Skull Session: Jack Sawyer Helped Land J.T. Tuimoloau, Ryan Day is a Better Recruiter Than Urban Meyer, and Michigan Has a Sad Promotion

By Kevin Harrish on July 5, 2021 at 4:59 am
Ryan Day is happy in today's skull session.

A tradition like no other...

I'll admit that I am no expert on sky explosives, but those tubes to the right and left don't exactly look like amateur equipment.

Word of the Day: Cavil.

 JACK SAWYER WITH THE ASSIST. Some guys might get a little nervous when their team starts recruiting the highest-rated player in the country at their same position in the same recruiting class.

Not Jack Sawyer.

"Going out there, and just seeing Columbus and all of the players and all that the school has to offer really did it for me," said Tuimoloau. "Getting to meet Jack Sawyer and getting to play with him in college, we have a lot of respect for each other."

So much so that Sawyer, who was initially set to wear No. 33 at Ohio State, told Tuimoloau it would be his if he came to Columbus.

Fun fact: as incredible as Ohio State's been at landing and producing elite players on the defensive line, they've never landed a defensive end as highly rated as either Sawyer or Tuimoloau.

So uh, best of luck for the next three years, everyone else.

 NEW SHERRIF IN TOWN. Hand up, I was at least slightly concerned that Ryan Day would not maintain Urban Meyer's level of success on the recruiting trail.

Turns out, I was actually extremely correct! Just not in the way I expected!

And I have it on good authority that he ain't done on this front.

 PUTTING IN THE WORK. Zed Key already had a bigger role than any other freshman last season, and it looks like he's doing everything he can this offseason to make sure he hits that sophomore surge next season.

One thing I didn't see him working on is his finger guns form. And I have a hunch he'll need to whip those out more than a few times this season.

 MEANWHILE, UP NORTH... You would think that after a full year without fans in the stands, folks across the country would be absolutely itching to fill the bleachers at the first opportunity.

If this seemingly desperate promotion is any indication, that's not the case up north!

You get to see the Wolverines potentially lose at home to a directional Michigan *and* you get a hot dog and a drink! How can you beat that!

To be honest though, I can't exactly blame them for the lack of enthusiam. I definitely wouldn't be stoked to watch a team whose biggest accomplishment from last season was simply not playing the eventual conference champs.

Also, if this promotion gives you extreme déjà vu, it's probably because of this glorious piece of history from 2014:

Uh oh!

And if you're wondering how that game turned out...


The most recent promotion is admittedly nowhere near as desperate as the infamous Coke promotion of 2014, but it's scarily on par with the promotion Michigan ran to start that 2014 season...

For the record, Michigan finished 5-7 that season (and that would actually be an improvement from last season, in terms of win percentage).

 SONG OF THE DAY. "Selfless" by The Strokes.

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