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By D.J. Byrnes on August 31, 2015 at 4:59 am
J.T. Barrett scores against sorry-ass Michgian.

Made the mistake this weekend of asking a Russian bartender to make me drink a from his homeland, and that dude poured me a vodka and Guinness. Twenty-four hours later, I'm still wondering why I drank it.

The byproduct of being worthless yesterday was watching the first three episodes of Netflix's Narcos. It won't shock anyone, but I give it a "Two Marionaire Guns Up" banger rating.

SMITH'S ADVICE FOR GIBSON. Braxton Miller may never play QB at Ohio State again, but Torrance Gibson has said his move to WR is only in effort to see the field during his freshman season.

Troy Smith knows a thing or two about that.


"If I could give any advice, it would be to be steadfast in what he's doing, be the best at whichever position they put you in," Smith said. "If you're getting the chance to be somebody around Urban Meyer, then you've got something going for yourself. I don't think he should cry over spilled milk, he's in a privileged position to learn some things."


"It was tough for me at first," Smith said. "I was reluctant. I was combative. I did everything in my power initially to try to stay at quarterback."

Smith fought because that's a dangerous road to walk down. Leave the quarterback room, and you risk being hemmed in as an "athlete" -- then it gets a lot harder to get back in that quarterback room.

I understand the ego plays a role (as it always does), but I think Torrance Gibson is going to be such a natural receiver that he doesn't go back to QB. The opportunity for playing time will be abundant, and I think he'll surprise himself how he'll still be able to dominate a game outside.

69ERS (NICE!) GIVE ADVICE TO KIDS THESE DAYS. Ohio State will be compared to the 1969 team up until the moment they repeat as champions. 

That said, got some interesting quotes from the team that gave Bo Schembechler his crowning achievement:

Former Ohio State running backs Leo Hayden and John Brockington differ in their view of what went wrong in 1969. But both agree that the 2015 Buckeyes do not want to experience anything like the deep disappointment that still reverberates from a season that should have ended with a national title.

“The two games we lost, we lost because we thought we were so much better than the teams we were playing,” said Hayden, referring to Michigan and the Jan. 1, 1971, Rose Bowl loss to Stanford, which cost OSU another Associated Press poll title. “As champions who wanted to remain champions, we should have still had something to prove, but I don’t think we had that attitude.”

Hayden noted that the ’69 Buckeyes did not muster the same passion for football that defined the ’68 team. 

“As sophomores, we didn’t have a clue. We just knew we loved to play the game, loved the people we were playing it with and went out and played that way,” he said. “Coming back the year after winning the national championship, I would not say we were fat and happy — it’s hard to get fat and happy with Woody Hayes being your coach — but we didn’t play with the same dedication and camaraderie.”

Now there's a TED Talk I'd pay to see: Woody Hayes giving Urban Meyer advice on how to keep the camaraderie tight and his players svelte. Though given the dedication to team camaraderie and Mickey Marotti's magic, it's almost as if Urban Meyer knows his Ohio State football history.

IT'S SMOKIN' TIME, BABY. Bad news: The New York Jets released former Ohio State/noted tattoo barterer DeVier Posey on Sunday. The good news: Devier Posey was released by the New York Jets, an organization that makes a dumpster fire look like a scene of serenity.

And it looks like it won't be the end for the Cincinnatian, either.

No disrespect to Posey, but I don't think his presence will take away from the pleasure of the one Bears game I watch every year in which Smokin' Jay Cutler throws roughly 12 interceptions.

 2014 WAS A HELLUVA DRUG. I often wonder how I'll explain to my kids that I once worried Braxton Miller's season-ending injury imploded Ohio State's championship hopes. In my defense, The Year of Luigi was a helluva drug.


COLUMBUS – It’s easy to forget that a year ago today, Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett had never thrown a pass in a college football game and Cardale Jones had put the ball in the air twice in his career.

It’s easy to forget Ezekiel Elliott went into last season with 262 yards rushing in his career and 162 of them came against Florida A&M, one of the worst teams ever to appear on an Ohio State football schedule.

At this time a year ago, Michael Thomas had caught three passes in his career. He finished last season with 54 catches, nine of them for touchdowns.

This is why I expect every "question mark" under Urban Meyer to impress until they prove my faith in them to be misplaced.

#SHOUTOUT TO THE CITY OF KINGS' ROTARY. Congratulations to Teresa Hopper, but it's of my legal opinion that Michigan filth shouldn't soul Ohio Stadium unless it's to witness the sacrificial butchering of That Team Up North.

From our nation's paper of record,

MARION – Teresa Hopper plans to make her Michigan Wolverine-loving boyfriend attend at least one of the Ohio State University football games she’ll be attending this season as the winner of the Marion Rotary Club’s OSU season ticket raffle. Her winning ticket was drawn at the Aug. 25 Rotary Club meeting 


“This year, we raised $5,260 from the OSU football season ticket raffle,” said Don Stone, Marion Rotary president. After paying for the tickets, the club netted $3,946 to fund local service projects. “A special thank you to The Ohio State University at Marion for helping us procure the tickets,” Stone said.

As part of the local club’s charitable foundation, the money raised will go toward the $22,000 in scholarships the club awards each year or any of a dozen or more local grants the club makes annually. Marion Rotary is currently considering transformative projects for the club’s 100th anniversary, which will be celebrated in 2022.

Did I pigeonhole that story simply to get some non-heroin related words about Marion out there on the internet? *in my droopy-faced lawyer voice* I plead the fifth.

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