Halloween, Ohio State Football Edition: Kyle McCord Loves Sour Patch Kids, Cade Stover Doesn't Know What a "Swiftie" Is, And Much More

By 11W Staff on October 31, 2023 at 5:30 pm

Ohio State football celebrated a "Buckeye Family Halloween" on Tuesday, as Kyle McCord, Cade Stover and Dallan Hayden performed Q&A sessions with some of the children of Ohio State coaches.

In the video, we learned McCord loves Sour Patch Kids, the New York Jets and Mark Sanchez. Moreover, Stover doesn't know what a "Swiftie" is, and he would rather win a Super Bowl than a Grammy, while Hayden's favorite NFL team is the Kansas City Chiefs, and his best Halloween costume as a child was an astronaut.

Ohio State's video provided all that information and more.

Have a watch and know: Ohio State football wishes Buckeye Nation a Happy Halloween.

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