Urban Meyer is Now 7-0 Against Ohio State's Greatest Rival

By Johnny Ginter on November 24, 2018 at 5:47 pm
Urban Meyer, Ohio State head coach

Urban Meyer was asked to do two things when he was hired at Ohio State: beat Michigan and win championships. He's done both, and in the case of games against Ohio State's biggest rival, he's done it in spades.

Personally I wasn't sure that anyone could replicate the success that Jim Tressel had against That Team Up North; not only was I a student at Ohio State during the meaty part of Tressel's domination of the likes of Lloyd Carr and Rich Rodriguez, but I also grew up during the Bad Old Days of John Cooper and the 90's, where no Buckeye team was kickass enough to avoid potential torture at the hands of Michigan.

Tressel, for the record, ended up 9-1 against Michigan (I'm not going to pretend that 2010 didn't happen), and averaged a score of 28-17 in those ten games, which might be the most Jim Tressel score imaginable.

how do you tackle a rivalry? You show the most incredible amount of respect you can for that rivalry. And how do you do that? You work your you-know-what off as hard as you can.– Urban Meyer

Enter Urban Meyer, who, with an unblemished 7-0 record against the Wolverines, is currently averaging a score of 39-27 and... well hell, that's pretty much the same thing!

Date Location Winner Score
2012 Columbus Ohio State 26–21
2013 Ann Arbor Ohio State 42–41
2014 Columbus Ohio State 42–28
2015 Ann Arbor Ohio State 42–13
2016 Columbus Ohio State 30–27 (2OT)
2017 Ann Arbor Ohio State 31–20
2018 Columbus Ohio State 62–39

So after an insane demolishing of Jim Harbaugh's squad, perhaps the the most one-sided era (at least since the invention of powered flight) in the history of the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry continues.

Because one man simply cannot be beaten in the biggest game of the season.

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