Eleven Dubcast: With the Emergence of Super Underclassmen in College Football, Should the NFL Come Calling?

By Johnny Ginter on June 18, 2019 at 2:50 pm
Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields

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There's no doubt that the Transfer Portal, which if you went back 30 years and explained the concept to the casual football fan would sound more Star Trek than college football, has brought with it a whole host of considerations for the sport.

So this week on the Dubcast, Beau and I rethink what the Transfer Portal means for teams and players, and also rub our chins thoughtfully and wonder if its emergence means that other standards set forth by the Powers That Be are possibly at risk, especially given players like Trevor Lawrence at Clemson or even our very own Justin Fields.

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0:00 The Transfer Portal is borked for a lot of reasons, but the WHY it is borked is a matter of debate.

22:03 I forgot one of my personal traditions: accidentally falling asleep during the third quarter in an OOC game against a non-P5 opponent.


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