Watch Ohio State Students Wage Massive Snowball War on The Oval Before Riding Dumpsters and Move-In Carts

By Kevin Harrish on January 17, 2022 at 11:13 am

Ohio State's students made great use of the winter weather.

When a fresh blanket of snow hit campus over the weekend, hundreds of Ohio State students knew exactly what to do with it waging a massive snowball war on The Oval.

Thankfully for everyone who couldn't make it – or is slightly above college-aged – one hero by the name of "North Royalton" filmed more than an hour of the action for our viewing enjoyment.

The fun didn't stop at the snowball fight. The hour-and-15-minute video includes some group dumpster riding and kids riding down hills in moving carts and laundry baskets (with some inevitable injuries, of course).

If you're not trying to watching the entire video, the snowball fight starts at about the 10:25 mark and goes for several minutes before the other activities begin.

College, folks.

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