Ohio State Officially a Wrestling School as Football Recruit Confused with Kyle Snyder

By Michael Citro on March 20, 2016 at 1:18 pm
Is Ohio State a wrestling school now?

In the wake of Kyle Snyder's national championship last night, wrestling-mania has taken over Buckeye Nation. Where wrestlers may have once been mistaken for football players, it seems now the opposite is true.

Vico recently helped you better know incoming linebacker Tuf Borland, who was apparently mistaken for Snyder today. Does the incoming freshman from Bolingbrook, IL, bear a striking resemblance to the sophomore wrestling champ? 

You be the judge:

Kyle Snyder (left) and Tuf Borland.
(L-R) Kyle Snyder and Tuf Borland: separated at birth or nah? Nah.

OK, well...they both have short hair, I guess. At any rate, a football player being mistaken for a wrestler is kind of new territory in Columbus.

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