Eleven Dubcast: Previewing Ohio State Versus Minnesota with Beat Writer Dan Hope

By Andy Vance on August 31, 2021 at 2:50 pm
Goldy Gopher
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The time has finally come.

After an unsatisfying appetizer that put the "zero" in Week 0 Big Ten action (how does Scott Frost still have a job, honestly), big-boy football gets underway this week when the Buckeyes of Ohio State travel to the Twin Cities to take on the Golden Gophers of Minnesota. Before Thursday evening's gridiron extravaganza, this week's Dubcast welcomes beat king Dan Hope to discuss how the favorites shape up heading into their season opener.

Hope and my co-host Kevin Harrish also discuss Ohio State's general prospects for an improved defensive secondary, who might get the lion's share of the carries at running back this season, and which recent Buckeye quarterback makes the best comparison to newly-minted starter C.J. Stroud.

Plus we'll finish up, as always, with Ask Us Anything, (which you can always do by emailing your questions to dubcast@elevenwarriors.com).


0:00 Ohio State opens its season just two days from today. Allegedly football started last weekend with Nebraska versus Illinois, but uh, did anyone tell the Cornhuskers?

10:15 Ohio State at Minnesota is a fun season opener. The Buckeyes are favored by two touchdowns, and it would probably be more if they weren't starting a new quarterback.

16:15 Is Ohio State's defensive secondary ready to take the next step? What about the linebackers, given the likelihood that the Gophers will try to pound the ball on the ground?

19:07 Dan Hope joins the Dubcast to offer his insights into how prepared Ohio State is prepared for this matchup, and his observations on the strengths of this Buckeye team.

22:15 Hope provides the latest information on the eligibility of Palaie Gaoteote, a player Ohio State would very much like to have involved on the field sooner rather than later.

26:50 Is Ohio State's offense good enough to overcome its defense... or will the defense be serviceable enough to get the Buckeyes back to a title game?

35:09 C.J. Stroud is the man with the plan: which recent Buckeye signal-caller is the best comparison to the new QB1?

39:30 Who gets the carries at running back? Dan Hope offers some insight into the decision-making process.

40:46 Ask Us Anything! Dan Hope joins us to discuss the former Buckeyes we felt were the most underutilized, and which non-Ohio State players we're most excited to watch this season.

54:05 Quick Cals: we take a look at the NFL fortunes and misfortunes of three former Buckeyes, as well as former Buckeye head coach Urban Meyer.

Thanks as always to Travis for the logo, thank you for listening and if you're thinking about what t-shirt you'd like tattooed on your carcass, check out the Dry Goods Store. We'll see you next week!

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