The Weekender: Texas is Basically Just Nebraska, NCAA Proposes Another Hoops Media Timeout, and Agiye Hall Disses Bama Fans

By 11W Staff on May 8, 2022 at 2:35 pm
Horns Down

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Horns Down

Turns out, for all its resources and money, Texas is basically just Orange Nebraska with horns instead of corn.

When you compare the programs' actual results from the past decade and a half, they are jarringly similar. The only real difference is that Nebraska didn't have a single five-star recruit and had half as many four-stars, all while playing in a far more difficult conference.

There might not be a program in the country that's done less with more than Texas.

More media timeouts!

Finally, the NCAA is looking into giving us exactly what we've always wanted – more media timeouts in college basketball.

Currently, there are four media timeouts a half – under the 16, 12, 8, and 4-minute marks. The NCAA is experimenting with the idea of going to five.

And their rationale will have your head spinning.

Conferences as well as the National Invitation Tournament can experiment using five media timeouts on the first dead-ball situations under the 17-minute, 14-minute, 11-minute, 8-minute and 4-minute marks of the second half.

The rationale is to help the flow of the game so commercial breaks will not be taken when teams use their allotted timeouts.

Adding another media timeout to "help the flow of the game" is some mind-numbing logic.

Yes, let's add *more* commercial breaks to ensure we do not have to go to commercial breaks during allotted timeouts. More time that we aren't playing basketball will certainly help the flow of the game.

More than that, it doesn't actually eliminate any game stoppages. It simply changes which ones lead to commercial breaks. From a game-flow perspective, why would it matter whether or not the broadcast goes to commercial during a stoppage?

Bama Fans – Not Great!

Former Bama receiver Agiye Hall – a top-50 prospect coming out of high school – recently left the Tide for Texas, and he has some rather unflattering things to say about Alabama fans on his way out.

“One thing that really stood out is the culture. Bama fans — they’re not really loving, if I could say — even when you leave," Hall told Horns247. "Texas fans are like a family. They love you unconditionally. They want the best for you and want to make sure you’re striving to be the best person you are, whether it’s people in the stands, players or coaches - they’re all connected, which is a good thing.”

For what it's worth, it's not all that uncommon for a player to have some gripes with the fans of the program they're leaving. Jameson Williams even did when he left Ohio State for Alabama.

So, this is probably a non-story. But it seems to have gotten Bama fans riled up and defensive, so it's funny and good.


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