For Ohio: Joe Burrow and His Heisman Trophy Are Here to Support Ohio Through the Coronavirus Crisis

By Kevin Harrish on March 25, 2020 at 4:05 pm
Heisman Winner Joey Burrow.

We're living in uncertain times during the COVID-19 outbreak, but Ohio is gonna get through it together – and have some fun along the way.

Twitter has been full of notable Buckeyes and Ohioans offering their advice and support during this time, and former Ohio Mr. Football, Buckeye and future Cincinnati Bengal Joe Burrow took his turn on Wednesday – with impeccable Heisman Trophy placement.

The Latest

Let's Laugh

For anyone social distancing with children in the house, I'm nearly certain your experience mirrors Nick Mangold's, at least in some way.

I feel you Nick, but I have no children – just a 24-year-old fiancée. I'm convinced "Into The Unkown" is now hard-coded into my gray matter.

Humans Being Human

Special Shopping Hours

Everyone needs to make supply runs during this time, but some people are significantly more at risk than others.

Thankfully, more than a few Columbus stores are going out of their way to make sure those folks have a special time to shop in much less crowded stores, oftentimes right after a nightly cleaning and sanitizing.

If you or someone you know falls into an at-risk category, here's a pretty complete list of those locations.

Sanitizer for the Police

Police and first responders don't really have the option to social distance, so Bath and Body Works is doing their part to keep them safe and stop the spread, hooking them up with cases of hand sanitizers.

Not only will this help keep the officers safe and prevent the spread of the virus, they'll also smell like Japenese cherry blossom. It's truly a win all around.

Do Your Part

With medical supplies all across the country in high demand and short supply, Ohio State's Wexner Medical Center is seeking some donations.

This is the list of unopened (sealed) medical supplies that will be accepted:

  • Masks — N-95 masks, surgical masks, procedure masks with or without face shields
  • Eyewear — medical or laboratory goggles and glasses
  • Gowns — medical-grade protective gowns, isolation gowns
  • Gloves — nitrile exam gloves, surgical gloves
  • Bouffant caps
  • Hand sanitizer—greater than 60% alcohol
  • Sanitizer wipes (Clorox)
  • Shoe covers — medical or laboratory boot / shoe covers

All donations will be screened for appropriate use following CDC and epidemiology guidelines. Items not used will be donated elsewhere.

If you've got anything on that list you can spare for the cause, you can bring it to their warehouse on 610 Ackerman Road, on the northeast side of the building.

Take Me Home

Times are tough, but I've never met a situation that isn't improved by watching Ted Ginn Jr. blaze past entire teams of elite athletes over and over and over again.

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