Skull Session: Jim Harbaugh's Job is Safe, Aidan Hutchinson Said He Didn't See The Loss Coming, and Charles Woodson Laments Another Loss

By Kevin Harrish on December 2, 2019 at 4:59 am
We're celebrating in today's skull session.

Behold, the state of the rivalry, from Michigan's perspective:

It's beautiful.

Word of the Day: Delectation.

 OHIO'S SECOND-FAVORITE HEAD COACH. I could not deliver you better news on this fine Monday morning: Jim Harbaugh ain't going anywhere.

Though some fans have called for his dismissal, both throughout the season and in the wake of Saturday’s loss to Ohio State, Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh’s job is safe heading into next season, according to multiple sources close to the University who spoke to The Daily on condition of anonymity, as they were unauthorized to speak publicly on the matter. 

As long as athletic director Warde Manuel and University President Mark Schlissel want Harbaugh, Harbaugh won’t be fired, per one source. And ahead of the Board of Regents’ meeting on Thursday, nothing has indicated otherwise.

And Buckeye fans don't even have to foot the bill for his contract! Incredible.

As an Ohio State fan, I could not imagine someone I'd prefer to coach at Michigan than Jim Harbaugh, and I mean that in full sincerity.

He's good enough of a coach to win nine or 10 games every year and provide a legitimate boost to Ohio State's strength of schedule while clearly not giving a damn about the rivalry and laying an egg every November. He's also weird as hell and easy to make fun of, providing an endless stream of content. And to top it off, he's expensive and absolutely drains that athletic budget.

He's perfect. May he and his khakis stay forever, and ever.

 SOMETIMES, YOU'RE JUST WORSE! There's nothing quite like going to your post game press conference and admitting that you got your ass kicked once again basically because you just weren't as good as the other team.

I wonder if that "execution" he references also includes one's ability to remove a shoe undetected...

There seems to be a postmortem debate about whether Michigan's recent flaying was a result of a talent disparity or a coaching and schematic failure. Uh, why not both? You don't give up 1,144 yards and 118 points in two years without being bad and poorly coached. Just ask Rutgers!

The best parts of that Tweet are the Michigan fans replying feeling the need to explain why their team actually is *not* Rutgers for various reasons, which is just a delightful place to be in December.

 WOODSON'S LAMENT. Michigan hasn't beaten Ohio State with any sort of regularity since sometime around Charles Woodson's playing days, and he's understandably had enough.

Sorry to tell you, Charles, but it seems this is what Michigan is. Enjoy your nine wins before Thanksgiving because you're not winning shit after.

 SHIPPING OUT TO BOSTON? It's coaching speculation season and I expect at least one Buckeye assistant coach to be tossed into every list of candidates for every vacancy, because that's what happens what you have the best coaching staff in the country that's made up of mostly rising stars.

And with former Ohio State assistant athletic director Martin Jarmond at the helm at Boston College, we've got a few Buckeyes – past and present – on the shortlist. 

1) Luke Fickell, Cincinnati – This would be a coup for Jarmond, and there’s a long history after they overlapped at Ohio State in their previous jobs. But there are likely brighter lights awaiting Fickell, be it at Michigan State or even something more high-profile if he’s patient. The last two Cincinnati coaches to move up went to Notre Dame (Brian Kelly) and Tennessee (Butch Jones).


4) Jeff Hafley, Ohio State DC – He returned from the NFL to pull off one of this season’s best coordinating jobs, as Ohio State’s defense is No. 1 in total defense after being No. 72 last year. He’s a prolific recruiter in New Jersey from his time at Pitt and Rutgers, which would be especially helpful if an outsider ends up at Rutgers.


9) Al Washington, Ohio State LB coach – He’s a former Boston College player and assistant coach who is rising precipitously through the profession with recent stops at Cincinnati, Michigan and now Ohio State. At age 35, he’s likely a few years away from head coaching jobs. He’s well thought of at the school and one of the country’s bright young position coaches.

At the risk of upsetting some Boston College alums with Google News alerts, who the hell does BC think it is with some of these names? You're just lying to yourself if you think Boston College is any more than a lateral move from Cincinnati, or even a coordinator position at Ohio State. Why the hell would Luke Fickell or Jeff Hafley do that? Just take your comparable (or better!) pay now, and get a better job in a year or two.

As for Al Washington, with nothing but respect to him, if Boston College wants to hand the keys to a 35-year-old linebackers coach, he should uh, absolutely take them. And it seems like that might actually be a real possibility?

Regardless of what happens, I am absolutely certain some folks are getting some well-deserved raises this offseason.

 THE URBAN MEYER EFFECT. It was closer than its ever been last week but this week it happened – Fox's Big Noon Kickoff beat ESPN's College GameDay, posting its best rating ever on Saturday.

That's all Urban Meyer.

The dude won over 90 percent of his games at Ohio State, went 7-0 against Michigan in The Game, and won three Big Ten championships and a national title and somehow, it seems he's an even better analyst than he is a head coach.

If he's this good at everything he does, I expect him on the damn PGA tour next year, cause I hear he's been golfing a lot.

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