Skull Session: Aaron Craft's Basketball Career Will End in Columbus, Ohio State's Recruiting Dominance Visualized, and Dillon Dingler Doesn't Mind His Second-Round Slip

By Kevin Harrish on June 12, 2020 at 4:59 am
The end zone waits in today's skull session.

It is Friday – Friday. Got to get down on Friday. Everybody is looking forward to the weekend – weekend.

Word of the Day: Tempest.

 FULL CIRCLE. Aaron Craft's basketball career has a chance for the most storybook ending possible next month – winning a championship in Columbus with his former Ohio State teammates.

(As an aside – it's extremely Aaron Craft to *actually* go to medical school after playing pro basketball. There are plenty of college athletes that are "pre-med," but you know damn well they're never going to actually become doctors because of their professional careers. But Craft, he's genuine).

It's a shame there can't be fans in attendance to give the rosey-cheeked assassin a proper sendoff, but this would still be one hell of a way to ride off into the sunset.

 DOMINANCE, VISUALIZED. Ohio State's 2021 class is shaping up to be absolutely legendary in a way that words can't adequately express, so data-visualizer Marcus Horton displayed it in a way that's meaningful even to my shriveled acorn brain.

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So basically, Ryan Day is lapping everybody on the recruiting trail right now, and anybody with eyes and a brain can see that by looking at those visuals. And there's a solid chance that gap between the Buckeyes and everyone else just keeps getting bigger.

Folks, I'm beginning to think Ohio State might be good for the next few years. Maybe even longer!

 “FIRST WORLD PROBLEM.” Dillon Dingler was projected as a first-round pick, and would have been the first Buckeye baseball player in 10 years to go in the first round. Instead, he'll have to settle for being the first pick of the second round.

I'm sure Wednesday night felt like a firm kick to the groin, but now that he's heard his name called he's handling it all like a champ.

Yeah, there's not a shot in hell I could even guess the draft position of more than five current big-leaguers. This ain't something to stress about.

 WHO WORE IT BETTER? For some reason, our pals at HOMAGE have deemed both Aaron Craft and my esteemed colleague Ramzy Nasrallah both worthy of promoting their brand and spreading their initiatives.

So I must ask a simple question – who wore it better, one of the most beloved Buckeye figures of all time, or Aaron Craft?

"I never know what to do with my arms or face in these so please just look at the shirt."

I'm going with Ramzy, because according to my premarital counseling, I place an exceptionally high value on honesty, and there's nothing more honest than admitting you don't know what the hell you're doing.

 MR. SEPTEMBER. It looks like Michigan's best offensive weapon of the past decade (whose greatest contribution to college football came after graduation as the cover athlete on the final NCAA video game) is taking his talents to coaching.

The Jags are about to be UNSTOPPABLE..... in the month of September.

 SONG OF THE DAY. "Baby I Need Your Loving" by The Four Tops.

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