Skull Session: Clemson Writer is Very Angry at Ohio State's AP Votes, Demario McCall Was Frustrated With His Role, and David Lighty Builds His Dream Squad

By Kevin Harrish on September 30, 2020 at 4:59 am
We're doing techmobowl celebrations in today's skull session.

It is Wednesday. I am certain this time.

Word of the Day: Druthers.

 “VERY FRUSTRATING.” We're four seasons into Demario McCall's Heisman campaign and I still have no idea what position he plays or how the hell a guy who averages 7.6 yards a touch is even going to get on the field.

That's been noticeably frustrating for me, so I can only imagine how he's been feeling.

Ohio State's offense is doing just fine doing whatever it's been doing the past two years, so it's tough to be too critical, but I just refuse to believe there isn't a place for a guy like McCall somewhere in the offense. Make him a wheel route specialist – I don't know.

It's just at this point, it feels like he's already missed out on years of development just aimlessly bouncing around, so someone's gotta figure out something soon.

 YOU MAD? Imagine being so rattled by another team's ranking in a valueless poll that you drag out your hot take machine to drivel out 350 words about how unfair it is to your top-ranked team.

Folks, that is the state of the Clemson blogosphere.

Despite not even playing a game and not being scheduled to play for a month, Ohio State is already taking away first-place votes from Clemson football.


You can’t drop teams that don’t play and it’s basically set up Ohio State and Penn State to start inside the top-7 to begin the season, play less games and have a greater opportunity to make the CFB Playoff- because the committee does look at the AP Poll, whether you believe it or not- with less of a challenge than these other programs.

When Ohio State plays its first game, Clemson could be 6-0. Do you how ridiculous it sounds that there are voters who are already placing the Buckeyes ahead of the Tigers without even seeing one ounce of the product on the field?

I'm not sure I can quantify the lack of self-awareness it takes for a Clemson fan to complain that another team's path to the playoff is too easy. So far, Clemson's extra challenging path to the playoff has included two wins against teams that are a combined 0-5 this year, including an FCS team that went .500 last year.

But more than any of that, if you're this angry about Ohio State "stealing" first-place votes from Clemson in a meaningless poll in September, I'm extremely here for your reaction to what happens in January.

 ULTIMATE STARTING FIVE. David Lighty's six(!!!) seasons at Ohio State almost perfectly align with what might be the golden era of Buckeye basketball – at least since the adoption of the three-point line.

So needless to say, his all-teammate squad is... stacked.

Mark Titus, snubbed, imo.

 #NATIONALCOFFEEDAY. As if you needed any more proof that Kerry Coombs is a national treasure...

In other news, if Ohio's felt a statewide coffee shortage since January, I think I know the culprit.

 SONG OF THE DAY. "Weightless" by All Time Low.

 NOT STICKING TO SPORTS. A mother and daughter get life in prison after admitting to the murder of five relatives... An American man faces prison time in Thailand over a bad hotel review... An alleged killer is on trial after human flesh was found clogging a drain... The newly-legal process for turning human corpses into soil... Why a 90s Aladdin shirt sold for $6,000, and why it probably won't be the last... Parrots were removed from a family safari park after teaching each other to swear – and laughing about it...

P.S. – Go Reds. Get dumped then, Braves.

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