Putting the HURR in Hurricanes

By poguemahone on September 11, 2010 at 7:02p

It's the simple things in life:

  • Four interceptions. The best of which was by Big Cam Heyward, followed by a heroic 80-yard jaunt and a juke move that would have made Ironhead proud.
  • It wasn't his best day in terms of actually completing passes, but a touchdown running and throwing to go with nearly 350 yards of total offense for Terrelle Pryor in the season's first big game? I'll take it.
  • Holding the Miami offense to 10 points is no joke. Take away the special teams touchdowns, and this is a hellacious blowout.
  • Zoom was limited, but Boom stepped up big, notching a touchdown on the ground and taking a shovel pass 47 yards to set up 1st and goal.
  • All class by The Senator in kneeling down with first and goal. It's the Canes, and I would have donned a cape and grew a nefarious mustache in full "because we couldn't go for three" mode to run it up, but that's just not the way JT works.

It was far from perfect - kick coverage units need to DO WORK in practice this week - but it was plenty of fun fun to watch, and you can't argue with 2-0. Now, it's time to don our keffiyehs and horn rimmed glasses, and post the customary celebratory Indie Rock.


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Type G's picture

"Ohio's REAL King wears scarlet and gray." <--- He's gonna win us a championship, too.

"No time for love, Doctah Jones!"

JT's picture

loved that dig about LB but have to disagree with you about TP and a title...

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Cam Heyward's interception was one of the greatest thing's I've ever seen

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That was All-American, first round draft pick athleticism out of Cam. Incredible. What I love about this D (unlike in years past, Illinois 2007 is a good example) is that when a team is driving on us, B-Rolle, Cam, Ross, whoever steps up and says, "Fuck this driving down the field on us shit." With all due respect to the Laurinaitis-led defenses, this is what the Silver Bullets are all about.  

jack's picture

Boom is flat-out the better running back.


No juking, no jiving. Just give him the ball and he runs straight forward.  He may be small, but he runs just the way I like my running backs to run. No bullshit, just home in on that end zone and go!


Go Bucks!!!

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Umm I would say that Boom is juking and jiving. Saine is the straight line runner which is why he wasn't very productive today.

I always thought Saine had the edge for his speed and non-tendency to get caught by shoelace tackles.

Now I call it a straight tie.

poguemahone's picture

Right, I'm sick of people saying one's better than the other every time one has a good game. Let's just be satisfied with having at least two excellent backs on the roster. 

Bucknut-in-the-South's picture

Boom is the tougher runner in traffic, of which there was plenty, due to a fairly mediocre performance by the o-line.  Miami's d-line is likely the best overall we will face this year, but thinking about Adrian Clayborn against Adams & Shugarts makes me wish that Orlando Pace would suit up.

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Went back and watched it on replay a few times and here was the personnel on the field:

17 - Buchanan
36 - Rolle
26 - Moeller
42 - Sweat
51 - Homan
16 - Zach Domicone (3rd string safety)
39 - Jordan Whiting (3rd string linebacker)
53 - Garrett Goebel (2nd string DT)
93 - Adam Bellamy (2nd string DL)
96 - Jake McQuaide (Long-Snapper)
34 - Nate Ebner (walk-on DB)
The problem is that the first two guys to try and challenge the returner were McQuaide and Ebner. Once he was past those two, he could outrun pretty much everyone else. Also, you have to be concerned about the lack of real speed in this lineup - Where is a guy like CJ Barnett or Torrence who is a bit faster and has recovery speed? Essentially, it's LBs and defensive linemen on the field.
I hope this gets corrected - both the scheme and the personnel.
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Was there an odd amount of U helmets knocked off of heads and sent tumbling to the turf?  I don't remember seeing that many lids, all U lids, flying around.  So I have either not paid much attention in the past, duh U doesn't strap them on like other teams, or The Bullets brought the wood.

I'll go with option 3.

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So what do we think Mark May's excuse for Miami will be tonight?

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LOL ACC.   That is all.


Good news is Miami has a great shot to win the ACC and make us look better.

Dethsyth47's picture

Yeah it was a bad day for the ACC

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Just back from the game - wow!  It was electric in there today.

Also many thanks to everyone that made it out to the tailgate. We had a blast sipping on Oval Brewing Co's suds and it was fun putting faces to usernames. (Hope you enjoyed your first trip to the Shoe, Ski!)

We're planning on making this an annual thing, so keep Penn State open on your calendar next year.

Powers's picture

we play penn state in happy valley next year... or is that where you were planning on having it?

Jason Priestas's picture

Because of the revised schedules with Nebraska on them, we catch a quirk and get PSU at home two years in a row.  So they'll be back in Columbus next year.

BuckeyeChief's picture

I may be able to make that one, on my way to Cali. I'll let ya'll know.

"2014 National Champions...deal with it!!!"

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  • Speaking of ACC, why was the game officiated by ACC officials???? The first holding (negated TD) was absurd and clearly a homer-call.  There were several blatant no-calls early in the game which arguably could've altered the outcome but fortunately didn't.
  • Ebner over-ran the punt which was returned for the TD....
  • Hopefully we start booting the ball out-of-bounds on punts and keep squibbing and short-kicking on kick-offs for the remainder of the season.
  • Isn't Basil supposed to have a bigger leg?...
  • Pryor - 350+ total yards of offense v. The whU..... Let the Heisman campaign begin!
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Officials were pretty much equally below average for both teams to be honest. Referees  conspiracies are so overrated.

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The scary part is this game couldve easily been 50+ to 10. We need to convert in the red zone and not attempt 6fgs of less than 35 yards. When special teams decides to get their heads out of their ass and the O is fully clicking this team will be incredibly hard to beat.

I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

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I agree BUT.... early in the season. Let's get it together n the next couple games. Lookin at you speial teams.

Banned from ATO since June 3rd 2PMish PST

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Seriously. 5 FGs. I don't expect them to reach pay dirt every time, but that's 20 points we left on the field.  Not complaining about a win at all, but this is still very clearly a problem.  We had unbelievable field position more times than not, and we couldn't move the ball.

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That's Tressel-ball for you. We shouldn't be so surprised... and by the way, it should've been six FGs, and therefore, 24 points left on the field.

dr green's picture

And, I thought I was joking when I said we'd get to 28 with 8 FGs and 2 Safeties.

Ian_InsideTheShoe's picture

Surprised me as well..thought at the MOST 3 FG's.

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It's all about JaFOURy H4rris!!!



Banned from ATO since June 3rd 2PMish PST

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I saw this one too.

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New Nickname nomination.   Terrelle Pryor = 3rd Down Conversion in Cleats.

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Why throw when all he has to do is run and take out three defenders in the process.

JakeBuckeye's picture

Sidenotes - I love having Marcus Freeman on the sidelines, and I expect him to definitely move up the ranks as a coach throughout the years. Also, after some question marks, Boom's back to my definite favorite running back, even though many will disagree.