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By D.J. Byrnes on February 12, 2015 at 5:00 am
Keita Bates-Diop, baller

ICYMISam Thompson led the way last night in Ohio State's deconstruction of Penn State.

Oh, and go watch this dang 26-minute championship video capstone put together by dcreeg. Any Ohio State fan who watches that and says they didn't feel a bevy of emotion is a liar. (The clip from King Dolodale's speech before the Oregon game almost busted an artery in my heart. I would fight, and I would die, in the service of Dolodale on any day of the week for anything under the sun.)

OHIO STATE ON ANOTHER LEVEL FROM THE B1G. Jason Kirk of compiled composite rankings of schools and compared them to the averages of their conference counterparts. 

Ohio State is putting it on the Big Ten:

via SB Nation

Sure, Ohio State's reign might not be long lived once the likes of Jim Harbaugh and James Franklin get up to speed, but I don't think either of those two are on Urban Meyer's level.

It's one thing to sell hype and promise, but Meyer is the only coach in the country with a College Football Playoff Trophy, and Nick Saban is the only one in Meyer's stratosphere without one.

THE CHASE IS NO MORE. One challenge of coaching would be keeping your message fresh with your team. After all, "Go play hard," and "We need to execute, you guys," can only get a man so far.

But since Ohio State won the championship, there's a new mantra in town:

As the greats always say, getting to the top is the easy part. It's staying there that's the challenge.

THE VILLAIN YOKES THE HAWKS. I've had my fun with Evan Turner lately, so it's time to give him some props where they're due.

The Atlanta Hawks, who surprisingly still look like a title contender in the middle of February, were sunk by the Boston Celtics last night, 89-88. 

It happened because Evan Turner did this:

Thad Matta probably suffered an aneurysm when he saw that highlight on SportsCenter last night while relaxing after the big win. ("IT'S NOT A GOOD BASKETBALL SHOT," I can hear him screaming.)

SILK RUSSELL THE NEXT JAMES HARDEN? D'Angelo Russell is still getting love on the national scene. This time it's Andrew Sharp of comparing him to the Houston Rockets' James Harden.

What’s the best-case scenario? Something like James Harden, but without all the qualities that make it hard to love James Harden.

"Like James Harden, but not an asshole," is what Sharp is saying. 

R.I.P. BIG MEECH. Demetrius Knox made history last year when he became the first 11W user to sign with the Ohio State football team. 

Sadly, we will never get to see Meechy reach his potential because he was flamed to death last night by his fellow #Dream14 teammates. 

Trigger warning, folks, this isn't for the faint of heart: 

Tyvis Powell, Cardale Jones, and Darron Lee get the Twitter accolades from the masses (and rightfully so), but the future of Ohio State football on Twitter dot com is almost as bright as it on the gridiron.

THOSE WMDs. TIL: Columbus used to have a Grand Prix street race... Joint Crew/Browns facility could happen in Columbus... Someone is writing the ultimate generic dystopian YA novel on Twitter... The night Dean Smith broke the rules on race in Chapel Hill... Questions surround Steelers' security chief...  "Favre could be great Wolf, Holmgren insist."

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