Eleven Dubcast: The Combine Cometh As Former Ohio State Players Gear Up for the Most Important Workout of Their Lives

By Johnny Ginter on February 26, 2019 at 2:50 pm
The NFL scouting combine

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The NFL combine is a hell of a thing, because there exist very few opportunities in life to do some exercises for the right to earn millions of dollars. Like, I can fathom a situation where racing a dog or picking up a heavy suitcase might net me five bucks, but running in a straight line for 40 yards and then assuring myself of millions of dollars seems kind of crazy.

But hey! Life is crazy! Could Terry McLaurin exercise his way into a 3rd or 2nd round draft pick? Hell, why not? Weirder things have happened! And frankly, we here at the Eleven Dubcast absolutely hope that he does.

Also we take a look at what Ohio State men's basketball needs to do to assure themselves of an NCAA berth, and as always, you guys came in with the heat for our Ask Us Anything questions (which you can continue sending to us via e-mail and Twitter).

Thanks as always for the questions, and if you enjoy the Dubcast, please don't forget to check us out on Google podcasts and/or rate and subscribe on iTunes!

0:00 Ohio State men's basketball is on the bubble. What does that even mean anymore?

22:06 Combine! Combine! Combine! Go Terry! Go Parris!

34:20 Okay, LBJ isn't exactly "underrated," but he isn't rated enough, if you get my meaning.

And that'll do it! Thanks to you for listening, thanks to our buddy Travis for the logo, and hey check out the Dry Goods store while you're at it. See you next week!

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