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By Nicholas Jervey on February 28, 2015 at 6:00 am

Hello folks, and welcome to the Skull Session.

Leonard Nimoy was so much more than Spock, but that's the loss most people feel today. Star Trek marathons were the most common topic of my lunch room table in high school, and I gave the Vulcan salute on local TV once. All video evidence of that moment has since been destroyed with prejudice.

Anyway, here's the Ohio State marching band performing an outer space medley last November, with a pertinent reference three minutes in. RIP, Mr. Nimoy.

As penance for forgetting it yesterday, please enjoy a special edition Saturday Anti-Work NSFW Banger: Jake "the Snake" Roberts teaming up with a 10-foot king cobra to ruin "Macho Man" Randy Savage's day. (Those are real fangs and real blood. Anyone who messed with Jake was a fool.)

KENNY G LANDS A GIG AT HOUSTON. For over a year now, there have been rumors about where Kenny Guiton, Buckeye quarterback extraordinaire, would get a start in coaching. The answer: the University of Houston.

Looking back at how Guiton broached his desire to coach, it strikes me how close he came to having begun his graduate assistant path at Ohio State:

On Saturday, Guiton will play his final home game in scarlet and gray. It’s possible he’ll receive the biggest ovation of all. But it might not be the last time Guiton is seen on the Ohio State sideline. If a professional playing career doesn’t materialize, chances are you’ll see Guiton with a headset next season.

“That’s the plan. Yes, sir,” Guiton said. To be a graduate assistant, one must have a 3.0 grade-point average. Guiton said he remains 0.1 away from being eligible.

“I gotta do something,” he said.

I have no doubt Guiton will have a solid career, but if he never coaches in Columbus I can't help but wonder how that 0.1 GPA would have altered his career path.

PHIL JACKSON'S FINE MESS. On Thursday, Ohio State's win against Nebraska was attended by New York Knicks president Phil Jackson. After the game, Jackson told's Doug Lesmerises that D'Angelo Russell was a "great-looking kid" and a "great prospect." Those words could be costly for him.

You see, Russell is not yet eligible for the NBA Draft, and by commenting on him Jackson has committed tampering. Per Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports:

The NBA forbids league officials from making public comments on draft-ineligible players, and sources told Yahoo Sports that the league office was beginning to look into the matter Friday morning.

After winning 11 NBA championships as a coach, this is Jackson’s first year as an NBA executive. The Knicks will have one of the highest picks in the 2015 NBA draft, and Russell is considered the No. 1 point guard prospect in college basketball.

It's a sloppy mistake, but it's forgivable so long as Jackson makes sure that D'Angelo Russell stays away from the Philadelphia 76ers.

CRAFT IN CALIFORNIA. Speaking of D-League caliber teams, Aaron Craft has been in the NBA's developmental league since being drafted last year. As a member of the Santa Cruz Warriors, Craft has had lots of changes to be get accustomed to. The Toledo Blade's David Briggs has more on Craft's challenges and popularity:

In Boise, Idaho, he has his own cheering section. In Fort Wayne, Ind., some 75 percent of the 2,150 fans at a game last month rocked scarlet or gray.

Warriors coach Casey Hill said he has never seen anything quite like it.

“Literally, every single gym, there’s a group of people there with Ohio State No. 4 jerseys,” he said. “There are always Ohio people asking, ‘Can we get some time with Aaron? We’re huge Buckeyes fans.’ It’s pretty cool to see.”

The rest of the article is just as engaging. It has long been the case that if Aaron Craft can rebuild his jump shot and offensive game, he has a future in the NBA. For now, he has to keep his nose to the grindstone.

2017 BUCKEYE COMMIT TRANSFERS. Danny Clark, Ohio State's quarterback commitment for 2017 and the first athlete in the class, is transferring schools.

I imagine the Lord of Whispers will have more to say on this, but Archbishop Hoban doesn't have quite the same gravitas as Massillon. I imagine there was some good reason for the transfer, but speculating on a teenager's life is not at the top of my list of priorities.

LYLE GOES UNDER THE KNIFE. JaQuan Lyle, a shooting guard in Ohio State's class of 2015, received bad news recently: he needed to have surgery on his meniscus. On Friday, he went through with the surgery.

It's worth noting that this type of knee injury is the same one D'Angelo Russell had as a senior in high school, and it's one that puts you action for four to six weeks rather than most of a year. Best of luck in Lyle's recovery.

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