Eleven Dubcast: Going Way, Way Back With Tim May and His Time at Ohio State

By Johnny Ginter on October 30, 2018 at 2:50 pm
Ohio State beat writer Tim May

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Get Tim May started, and he just may never stop. On pretty much any subject, really.

But his love for football and sports in general combined with his gift of gab is what has made him one of the best football beat writers around, and while he's unfortunately going to exit the stage at the end of this season, Beau and I were lucky enough to have him on the Eleven Dubcast this week to reminisce about a career that has seen more things than anyone can count.

Well, anyone except Tim. The dude has stories for days, and a mind like a steel trap. We barely scratch the surface of what he's been able to experience and see over the years, but it's a ton of fun getting to talk to the guy.

And, of course, it's Nebraska week! That's not a huge deal except for the fact that A) it's a rebound win that absolutely has to happen, B) I'm lowkey worried about it for some vague, ill-defined reason, and C) it's time for the Eleven Dubgate! Hot dogs and charity for all! Plus, Ask Us Anything, which you can do via e-mail and Twitter!

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0:00 Can Ohio State worm its way back into the playoff hunt? Probably not, but hell, let's do a little game theory.

9:44 Tim May is full of stories and also will be contacting you from the Caymans soon about lucrative business opportunities.

37:09 Nebraska and Ask Us Anything! Let's get to fixing!

And that'll do it for this week! Thanks to you for listening and checking out our Dry Goods store, thanks to Travis for the logo, and thanks to Tim for the memories. See you next week.

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