Skull Session: Jim Harbaugh Would “Entertain” Coaching in the NFL, Jameson Williams Still Talks to Ohio State Teammates, and C.J. Stroud Wants a College Football Video Game

By Kevin Harrish on January 7, 2022 at 5:15 am
Brutus is doing some cool stuff in today's skull session.

A story in two parts:

Word of the Day: Rive.

 NOT A DENIAL! Listen, Jim Harbaugh is a lot of things. But one thing I've always respected about him is that he's a straight shooter. Dude plays no games, says what he wants, and says what he means.

So when the report linking him to the NFL came out and he made absolutely no effort to shut it down, clarify or deny, I figured we might have a legit story on our hands.

Turns out, Harbaugh didn't deny the story because there's nothing to deny. Dude's out here openly telling recruits that he'd "entertain" an NFL offer.

Before the Top247 wideout committed to the Maize & Blue last month he and his family asked Harbaugh directly whether his leaving for the NFL after the season is a possibility.
Harbaugh didn’t dodge the question.

“He said that he’ll entertain (it),” Clemons’ father Larry told The Michigan Insider. “He was up front with us about that. I had Coach Harbaugh speak to my pastor. They had a good conversation. Our pastor asked him about that, and that’s just that’s the (reply) that he gave him.”

Honestly, this is a win-win scenario however this shakes out. Either he comes back and Ohio State gets to flay his team out of revenge next season, or he leaves just after giving Michigan fans the only brief glimmer of hope that they've had in the past two decades.

 EVERY DAY BOND. Jameson Williams may not feel the love from Buckeye Nation anymore, but he sure feels it from his former teammates.

Even though he's at Alabama, he calls Chris Olave, Garrett Wilson and Jaxon Smith-Njigba his "brothers" and says he talks to them "almost every day."

“It's great getting love from my brothers,” Williams said. “I talk to those guys almost every day, Chris, Garrett, Jaxon. I talk to those guys every day. Ever since I left we've had a stronger relationship, even though I had a strong one there. We keep in touch every day, call, text each other, see how it's going.”

Williams added that is he grateful his relationship with the former teammates has remained intact.

“It's great having that relationship with those guys because we're not with each other every day anymore. So it's great keeping that relationship,” he said.

Honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. This sort of thing proves the whole "brotherhood" mantra isn't just talk. In fact, it's even thicker than a jersey.

 ALL-BOWL TEAM. Today, I bring you completely unshocking news that Ohio State has two players on the AP All-Bowl team and it's exactly the two you're thinking of.


C.J. Stroud, Ohio State (Rose): Stroud threw for a school-record 573 yards to spark Ohio State’s comeback.

Wide Receiver

Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Ohio State (Rose): His 347 yards receiving were the most ever in any Football Bowl Subdivision-level bowl. Ohio State teammate Marvin Harrison Jr. also deserves credit for catching three touchdown passes as well.

Honestly, I could probably get #MadOnline that Marvin Harrison Jr. and Tommy Eichenberg didn't make this list, especially since the former literally tied an FBS bowl record, but I'm just gonna sit this one out and save my angry energy for something more worthwhile.

 WE'RE WAITING... It would seem that C.J. Stroud has gotten bored of putting up video game numbers on the football field and is getting a little impatient about his chance to do it in an actual video game. 

The bad news is, by the time this game is released, C.J. will probably be featured in a different football video game.

When this game is finally released, they should have an option to play with any team from the years a game wasn't released, because it's high-key bullshit that there are just two decades of players I'll never be able to control with my thumbs.

 SONG OF THE DAY. "Starman" by David Bowie.

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