We aren't talking about just a good prospect, we're talking about a stud recruit. Unbelieveable win. I love Jim Tressel.

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HUGE win and is a good kid! THANK YOU God that Urban Meyer decided to quit!

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God told Urban Meyer to quit.

Long live the southend.

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Now let's handle Arkansas and make it more attractive for some of the other "studs" out there! God Bless Jim Tressel and The Ohio State University!!!

Peter "Pete" Peterson

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