Ohio State Will Put "Iconic" 75-Foot, $1.4 Million Clock Tower on North Campus

By D.J. Byrnes on June 28, 2016 at 8:49 am
Big Buck: Ohio State's new clock.

According to Tom Knox of Columbus Business First, Ohio State's north campus revamp is set to get another major piece by fall 2017.

Columbus-area businessman and former Ohio State homecoming grand marshall Tom Davis donated $1.4 million to the university, which plans to use the funds to erect a 75-foot clock tower in the public square west of Nosker Dorm and between Lane and Woodruff Avenues. It's all part of an ongoing revamp of north campus.

“[The clock tower] is designed to be an iconic structure in that part of the university,” said Dave Isaacs, a spokesman for OSU’s Office of Student Life. “So we’re thinking, ‘Meet me at the tower’ is going to be a common thing.”

Here is an artistic rendering:

Big Buck

Though these often don't look like the final product, it wouldn't look out of place to the untrained eye.

According to the report, university sachems are hoping to create a "town square" atmosphere in its cluster of new dormitories. Ohio State sophomores are required to live on campus as of this fall, so it's easy to see where Ohio State is going with this.

The tower will do more than tell time too. A 20-by-40 foot video screen will be used to display PSAs to students (or advertising, though a university spokesman doesn't think that will be the case).

Construction is scheduled to start next summer.

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