Eleven Dubcast: Reactions and Analysis of Ohio State's 45-31 Victory over Minnesota

By Andy Vance on September 7, 2021 at 2:50 pm
Miyan Williams

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Ohio State is a second-half ball club. I've said it for years, and Saturday's season opener at Minnesota proved me right once again. The Buckeyes shrugged off a slow start that had fans calling for a new quarterback barely 30 minutes into C.J. Stroud's career as the Buckeye starter, as the redshirt freshman threw four touchdowns and darn-near 250 yards in the second half.

This week the Dubcast – celebrating the triumphant return of Johnny Ginter, no less – discusses everything about the Minnesota game, from the outstanding play of the Ohio State wide receiving corps to the lingering concerns about the defensive backfield.

We'll also preview the Oregon matchup, take a walk around the Big Ten and how things stack up after one full week of college football action, and take a few petty shots at Clemson for good measure.

Plus we'll finish up, as always, with Ask Us Anything, (which you can always do by emailing your questions to dubcast@elevenwarriors.com).

Let's have some fun, shall we?


0:00 The Dubcast welcomes back longtime host Johnny Ginter! He's back! Let's celebrate and talk about #DadLife and parenthood. 

2:47 Ohio State opened its season with a spread-pushing victory over the Golden Gophers. The Buckeyes didn't look half bad... or, maybe they looked precisely half bad, or bad for a half?

11:10 C.J. Stroud had a solid first outing, and he's saying all the right things after the game. Oh, and how good is that Buckeye wide receiving corps... pretty good, pretty good.

14:24 Miyan Williams looks like the man with the plan at running back, and TreVeyon Henderson played like the clear No. 2 man in the Buckeye one-two punch on the ground.

18:30 How much stock do we put in a win over Minnesota? With a massive offensive line and a Tresselball-like gameplan, it's tough to draw too many conclusions.

25:20 Is Ohio State's offense good enough to overcome its defense... or will the defense be serviceable enough to get the Buckeyes back to a title game?

30:32 Haskell The Rascal! Highlight of the game, pure and simple.

33:26 Let's whip around the Big Ten, starting with That Team Up North. Oh, and let's make fun of Clemson, too, because why not?

46:25 Ask Us Anything! Questions include our thoughts on Miyan Williams running the wrong way, and if the future of watching sports is watching highlights on YouTube.

53:36 Quick Cals: Ohio State vs. Minnesota was one of the most-watched games in history, and we preview OSU vs. Oregon.

Thanks as always to Travis for the logo, thank you for listening and if you're thinking about what t-shirt you'd like tattooed on your carcass, check out the Dry Goods Store. We'll see you next week!