Brady Quinn Says Michigan and Jim Harbaugh Working on Lifetime Contract

By Jimmy Longo on November 22, 2017 at 10:35 am
Jim Harbaugh

According to comments from former college football quarterback and current FOX Sports analyst Brady Quinn, Michigan may be working on a "lifetime contract" for head football coach Jim Harbaugh.

Quinn's full comments given on Fox Sports Radio:

Kudos to the boys in maize and blue for having the faith to believe in Harbaugh. For what it's worth, the deal on paper "makes sense." You've got an alumnus of the university, a good recruiter and if the guy legitimately wants to stick around Ann Arbor till he's merely a shadow coach, why not? He's already the highest paid coach in the Big Ten ($7 million) and if he's going to be there for life, he's not going to expect an offer crippling to the program.

Ohio State and Michigan State fans aren't going to chime in, but the 1-4 record against the two schools might cause a little apprehension. Zero playoff appearances and a potential four loss season under the savior of their program might cause people to think a little differently.

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