Tonight On Fox: When Rivalries Attack

By Chris Lauderback on August 24, 2007 at 3:43p

If you've ever attended The Game in Columbus or Ann Arbor, you know the rivalry can sometimes cause 'fans' to take it a little too far. You've seen it, a little verbal jousting combined with a little booze and before you know it a couple losers are ready to throw down. Apparently, that kinda stuff is child's play in comparison to how Sooner Fan handles Longhorn Fan.

According to, Sooner fan Allen Michael Beckett became pissed when Brian Thomas strolled into a local bar sporting a Texas Longhorn t-shirt. Sooner Fan reportedly launched a 20 minute verbal assault that culminated with grabbing Longhorn fan by the scrotum and not letting go until actually tearing the guy's sack causing a wound that required 60 stitches to close. Beckett has been charged with felony assault and battery and could serve five years in the hole if convicted. (HT: The MZone)

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