Amir Williams Commits To Ohio State

By Luke on November 17, 2010 at 12:40p

Arguably one of the nation's best big men made the call to Ohio State's coaching brass this morning committing to suit up for the Scarlet & Gray in 2011. Ohio State's need for a low post presence should be satisfied in spades next season. The consensus five star big man from Detroit is rated amongst the Top 10 by virtually every scouting service in America. Not a bad 24 hours for Thad Matta and co., eh?

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A nice kick in the balls to the Gators while they are down, as it was down to OSU and UF for Amir's services.  Glad to have this kid on board, this class of recruits is tall, we should be a much bigger team next year, especially if Sully stays.

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Can we just sit back for a moment and imagine if the NBA endured a lock-out next season? Or the threat of a lockout kept Sully in school for another year... Scarrrry.

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mmmmmmm NBA lock-out.

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Scout has the Williams signing moving OSU from #13 to #3 ranked class.  Suck it Gators.

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Awesome news!!  Great time to be a Buckeye!

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Good thing to land a solid Sully replacement already. Next year the front court is looking pretty young.

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So you gotta wonder at this point. Who is the better recruiter? The suit? Or the vest? Good problem to have. Matta has really impressed me with the Program he has built in such a little time in Columbus.

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Matta is the obvious answer. From NCAA violations from the previous regime, to a top 15 program in the nation? Without the tradition of the football program which sells itself to a big majority of the players? And having to do it year in, year out because freshmen that leave pretty much every year?


Matta > Tress in terms of recruiting and it's not even close.

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@Matthew- Not only in terms of recruiting, but coaching too. Look at our defensive and offensive sets. They are never the same year in and out. He sees what he has, and plays to the team's strengths. Wish the vest always maximized the talent that comes here.

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There are some people that think that Matta won't stay at tOSU. I think he will. tOSU has the money to keep him, first class facility, first class town, first class university. Plus he has been able to recruit very well here.

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Does Matta have an outclause in his contracted tied with any other schools?

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I agree Anchorman, where else would he go that is comparable? I think an argument could be made for Duke, but they'll hire one of their own and I think the same could be said for UNC. Self isn't leaving Kansas anytime soon. I don't think he would go out west to UCLA, not many recruiting ties out there and then maybe UConn could be comparable, but not lately. I think he is the type that will have a legacy here in Cbus, get paid handsomely for doing so and perhaps supplant Fred Taylor for the best of all time.

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I love it when we can snag these kids from Michigan! Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck!



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Sad...Greg Oden done for the year again for Trail Blazers

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just unreal.  i can't imagine how he feels.

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Heard they might be looking at your boy PJ Hill as a replacement.