Eleven Dubcast: Former Buckeye Basketball Player George Reese On College Hoops, Ohio State's Trajectory in March, and His Charity Work

By Johnny Ginter on February 28, 2018 at 3:05 pm
Former Ohio State men's basketball star George Reese

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I'm actually kind of glad that we've got some time to take about five steps back and appreciate just what the in the hell happened with Ohio State men's basketball this season. It's really easy to get caught up in the interita of the season when you've got the Big Ten and NCAA tournaments to look forward to, but what Big Ten Coach of the Year Chris Holtmann and company have been able to accomplish is nothing short of really freaking awesome and amazing.

To help us digest all of this is a good friend of Beau's, former Ohio State men's basketball player George Reese! George and Beau have done some work together in the past, and it was fun to reunite these guys and hear how George views what's been happening with Ohio State hoops.

But equally important is the great charity work that George has been doing with AWU Charities, which has provided sports mentorship and health screenings for kids all across Columbus with the Cap City Clinics. You can find out more about the work that they do (and get involved yourself) on Twitter, Instagram, or their website.

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0:00 Beating Indiana was great, but beating them with an ill-advised last second three from CJ Jackson was way, way better than great. This is probably just phase one of the Archie/Holtmann rivalry.

13:50 George Reese is also a huge fan of bourbon and The Wire, which is appropriate because we get into the NCAA investigations that are turning this sport upside-down.

32:42 Ask Us Anything wants to know how we cure a hangover and how you deal with having three kids. These things may or may not be related.

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