Watch Ohio State's Official Trailer For Saturday's Rivalry Game Against Michigan

By 11W Staff on November 21, 2018 at 6:20 pm

“It's The Game, and it's the best rivalry in college football.” – Earle Bruce

That quote from the late Earle Bruce kicks off Ohio State's official trailer for Saturday's final game of the regular season against Michigan, as the Buckeyes prepare to host their rivals from the north at Ohio Stadium.

Ohio State's trailer also includes quotes about the rivalry from Urban Meyer and Woody Hayes as well as clips from past rivalry games.

“If you grew up a Buckeye, if you grew up in the great state of Ohio or if you are a Buckeye now, this is the real one,” Meyer said. “This is the greatest rivalry in all of sport. Not college football, all of sport.”

Who will win Saturday's game? According to Hayes, the answer is simple. 

“The team that hits the hardest and the longest, the team that starts the fastest and the team that's too damn smart to make mistakes," Hayes said. “If you take it to them, and you keep taking it to them, hell, there's no question who will win.”

You can watch the trailer in the video above to get hyped for Saturday's game. 

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