Ohio State Marching Band Keeps Gameday Tradition Alive With Virtual Pregame Performances

By Savannah Deuer on November 7, 2020 at 8:14 pm

The Ohio State University Marching Band is finding ways to keep game day traditions alive in this strange 2020 season. The band is not allowed in the stadium for the games, but has been able to provide some quality performances to make Ohio State fans feel more connected to the band and the game itself. 

The band has created a series of virtual performances featuring social distancing and mask-wearing members as they play university favorites such as Carmen Ohio and the Buckeye Battle Cry. 

This week's performance also included a ramp entrance, which only featured the percussion group. The ramp entrance has been a part of game day since 1928, and is one of the most iconic events that the band partakes in. 

The performance also featured the most iconic of Ohio State's traditions: the infamous Script Ohio. The virtual performance not only had one Script Ohio, but two, as the band performed and executed the double Script Ohio, where two formations are created on either sideline of the field. 

The Pride of the Buckeyes will continue to perform throughout the season in socially distant formations, and provide pre-game entertainment every week. The band records and releases these performances on their social media channels, and will continue to play the Buckeye Battle Cry throughout the rest of the season. 

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