Eleven Dubcast: Stroud and Ewers Drama, New B1G Stadiums, and College Betting Scandals Rippling Across the Midwest

By George Eisner on May 9, 2023 at 2:50 pm
Former Ohio State quarterbacks Quinn Ewers and C.J. Stroud
Quinn Ewers (left) and C.J. Stroud (right)

Even with both men now in Texas, the ripple effects from arguably the two highest-profile quarterbacks to play at Ohio State over the last pair of seasons continue to be felt — especially on The Eleven Dubcast.

In wake of C.J. Stroud's comments this week surrounding his feeling slighted by the arrival of Quinn Ewers prior to the 2021-22 campaign, Johnny and George discuss the dynamic state of quarterback rooms in the NIL era and what this situation speaks to regarding Ryan Day's roster management ability.

The pair also grapples with the aftermath of Bronny James' announcement that he will play college basketball for USC next season as opposed to Ohio State.

This week, the Dubcast discussion additionally revolves around: 

  • How the College Football Playoff is already influencing stadium upgrades within the Big Ten
  • The ongoing sports betting scandals surrounding Midwestern states and the Universities of Alabama and Iowa
  • Ask Us Anything! — writers to dubcast@elevenwarriors.com this week inquired on our thoughts around the NBA Playoffs and NHL Draft
  • Jim Harbaugh continues to live within the confines of war metaphors after shuttling the Wolverines football team off to the Gettysburg Memorial (an objectively classy move)

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