Eleven Dubcast: It's a Situational Summer As Ramzy Joins the Dubcast to Educate You on the Fine Art of Bourbon

By Johnny Ginter on July 11, 2018 at 3:05 pm
Rmazy Nasrallah

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There's a lot to talk about in this week's Dubcast. We get into the very serious allegations surrounding Ohio State wrestling (and other sports), we talk about the most important games historically for Buckeye football (and promptly forget about a literal national championship, because we're dumb), but really this week belongs to Ramzy and Beau, ruminating on the nature of fine drinks.

If you've ever had a question for either of these guys about what to drink and how to drink it, we have a nice long lesson from both of these fine gentlemen about what should best fit your palette. Let's call it Bourbon 101.

It's fun on a bun along with being highly educational, so I recommend that you check it out! We went a little long this week, so those excellent Ask Us Anything questions will have to wait just a little bit, but you can continue sending them in via e-mail or Twitter. And while you're at it, don't forget to check us out on Google Podcasts, or if you're using iTunes, don't forget to rate and subscribe!

0:00 The allegations surrounding Ohio State wrestling and Jim Jordan (among many others) are bigger than just one man. And while that one man should have to answer for things he did or didn't do, as should anyone else involved, he's just a small part of a very, very large story that is still in its infancy.

14:50 Looking back at some of the most important games in Ohio State history. All Akron games excluded, obviously. That'd be too easy.

33:34 Whiskey, bourbon, let's gooooooooo!

And that's it! Thanks to Travis for our cool logo, thanks to you for listening and checking out our Dry Goods store, and we'll see you guys next week!

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