How Buckeye Are You: Students Have No Idea Which Instruments Make Up TBDBITL

By TJ Neer on March 30, 2017 at 3:05 pm

Known affectionately as The Best Damn Band In The Land, Ohio State's marching band is certainly engrained into the school's history. However, students really don't seem to know much about the band itself.

This week is for the band geeks!

Our contestants were sure the band had over 200 members, but beyond that, their trivia knowledge was lacking.

As a matter of fact, they didn't even seem to know if a mellophone was a real thing. They also didn't seem to know that TBDBITL is an all-brass and percussion band, but at least they know there aren't any violins.

And for those wondering: a sousaphone dots the "i," not a tuba

Also – and you might have to watch twice to catch it – Tim said there are no trombones in the marching band, but also suggested that a trombone is the instrument to dot the "i" during Script Ohio. Wonder what the string of logic is there.

Regardless, this week did prove one thing: Ohio State students know who the President of the university is.

Too bad they know about as much about the band as they do about spelling Nuernberger. 

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