Skull Session: Justin Fields Isn't Transferring Back to Georgia, Five-Star Defensive End Brenan Vernon Sure Sounds Like A Future Buckeye, and Scott Van Pelt Blasts the Big Ten

By Kevin Harrish on August 31, 2020 at 4:59 am
We've got a jersey in today's skull session.

The Buckeyes won't be playing football this fall and you're still pissed about it.

I'm not sure watching SVP napalm the Big Ten will make you feel any better, but I doubt it will make you feel worse.

Happy Monday!

Word of the Day: Adumbrate.

 SORRY, KIRBY. On Saturday, my Twitter feed was full of optimistic Georgia fans hoping their team was getting another chance to hilariously mismanage the generational quarterback they chased out of town in favor of Jake Fromm.

Unfortunately for them, life rarely gives those kinds of second chances.

ATHENS, Ga. — The best quarterback in attendance at Georgia’s first preseason scrimmage wasn’t on the field: Justin Fields stopped by Sanford Stadium on Saturday and watched at least some from the stands, multiple people confirmed.

But let’s get this out of the way now: Fields, who left Georgia for Ohio State on good terms last year, still has a lot of friends on the team and in Athens. His sister still plays on Georgia’s softball team. So while his presence may stir plenty of curiosity, given the Big Ten’s (still in place) cancellation of the fall season, Georgia’s actual starting quarterback for the 2020 season was on the field.

Georgia fans were really ready to hand the team to a brand new quarterback like three weeks before the start of the season. I don't know if that says more about Fields' greatness or the state of the Bulldogs' quarterbacks' room. Either way, he ain't coming back.

If Justin Fields has played his last game at Ohio State, he's also played the last game of his collegiate career. It's that simple.

 THE HARRY MILLER BAND. There ain't many silver linings to Buckeye football season getting postponed, especially from an Ohio State blogger's perspective.

Finding #content during the offseason is already sometimes like trying to squeeze water out of a stone in the middle of a desert, but now I've gotta do that for an extra five months.

But Harry Miller is here to help, and I am eternally grateful

I can't say I'd ever willfully trade football season for a Harry Miller cover album, but if this is the reparation the content gods are giving me due to the unfortunate circumstances, I'll take it with open arms.

 BOOM, BASICALLY. Ohio State's barely started to fill its 2022 class, much less 2023, but these comments from five-star defensive end Brenan Vernon have me more confident he'll end up at Ohio State than some #teens' actual verbal commitments.

I'm a huge fan of five-star defensive ends just growing up in Ohio State's backyard. We had Zach Harrison in 2019 and Jack Sawyer in 2021. Now we've got this fellow up in Mentor and Alex Styles at Pickerington Central in the class of 2023.

The Buckeyes could have Jack Sawyer, Brenan Vernon, and Alex Styles on the same defensive line – and I still haven't given up on J.T. Tuimoloau, either.

 BUCKEYE FOR BUCKEYE. We talk Buckeye-on-Buckeye crime in the NFL, but now we've got some Buckeye-for-Buckeye trade action in the WNBA.

Jantel Lavender and Kelsey Mitchell are the two best women's basketball players I've ever seen play at Ohio State, and now we're gonna see them play together. Now, if only Katie Smith would come out of retirement...

 SONG OF THE DAY. "Where is My Mind" by Pixies.

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